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  1. We can do that, we just need to transfer the licenses.
  2. @leendertvdk Where you able to connect IT Glue, or you are still facing the issue?
  3. Kindly leave your suggestion here: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/, our dev team will work on the prirorities as requested.
  4. Kindly drop your suggestions here: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  5. Kindly add your suggestions to our roadmap: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  6. Automating a powershell command via scehduled tasks, or triggred from automation workflows should be able to assist you in this case. You can try PowerShell Commands like the below one restrart your remote device by entering your computer name.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts, our dev team is continuously improving the product based on the demand from our users. Like any other development procedure, the most requested feature is given the preference, please feel free to drop your suggestion in our roadmap page: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  8. Hey @RandyChuck, our team will assist you regarding this, we have created a support ticket for your query. Thank you!
  9. Hey @kristianIDK, public emails would not work for signup. Please DM me your business email and we can setup this for you.
  10. Hey @Zondor, we have raised a ticket for your query. Our team will give the neccessary information regarding this. Thank you!
  11. Hey @XPort, Pulseway used to be available for personal use. However, that version is not available now. If you are looking to manage around 20 endpoints, we can set this up for you.
  12. Hey @TonyC, thanks for your suggestions. Please feel free to drop your suggestions in our roadmap list, so our team will work on it based on the priorities: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  13. Hey @Tomas Loureiro, our team will reach out to your regarding this issue. Please check your mail inbox for the same.
  14. Hey @20100, thanks for your valuable feedback. Appreciate it. Please include your suggestions on our roadmap, so we will continue developing the most requested features for our users. https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
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