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  2. Geddie

    Feature updates

    Is there a way to block feature updates (1909)?
  3. Every self-respecting developer these days uses source code management. It would be nice if Pulseway would provide some sort of integration between a few major SCM platforms (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, ...) and the scripts section in the Pulseway management system. All (automation) scripts I currently use are SCM'ed in Gitlab but the only option currently to make them available in Pulseway is a dumb copy/paste. Regards, Guy
  4. Paul

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    Pulseway uses a proprietary protocol so there will be no problems porting it for Linux or macOS. -Paul
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  6. ScottDD

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    If Pulseway already uses MS RDP for Windows systems, there are some RDP servers for Mac (NuoRDS - not open source) and Linux (xrdp) that could work. If you're looking at other protocols, there are VNC servers for Mac, Linux, and Android - but requires jailbreak for IOS as far as I can tell. It would be cool to remote into anything and everything through one tool. For now, I'm using NoMachine to get to my Linux desktops, since it has clients for Mac, Linux, and Android.
  7. Hi @Martti Nuudi, We have managed to identify the issue and the fix for it will be released next week.
  8. Yes! this would be most helpful
  9. Try force-closing the app and starting it again or restarting the phone. It should re-register and show up in the webapp. -Paul
  10. Ofcourse I tried that, but there is no approval request in Devices tab to accept. The app allowed me login just past week, without any problem and without requiring anything.
  11. Hi is there a feature or plans to add so that we can run a report of remote access per machine with time and date stamp
  12. Most likely it's a line ending problem. Try adding this line before new-item: $functiontext = $functiontext -replace "`r", "" #avoid duplicating the carriage return $functiontext = $functiontext -replace "`n", "`r`n" -Paul
  13. Pulseway doesn't seem to send the following script to create an INI file correctly to the target computer. The script runs fine on local Powershell, but it creates a setupconfig.ini file with text as a long string when run through Pulseway. $setupconfig="C:\setupconfig.ini" $functiontext = @" [Setupconfig] auto=upgrade BitLocker=AlwaysSuspend Compat=IgnoreWarning Priority=Normal DynamicUpdate=Enable ShowOOBE=None Telemetry=Enable DiagnosticPrompt=Enable "@ new-item $setupconfig -type file -force -string $functiontext Anything I need to change?
  14. Hey @amirreza99, You only need to login to the WebApp and approve the device registration. Let me know how that goes. -Paul
  15. Hi, I am unable to use Remote Control in my IOS app. When I select Connect on the appropriate session I get an error message: An error with parsing occured. I am using the lates IOS version and the same error occured on my iPhone SE and iPhone 7. I can remotly access the same computer that I tried connecting with IOS app with Pulseway Remote Control on my PC. The computer is running Windows 10 with the latest Pulseway agent. What can I do to fix this error?
  16. It should be 4.7.5(Build C55D). Cause it's the last update for WP and I have the same model as him and it happened to me last night. I beg you, I beg you plz fix this case, as it was the worst thing happened to me during all these 15 years of being IT user. Even Microsoft didn't put the phone out of support. The phone will be unsupported at the end of December, so why pulseway did it sooner?
  17. Uhm, we don't sell routers, our software only monitors them if SNMP is supported. -Paul
  18. You mean your router do not supported SSTP ptotocol
  19. Hi Williamson, While Pulseway doesn't connect to VPN servers directly you can definitely monitor such routers if they support SNMP. -Paul
  20. Dear All, I am here to buy a new router. Do you have SSTP protocol support router because I need SSTP vpn to connect to my office network. Please reply me soon. Thank and Best Regards Williamson
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  22. One huge feature missing that other RMM'S seem to do (NinjaRMM / Syncro) Run a script as the user logged in. Surely you can integrate this. I know you can impersonate a user but this means entering their login details and its a pain if the user changes their password.
  23. Hi :) how would one approach to automatically restart a windows software on a pulseway managed windows client on repeated error messages that it writes to a log file in it's directory? What I'd like to achieve is for example for: C:\examplesoftware\program.exe that writes a log C:\examplesoftware\log.txt on the e.g. 3rd appearance of e.g. "Session Timeout to server" exit C:\examplesoftware\program.exe wait e.g. 30 seconds run C:\examplesoftware\program.exe again and continue monitoring C:\examplesoftware\log.txt Would this be possible? I didn't find a windows based software that could do this so my hope would be that maybe pulseway can :) Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions
  24. It is not on our immediate roamap, therefore there is no an ETA for it.
  25. Chris

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    Hi @Kieran, Once we will finish working on the Pulseway RD client for Windows, then it is planned to add RD support for MAC systems into the future.
  26. Check, when will it be possible? Those versions are all ready out for some time now.
  27. Hi @kavaa, You can still monitor SQL 2016 - 2019 via Pulseway and receive all notifications regarding SQL monitoring. The only thing that is not supported is the option tom view databases from your Pulseway Mobile app or from the Pulseway WebApp.
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