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  1. Have raised a support ticket for your query, our team will assist you on this.
  2. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed next week.
  3. Hey Guys, I have raised a support ticket for your query. Our team will contact you regarding this.
  4. Hi @ITiseasy did our support team reach out to you via mail?
  5. After you define the workflow, you can trigger an action to add more automation to the process. For example, if progress A is achieved send an email, etc!
  6. Hey @Pascal, it should refresh within 24 hours. If not, can you please contact our team support@pulseway.com, they will help investigating this delay.
  7. Hey @dimitri.gillet, I have raised a support ticket for your query and our team will get in touch with you regarding the same.
  8. Hey @NoobTube, have raised a support ticket for your query, our team will contact you soon. Thank you!
  9. Hey, would you like our team to assist you with this?
  10. Hello Everyone, We had a downtime yesterday, here is what happened, and how we are trying to avoid it moving forward. On November 2nd, we've received notifications that the database cluster has crashed and upon further investigation we've determined that the iSCSI storage was unresponsive. After reaching out to the hosting provider we've found out that they have experienced multiple drive failures on the SAN and that the disk got locked during the array rebuild process. They managed to get it unlocked but because the array was still rebuilding and operating at a lower I/O capacity, turning on the database cluster resulted in the disk locking again resulting in more crashes. At that point, we've decided to switch to a more modern storage solution which is SSD-backed and provides better disk I/O ops capacity which has resolved the issue and also provides a great performance boost. regards, Jamie Taylor, Social and Community Manager, Pulseway.
  11. Hey @Alec Hackbarth, apprecaite your thoughts, please add your request to our roadmap so our dev team will look into it: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/ Thank you!
  12. Earlier today we experienced storage issues with our hosting provider in the US hosting center which caused our database server to continuously crash. Service was resumed by 7:30am ET. Unfortunately some users appear to be experiencing similar issues at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience and are actively working on a resolution to restore service to everyone as soon as possible.
  13. Hey @ITiseasy, I have created a support ticket for your query, our team will assist you with the same. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for your thoughts @ITiseasy, please add your suggestions to our roadmap: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  15. Hey @RandyChuck, have created a ticket for you query, our team will assist you regarding this. Thank you!
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