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Found 11 results

  1. I added a "round trip ping time" to one of my machines, with ping time to the gateway of our remote office. I am going to do the same to other offices, and therefore monitor the latency to remote offices. The iOS app and WebApp should show where is that round trip time to: It is not shown in devices main screen or in the graph. That additional information would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have 2 Mac computers with 2 and 3 monitors, respectively. One of them has 2 identical monitors and when you ask to see screen for monitor 1 or monitor 2 (they are both shown as Dell E2210), I get the same image. The other one as 2 identical displays (shown as Philco) and a Panasonic Display. When I ask to seek the Panasonic screen, it displays correctly, but the images either Philco screen is identical. Hope this helps.
  3. It would be nice if we also can monitor/manage the smart devices like Android and IOS.
  4. glirou

    iOS - Screen Sharing

    Hello, is there planned in a next update the screen sharing for ios? i have lot of iOS device in my IT infrastructure and i wish i could guide my users remotely. Thank you, Guillaume.
  5. I've just installled Pulseway and on the setup screen I don't have the option to create a new account. The option doesn't even appear. I've attached a screenshot of the window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Is it possible to start a script on a group?
  7. i installed the ios app on my phone (i previously also installed android app on the other phone). but when i tried to restart one of my client that having trouble using ios app, the command was sent from ios app but nothing happens on client computer. i also tried on other client computers, and also tried other command such as log off/shutdown/etc, but also result with the same issue. meanwhile the android app sent whatever commands i throw at it successfuly. any suggestion on the ios app issue? thank you
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a new user and still in my trial period. So far I am very impressed with what I see, but I lack something when it comes to the dashboard. Also apologies for posting here, as I know that this is for windows in this section of the forums, but like i do not know where else to post this. My situation is the following. I am the sysadmin in a company where our boss (who btw is not computer literate at all) wants to see and control everything. He saw me using the android app for pulseway (he has the dashboard on his win pc) and wants the same for his mobile. I however do not think it would be wise to give him such access on his phone, in the fear that he might do something stupid (like put the server in to maintenance or reboot, or start spamming messages to logged in users etc..) so i was wondering if there is a possibility to find a dashboard for android and iPhone? Please spare comments as remote desktops, or installing a VM or any of those things. Just a plain dashboard for mobile devices is what we need. That way, the boss can monitor if the server is online, and receive notices, but at the same time he would not be able to 'do' anything to the server. Kind regards, Bastian
  9. Is there a way on the iPhone app to set a custom notification sound (other than the short pre-built list)? In the App, when I go to Settings->Sounds, I can set the notification sound for each priority level, but I can only select from a small list of custom sounds or select System Default. I am trying to get a sound for critical alerts that will wake me up in the middle of the night, and none of the available options even come close. I don't want to change the default alert sound for my phone because of other notifications that would use that sound. I am running version 4.7.6 (build C611) of the Pulseway app. I am on iOS version 7.0.3.
  10. If you have recently updated your Pulseway iOS app to the 4.8 and get the "Unknown connection error" message when opening the app you will need to update your server SSL certificate to SHA-2. Please refer to this post for instructions:
  11. When i installed the agent on my computer. Where can i find the monitor on my Iphone then ?
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