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  3. Hi there, Can you look under the Account -> Manage Systems (there you should see all 3 systems and also have the ability of removing one of them). -Paul
  4. Hi, I have a Pulseway free account. Recently I added a new user account to my main Windows 11 PC. This PC has two users with the Pulseway application installed on both. I also have another system being used as a home media server and this has Pulseway installed. For some reason, Pulseway thinks I have three registered systems on my account even though the account itself only shows two systems. Please could someone explain why this is happening. Is this a bug?
  5. After working with support we found out what the issue was! The "Delete Notification" required waiting on the web app to run that, and the workflow got out of step and failed. Fixed this by moving "Delete Notification" to the end of the workflow. Multiple scripts run with Custom fields and variables no problem!
  6. I just ran over this topic. If you set the options like explained above patch management also won´t install cumulative updates for the systems since they contain the version number as well. So i changed the global rules according to this. Be aware it´s language sensitive, if the description is in another language than english or german, you might need to set it to your specific language
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  8. Im not sure that is possible currently with workflows. Ive setup patch polices applied to Sites, Orgs, or agent groups via "Server Admin" and "Configuration" These also inherit from top down. Based on what agent installer file we give it will send the machine to the right group, Then the patch policy is applied. Once thats complete, You should be able to setup the workflow to "Run assigned patch Policy". Hope that helps!
  9. I found these are supposed to be handled now through the web application introduced with v6 so I tried that. The web application is also broken though. Any attempt to access anything under to "Sites" tab crashes the session and kicks me back to the login windows with message "The server has logged you out." At this point, something so simple as renaming or creating a site or organization name is impossible. Someone with Pulseway please fix this.
  10. We recently got IT Glue. I just can't connect via Pulsway. I have linked the subdomain. I keep getting the message of click on the button to connect.
  11. I´m on this topic too, since I´m an MSP from Germany, would be great if there would be an ability to set own texts in the users language for notifications. Or texts at all like when a chat window is opened the text could be displayed in german would be perfect (think msp´s from other countries would love to see this as well for they language)
  12. Or at least put this on the groups section. This would help a lot to run scripts in Clients which are in the same group
  13. I have an Ubuntu server that Pulseway failed to work after the 8.0 upgrade. I left it for awhile and installed the new version which is now working. The group shows default site...... - Legacy. I stopped the service, verified the computer went offline and service had stopped, changed "Legacy" to my domain name, saved the XML then started the service. When it popped back online it still showed Legacy. I pulled the XNL and sure enough Pulseway changed it back. Did it again and again the service changed it back. Tried again, this time removing it client side, but still reverted when it populated. Why does the service keeps ignoring my settings and reverting to what I can only assume is default?
  14. Hello all, I am new here and I do not know is this the right place to ask this query here or not but I hope I will get a positive response, I have a WordPress blog that is hosted on the well know hosting service provider. For the last few month i am facing a slow page and 500 internal server errors, this will affect the traffic and ranking of my blog, and now i am thinking to change the hosting provider, can anyone suggest me any other best-hosting provider? Thank you
  15. Trying to create workflow that assigns patch management policy if client is on a workstation. Here is what I got so far.
  16. Hey @TonyC, thanks for your suggestions. Please feel free to drop your suggestions in our roadmap list, so our team will work on it based on the priorities: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  17. Hey @Tomas Loureiro, our team will reach out to your regarding this issue. Please check your mail inbox for the same.
  18. Hey @20100, thanks for your valuable feedback. Appreciate it. Please include your suggestions on our roadmap, so we will continue developing the most requested features for our users. https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/
  19. I am trying to run an audit for the windows keys that are currently being used on my devices, and when I go into "Asset Info" and scroll down to the product key field, over 75% of my machines all come up with the same product key, and when I run "wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey" in the command prompt on those computers, it returns a different key than what was displayed. I would really appreciate if this was fixed or if someone could provide a script that would update said field.
  20. There are quite a few fields in the ticket screen we don't use and this makes it more cluttered than it needs to be. It also makes it more likely the fields we do want completed sometimes get missed. Can you enable hiding of fields that are not needed in the ticket screen? Also can we edit what fields are compulsory?
  21. Sorry to comment on an ageing thread, but i'm also unable to see the Remote Login feature
  22. Hello together, I have at the moment a problem when I try to access the AntiVirus Section on the website. Every time I access that area I get that error I added as a picture and I dont see any systems. Hopefully somebody can help me, Best regards
  23. Client Portal is a good idea for very small sites, but if you have hundred of users it is not usable at all. Ideally, everyone should have access to the Portal via the icon without having to be setup at the back-end and required to log in. A default menu (populated with scripts, etc) should be available to all users. If it is not possible, an accessible workaround would be to integrate AzureAD with SSO and SCIM, so users are created/removed automatically and can login with no effort As it is currently, the client portal is not useful to us at all...
  24. Hi I was trying this but i can't get to apply the registry. I have added the a local admin user and added this user to powershell impersonation in pulseway manager. any ideas please? thanks
  25. Hello everyone, i have a probleme when i want to start pulsway by the command /etc/init.d/pulsewaystart it return me this
  26. Put in suggestions for being mobile first I have always found dragging the cursor and having to click the keyboard icon to be very rudimentary. For that reason I use another client entirely to remote into my workstations which is a bummer.
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