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  2. Hello We have a dedicated controller at Pulseway. We have a couple of Windows Servers but one has showed itself as offline since yesterday. The Windows Server itself is up and running fine and the Pulseway service is running. I have tried this: Restart Pulseway Service (No problems) Unregister and Reregister System (Working Fine) Rebooted the server Communicationtest "telnet xxxx.pulseway.com 443" answering like it should Uninstalled Pulseway and removed the registry key "ComputerIdentifier" then reinstalled Uninstalled Pulseway again and removed the whole Hive "MMSOFT Design" from registry and reinstalled Pulseway. Seems like no matter what I do the server is Offline in Pulseway controller at web and IOS. Do you have any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Kindly Mikael
  3. Martin_T

    Recommendations for client reports

    We generally only run it on the custom scopes we've set up for client servers. The trick to these being that any scheduled downtime under "Maintenance Mode" doesn't seem to effect the scoring at all but we generally get fairly reasonable representations of uptime and unscheduled downtime.
  4. Andy Raybould

    Recommendations for client reports

    The Uptime Report seems a little odd. I run it and everything comes back as 100%. Some of my clients, particularly those with laptops are not running all the time. I've probably missed something I guess!
  5. Paul

    Poor technical support from Pulseway?

    Hi Ian, I'm sorry to hear that your ticket is not yet resolved. I've familiarized myself with your case and it appears that it is currently with the development team. Unfortunately the issue is more complex and there's no immediate solution on it. My colleagues from the support team can only provide status updates if they get any from the development team and in this case there hasn't been any progress made. Rest assured that we are looking into the issue. -Paul
  6. Martin_T

    Recommendations for client reports

    We send an Uptime Report to all of our clients currently, but we're also considering using the Backup and OS Patch Management reports as well. Chances are most clients will ignore these anyway
  7. Martin_T

    Client Approval Workflow for Tickets

    What if you use the Conditions > Activity Details > Like > "WhateverStringYouWantForApproval" Then get the client to use that string in a ticket reply to approve it, then set the parameters you want to change upon getting this reply, would that work?
  8. pulsedavi

    Dike 6 install

    someone has a script to install or update dike?
  9. Hello, We are long-term Pulseway customers but lately the Pulseway client has developed a bug and continuously uses up to 20%+ CPU utilisation. We logged this with Pulseway on the 4th of July this year but they have been completely ignoring the ticket. I regularly reply to the email thread for an update (at least once a week) but I am ignored. The only time I had a meaningful response was when I threatened to cancel our subscription. This was short lived and now I am back to being ignored with no status updates on my ticket. We like the product but we have a handful of servers with this bug and I am simply installing other monitoring products on them. Today I have sent my usual email to Pulseway support asking for a status update on my ticket but I'm certain I'll get nothing back... The next step will then be to install a better monitoring product like Infradog and to write the same post on Spiceworks so people know that Pulseway doesn't offer good technical support.
  10. Did you put anything in the CustomServerAddress tag? It's possible that the DNS queries are failing. Send me the output of dig ws0.pulseway.com -Paul
  11. hafizuddin

    CentOS - Invalid Username found in configuration

    hi Paul, it seem the configuration is success but still get another error. could you please assist Oct 17 15:26:05 testing-agent pulseway: Configuration read successfully! Oct 17 15:26:05 testing-agent pulseway: Could not get server info SOAP 1.1 fault SOAP-ENV:Server[no subcode]#012"Try Again"#012Detail: get host by name failed in tcp_connect()
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ross Bladin

    Recommendations for client reports

    I would love to see an answer to this also..
  14. DinamicIT

    Client Approval Workflow for Tickets

    Hi, does anyone managed to create a Workflow for "Point of Contacts" to approve ticket requests? Got a customer asking to approve tickets before they are worked on, so i need to be able to automate the process. To be more clear: i need to send a request of approval by sending the POC an email when a ticket is created - change the status to "pending approval" and await for a reply, once the reply is made by the approver (stating in the subject that is %approved% in the subject for example) - change the status of the ticket to "approved" and notify the assigned resource.. I managed to get to the send an email and request for approval part using a workflow, but can't seem to figure out how to handle the reply.. Thanks!
  15. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    Hi guys, Has the Linux Client been updated yet for the new version of Pulseway? If not do we have an ETA on it? Cheers, Martin
  16. You only need to change this line: <Account Username="root" Password="rootroot" UseCustomServer="false" CustomServerAddress="" /> Replace root with your Pulseway username and replace rootroot with your Pulseway password and then restart the Pulseway daemon using this command: sudo service pulseway restart -Paul
  17. hafizuddin

    CentOS - Invalid Username found in configuration

    hi I already change as your guide but the log still show the invalid username Oct 16 19:31:12 localhost pulseway: Configuration: Invalid Username found in configuration Oct 16 19:33:48 localhost pulseway: Configuration: Invalid Username found in configuration Oct 16 19:33:54 localhost pulseway: Configuration: Invalid Username found in configuration here my configuration and please advice <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config xmlns="http://www.pulseway.com/linuxconfig"> <!--Pulseway Linux Monitoring Agent - pulseway.com --> <!--Account Information - Username: root - Password: rootroot - UseCustomServer: enable this option only if you have a dedicated Enterprise Server assigned to your account - CustomServerAddress: your Enterprise Server address--> <Account Username="root" Password="rootroot" UseCustomServer="false" CustomServerAddress="" />
  18. geikjo

    "Group not found" error

    Done. Geir
  19. Last week
  20. If I am correct I should be able to: curl https://api.pulseway.com/v2/notifications -u myuser:myapitoken and I should get json output for current notifications I just get invalid username and or password. {"data":null,"meta":{"response_code":401,"error_message":"Invalid username and/or password (199)."}} I quite expect I'm missing something obvious, but don't know what...
  21. Hi I am looking for a way to pull and display live notifications into another application. Specifically, we have an internal dashboard using node-red and would like to add some info from Pulseway on to it.
  22. Paul

    "Group not found" error

    Hi geikjo, Thank you for reporting this. Can you please send me a PM with the group name you are clicking? We'll investigate this right away. -Paul
  23. Andy Raybould

    Recommendations for client reports

    Hi. I would like to start sending my clients a report to show that monitoring is taking place and updates applied etc. Does anyone have recommendations on what to send. I'd imagine most of my clients are not concerned with the technical aspects of a report but just need assurance that something is happening! Regards, Andy
  24. dpbklyn

    launch EXE files with pulseway

    Hello, Is there a way (using pulseway) to move executables to the remote machines so we can run them locally?
  25. geikjo

    "Group not found" error

    New to Pulseway and on an trial. I often get error "Group not found" and then an other image. If i click one more time on the group-name I mostly can see the systems in the group. GK
  26. SimonW

    No Push Notifications

    Same here. Android 7.0, no push notifications until I cleared all notifications from the server using the Web App, after which notifications started flowing to my phone again. Hope this helps someone.
  27. I would really like to change things like notification settings via the entire group instead of the individual systems.
  28. Earlier
  29. Matt Wilson

    What is "Duplicate Alarm" section in PSA

    Not sure where to file this. I thought there was a PSA area, but I don't see it tonight. In PSA ticket details I see a section called "Duplicate Alarm" I can't find any reference for this in help or user guide. What is this and how does it work?
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