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  3. Output ERROR: Description = Invalid query The command completed successfully. This is what the script shows after it is completed, but I am not sure why.....because IT WORKS! Thank you for helping I put way too much time in to that
  4. Well $env:USERNAME relies on the current user and Pulseway runs in the context of the SYSTEM account. Try using this instead: $user= get-wmiobject -class win32_computersystem | select-object username wmic UserAccount where name=$user set Passwordexpires=true $username = $user.username if ($username -like '*\*') { $idx = $username.LastIndexOf('\') $username = $username.Substring($idx + 1) } net user $username /logonpasswordchg:yes It just removes the domain name or computer name from the username you get from WMI. -Paul
  5. $user= get-wmiobject -class win32_computersystem | select-object username wmic UserAccount where name=$User set Passwordexpires=true net user $env:USERNAME /logonpasswordchg:yes I typed it wrong that time, this is copy and pasted from Pulseway. My problem isnt with lines 1 and 2....line 3 is broke, more specifically the username variable is broke
  6. Hi Stephen, At a quick glance I do notice a space missing before the -class in the first line. Maybe this is the error you're seeing? -Paul
  7. I have been beating my head against this for a while. I can these commands locally and they work fine, but when I use Pulseway they throw errors on the variable for the username. I have tried running all in one script from powershell and I have broke it up in to two scripts the first 2 line being in powershell (which works as intended) and the second line in batch (also tried running manually from terminal). Im sure there is something small I am doing wrong and I would appreciate the help, thanks $user= get-wmiobject-class win32_computersystem | select-object username wmic UserAccount where name=$User set Passwordexpires=true net user $env:USERNAME /logonpasswordchg:yes I dont have a domain for GPO
  8. We are considering on implementing a different color for destructive actions. Would this work for you? -Paul
  9. Hi @Chris. We are not gonna use the plugin (4. party compiled code) in our customers environments. If you does not implement any similar directly in Pulseway, we could implement something like it via out own plugin. I really like the approach of using using Automations, but we see these limitations: 1. Notifications will be consolidated for the entire task. Not for every single system with error. 2. Script for all systems will be executed at the same time - independant of the systems local time zone. Br, Martin.
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  11. Does anyone have a script or something they use/can recommend to pull internet browser history/usage? When I used Continuum, this was a feature in reports.. but i've not had any luck finding anything like it with Pulseway.
  12. Is it not possible to manage/monitor Apple clients using Webroot AV, in the Pulseway admin? I can see the apple clients in the Webroot portal, but not in Pulseway. Thanks!
  13. Hello Paul. Thank you for the response, but I would appreciate someone addressing the large step backwards in UI, as opposed to the off-hand dark mode comment... A toggle in user settings to allow us to use the more intuitive and easy to navigate, color-coded interface would be very beneficial.
  14. Hello Paul, On the roadmap we can see that this is currently "in design". Is there already a bit of information you can share, for example what PSA partners are being considered?
  15. Thanks for your reply! I can't find any misconfiguration regarding the group policies. This is a behavior that'll happen on our workstations from time to time. I can always remote control the clients, but the issue is that I sometimes have to wait one minute because the notification isn't shown (I know this because I'm talking to the end user via phone simultaneously). Have a look at the following pictures to see how I've configured it all:
  16. Hi @Customer333, Yes, Pulseway can notify about these vents by using Plugins. You may get notifications regarding events in System log using this Plugin.
  17. Hi @AC_Martin_J, If you refer to the settings on your monitored system, then it is possible that you have configured Pulseway Group policy to override local settings in Pulseway Manager on the remote system.
  18. Hi @Parallax Abstraction, In Pulseway you have the option to create a rule which will block an update-from being installed based on the KB number for an update. And place this rule as the first (at the top of the list). Note: Global rules are applied before local OS patch policies.
  19. Hi @Martin Stevnhoved, We will consider the possibility to add this to the core functionality of Pulseway. However in a mean time you may use Pulseway automation and receive responses from a scripts. For more details check out this link. Also, if you want to deploy this Plugin to all systems, then you can do it by placing required files in shared folder which is accessible from all folders and then configure it on one of your monitored systems. Once that is done, then you will need to recreate the following registry key on other systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Plugins If you have added more than one Plugin, then find the sub-key which is for this Plugin.
  20. Hi @Labsy, Have you tried to enable Dark mode? Is it any better?
  21. Hi @Support, Have you tried to search all assets in one tab in your browser and then open each required record in different tab for editing by right-clicking on required record and open it in new tab? If this option is not available, then that can be enabled from My Profile -> Preferences.
  22. Hi @Matto, Currently via REST API you may trigger tasks which already are configured in Pulseway, therefore if you have a task which will install updates, then it will work. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to expand our REST API functionality at this time.
  23. Hi @Darius, We already support Remote control option for Windows from IOS devices and it is planned to add remote Control option for MAC systems into the future.
  24. Hi @francoism, In Pulseway you have the option to restrict Teams of users from being able to add systems. This will allow to control who is adding systems. And in addition to that you have the option to create specific group for newly added systems and assign the specific policy which will send you the notification when system is online. Therefore if you will call group 'Newly added systems', then you will know that this is a new system. And your technicians who are adding systems should register all systems in this group initially.
  25. Hi @ansred, I know it's a bit to late, however if this is still an issue, then I would suggest you to set up network traffic tracing on another system and then record a network traffic. This will allow us to determine from where are you receiving these Wake Up commands. None of our customers has reported similar issue.
  26. Hi @Wisecompany, Thank you for your suggestion. It looks that you want Pulseway to implement the similar Group policy structure as it is for Active Directory in Windows. I will put this forward as a feature request, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.
  27. Hi @RobsTech, Thank you for contacting us. By current design, if the potential customer sends you an email on your support desk, then all these emails which are sent from unknown domains or public email domains like (gmail.com, yahoo.com etc.) , then all these tickets are coming in as unknown tickets and you have the option to create CRM account for them and then assign ticket to it from unknown tickets. Alternatively you may add additional functionality on your Companies Website - Create a form for new CRM account registration and allow to submit first ticket and enable Client portal access for your company. This can be done via REST API for PSA.
  28. Hi @Parallax Abstraction, Thank you for your suggestion. It sounds like a great idea, I will put it forward as a feature request, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future.
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