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  2. Start scripts on monitored systems via API

    We would be interested in knowing the same. Also being able to start tasks automatically when a device is first added to a group would be very beneficial.
  3. Monitored System History

    Hi, When will this feature be released? This topic is from 2014. Thanks
  4. WMI Module

    Hi. I would still note that this would be a HUGE improvement. It would make it possible to make you own notifications, without learning c# and writing plugins. Right now I am looking a notifying if the DFS-R state is not normal (<>4). It would be so simple with a generic WMI module.
  5. Last week
  6. Hi all We’d like to start scripts on monitored systems using C# or Powershell, or JSON, or an API you have available. I’ve looked through your REST API documentation, but haven’t seen any details about starting a script there. We want to automate the starting of scripts via a trigger, rather than starting them manually. What API's, SDK's or methods are there available to achieve this? Thanks, Martin.
  7. Move Scripts from one folder to another.

    Also, the option to delete unused scripts to clean up the list.
  8. Auto Clear Notifications Based on Trigger Conditions

    Hi, Just following up on this request. I noticed that the original request was 3 years ago. Are there plans in the near future for this feature?
  9. Home Testing

    Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. You can create an account over here: https://www.pulseway.com/account/register. -Paul
  10. Home Testing

    Hi All, So im testing this out at home to see if this is something I would like to introduce to my work network. Where do I create an account, didnt ask me upon install. This was installed on 2008 r2. Thank you,
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  12. Chat Notification

    Hi Phil, I totally agree with you. It happened to us a couple of times to miss replies from the customer, we will add a notification if you're no longer on the Chat page so you will know that the customer replied. -Paul
  13. Edit group name of multiple clients

    Hi Paul, I'm afraid that the project is still in planning stage. -Paul
  14. Edit group name of multiple clients

    Hi Paul, how is the development of the centralised agent configuration tool? This would be helpful here also. Thank you
  15. Chat Notification

    Hi Pulseway, I love the chat feature to talk to our customers, however is there any way you can enable any responses from customer to go into notifications. We have to stay in the chat section on the iPhone to see their responses. Customers doesn't always respond straight away. An alert would be good so we can use other sections of Pulseway whilst waiting for their response etc. Thanks Phil
  16. OSX Service Monitoring

    Hi, Monitoring macOS daemons (services) is not supported at the moment but definitely we'll add this capability in a future release. Best regards, Mark
  17. SNMP Server Module

    Your workaround is pretty cool but I'd like to add my vote to have an SNMP capable Linux agent.
  18. Service not starting on reboot

    There is a built-in script called "Increase Windows Service Timeout at Startup" that performs this change. -Paul
  19. Service not starting on reboot

    Would it be possible to come up with a script we could use to merge this fix into the registry? It seems like the latest Windows updates are breaking the connections.
  20. Brute Force attempts

    Hi Esteve, You can try to create a SQL query which will trigger the notification if the failed login attempt count is greater than 5 (http://sqlmonitormetrics.red-gate.com/failed-sql-server-logins/). Please check the Pulseway User Manual page 67 - 68. Also, you can try to use user settable performance counters. And then try to configure the Pulseway to send the notification if the performance counter is greater than 5 (see the Pulseway User Manual page 63).
  21. Brute Force attempts

    Hello, In the future we will block access to this server from unknown IP addresses, but now, we want to receive a notification "ONLY" when we receive "5 o more" failed login attempts in RDP and SQL. I try "Pulseway Counters", but don't work...Any idea?
  22. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Hi Pablo, No, it doesn't count.
  23. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Thank you Chris. Do these errors count against our antivirus license quota?
  24. OSX Service Monitoring

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a feature request or if there may be a solution already. Here's the specifics: A customer is using Filemaker Server and it relies on the httpd service which is Apache to connect the web form feed via PHP. It stops occasionally and it would be most helpful to get an alert when it does just like with Windows services. I looked at monitoring an Application in the Pulseway preferences but did not see one that I should select. The Filemaker consultant indicated that Filemaker installs it's own version of Apache and the restart command is: sudo /Library/Filemaker\ Server/HTTPServer/bin/httpdctl graceful which differs from the standard sudo apachectl -k start So this is either a feature request or help to know how the existing version of Pulseway for Mac and provide this monitoring. Thanks.
  25. Remote Desktop - on iOS

    We already have our own RD connection, but we need to modify this application so that we can initiate it from the Pulseway WebApp.
  26. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Hi Pablo, Unfortunately you can not clear this message. It is stored into the database. Regarding failed KAV installation - Please check this article.
  27. Brute Force attempts

    Hi Esteve, Currently Pulseway can notify you about all failed login attempts, if you configure the Event log filter (open the Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Event Log -> tick the checkbox -> Add and configure it) to notify you about these notifications an select option (allow repeating notifications) or notify you only once, if you do not select this option. Why don't you simply block the access to this server from unknown IP addresses? You can configure this using Firewall or ACL's.
  28. Brute Force attempts

    Hello. We have a server with a lot of brute force attacks RDP: 3389 SQL: 1433 We can see in event viewer two repeated events (failed loing attempts) eventID: 4625 Microsoft Windows Security Auditing eventID: 18456 MSSQLSERVER We want to receive a notification when we receive "5 o more" failed login attempts in RDP and SQL. Can we use "Pulseway Counters" or "Pulseway evenlog"? How?
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