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  1. Hi there, Windows feature updates are now supported by Pulseway's Windows Patch Management.
  2. Hi Cursten, Please contact the machine vendor to get the right OID, If it is for HPE servers, you can get the OID information at the HPE SIM software. If it is for Dell servers/systems you can get the OID information from the Dell Open manage.
  3. Hey Arvie, Can you please check on different browsers and see if you are able to view the new organization?
  4. Hey Marc, The user log-in and log-out is not supported for Raspbian and Ubuntu 20.04 now, we will consider this feature for our future releases. Thank you!
  5. Hello there, Unfortunately multiple accounts are not supported at the moment. However, you can access the Pulseway Dashboard as a different user through 'Shift + right click' combination and run the application as a different user. It will bring up another instance of the dashboard.
  6. Hi there, Our team is currently looking into this issue. Meanwhile, can you please try minimizing the remote desktop window and maximizing it again, as this usually restores the keyboard functionality.
  7. Hi there, We would like to schedule a 30 mins session with our development team to understand more on this requirement. Please let us know when you are free, and we will schedule this for you.
  8. Glad that you were able to resolve it. Have a nice day!
  9. You can now trigger workflow executions from Performance Counter notifications and evaluate Name, Category and Instance in conditions to build even more customizable workflows for your IT processes.
  10. You can now create interactive, conditional troubleshooters that can be used to ask questions, provide answers, and run self remediation scripts and tasks based on user input. Pulseway's Client Portal can be used to standardize IT processes, empower end-users and reduce the workload on your support team.
  11. Jamie Taylor


    Hey Jason, Our team has created a ticket regarding this issue and you will get a response from us shortly. Please check your email for the same. Thank you,
  12. Jamie Taylor


    Hey Jason, Please raise a support ticket to support@pulseway.com as it is the best way to share the requested details.
  13. You can now trigger workflow executions from Event Logs notifications and evaluate Event Id, Level, Message, Name, Source and Filter Title in conditions to build even more customisable workflows for your IT processes.
  14. Hey there, Please email bdr@pulseway.com and they will be able to set up an account for you!
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