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  2. Some of the Mac computers in my Pulseway WebApp are showing older version then they currently have. For example a computer with the latest version 11.3.1 is showing as 10.16.0 Agent Vers ion is 8.4.1
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  5. Hi there, Thanks for the report. Can you please drop an email at support@pulseway.com? We'll investigate this issue. Looks like a bug. -Paul
  6. Hi, I have pulseway 6.5 installed on Ubuntu 20.04 My config.xml includes a section which tries to monitor some website responses (two servers on the same LAN). When I query these websites in the WebApp, the pulseway daemon on the server crashes hard and no data is returned. Is this a bug in pulsewayd or an error in my config ? many thanks
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  8. Now that Pulseway has the ability to roll out Win 10 Feature updates, how do you configure the rules to allow for it? I have attached my rule, I know it is wrong, how do I adjust it to allow my 1909 machines to update to 20H2? Any help would me much appreciated. Thx
  9. Is there a way to be alerted to GPU hardware changes? We have had a few clients who have Nvidia 3080s and other high end cards stolen and replaced with onboard video or lower end cards. We would like to be notified for these hardware changes via an alert. I know Pulseway is able to set up custom alerts, I just don't know what we need to do to make this happen. From what I read on Google, Windows tracks this in the System log?
  10. My apologies for the confusion. I wanted to say we only support non-removable hard drives (with the exception of hot swappable drives). -Paul
  11. Hi @BenjaSat, We've sunsetted the free offering. Existing free accounts will continue to work indefinitely however the system no longer accepts new registrations. -Paul
  12. Is there a setting to change the status from Completed to open again automatically?
  13. Thank you for the reply. By "directly attached storage devices" what do you actually mean? The USB external storage is connected to the USB port on the server where the Pulseway software is installed, so is directly attached. Also, it will allow me to add it manually.
  14. Hi Todd, We only display directly attached storage devices for free disk space monitoring at this moment. Please add a feature request for this here. -Paul
  15. Using USB external hard drive as backup devices and each drive can be recognized if manually added to the notifications/storage screen but I need to know if there is a way to set this to be automatic when the drive is replaced either daily or weekly. Also, where would this be set globally for are servers being monitored. Currently have 8.6.8. Thank you, Todd Kollars Onsite IT Services
  16. A possible solution with my script. It create a log, keep 7 snapshots and delete the oldest, create a clon and delete the old clon, work with many virtual machines and at the end reboot the host Regards https://github.com/nktrabajo/bashbackups
  17. Im trying to create a new personal / free account without a company. I put "Personal" in the business field but what should I put as server name?
  18. Hi, I have a script that runs on new PC being discovered (via the Workflows) Remove-Item 'C:\Users\*\Desktop\Pulseway Manager.lnk' Remove-Item 'C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Pulseway Manager.lnk' Everything in the Pulseway Manager Agent, can be configured remotely in Server Admin > Policies, and applied accordingly.
  19. Ok need to know how to not show the Pulseway manager after install. We cannot always install onsite and have issues with employees changing settings. Plus how do we change setting in the pulseway manager remotely, sadly manager has more power over the the monitoring system.
  20. Correct. I know where that is in the Agent configuration. I am talking about in the Workflows in the WebUI. Se Attached. I and trying to kill some of the install and uninstall alerts for standard apps like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  21. Hi Jayden, Refer to this forum post: -Paul
  22. So I have a batch file on my desktop and I need it to run in the foreground. But when starting scripts, Pulseway opens it in the background, But I want it to open in the foreground. So how would I do that? OS: Window 10 Pro 20H2
  23. I think you may have overlook, but is right below it. Send a notification when an application was installed with priority LowNormalElevatedCritical Send a notification when an application was uninstalled with priority
  24. Hi, I keep getting the following error after installing on Unraid. Apr 11 00:31:38 Tower pulseway: Starting Pulseway Daemon version 6.5 (2019082205) Apr 11 00:31:38 Tower pulseway: Error acquiring unique lock. Another process may use the file. Code: 11, Resource temporarily unavailable Apr 11 00:31:43 Tower pulseway: Error while registering computer:SOAP 1.1 fault SOAP-ENV:Client[no subcode]#012"Bad file descriptor"#012Detail: [no detail] Pulseway seems to start fine but cant get it working. Have reinstalled 4 or 5 times thinking it was a misconfigured config file b
  25. Any updates on this? Is there an updated version or an alternate way, that does not require admin rights? It is a security vuln and really stupid to run a simple RDP app as an admin. If you want to update the app, use a Windows service (You don't need to run Google Chrome/Firefox as admin, yet they are kept up to date automatically.). For comparison, Teamviewer does not require admin rights.
  26. Hi Janet, Please send an email to support@pulseway.com, our team will assist you on capturing trace logs from the antivirus and we'll reach out to Kaspersky Labs to troubleshoot the problem. -Paul
  27. Hello, We have a couple of computers that kaspersky update is extremely out of date. Tried to uninstall the KAV using removal tool, run scripts in powershell and reinstall from Pulseway webapp and manually reinstall from KAV folder and still nothing work. Still getting the malfunction error, the update will run and stop at 70% then will give malfunction message. Does anyone encountered this issue?
  28. Maybe I am missing something, I would like to see an Application uninstalled trigger in workflows. You have an Application installed trigger so it should not be that hard. David
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