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  2. Hi, I have turned off 3 Client Servers and I want to remove them from my Billing. The Billing screen shows that I have 3 Server licenses and that I am using 0, when I try to reduce the number, I get a popup that says: You are currently using 3 licenses, you need to remove a server before you can decrease the order quantity. I have no problem adding licenses but removal is a problem. I've sent a two emails in the last two months to my Account Manager with no response. Anybody know how to remove the Servers? Thanks, appreciate it. Craig
  3. Last week
  4. Have raised a support ticket for your query, our team will assist you on this.
  5. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed next week.
  6. Hey, I have the same problem and when I click authenticate, I get this error. Thanks for the assistancew
  7. I tried that, it stays unavailable even if I write my username.
  8. Hi, you have to put your account in it and than click authenticate. After that you will see the password field. BR Jens
  9. i am also having tbe same issue. has it been caused by the auth changes introduced in version 9.1?
  10. Goodday, When installing the windows desktop app for remote control it does detect that my application data is on an network. But it fails to resolve the folder path correctly. after "Applicaiton Data" there is a double "\" resulting in an error that the folder can't be accessed. I can't specify the folder myself so the installation fails.
  11. I found a temporary fix for this. Download the previous version 9.0.1 from the Internet archive, register the system, then update pulseway to version 9.1
  12. Is anyone using pulseway exclusively for windows patching?
  13. Earlier
  14. It would be really beneficial if we could get default from templates for each technician so we can apply our own signatures to the reply without having to select the reply template each time we reply to an email. This way we can have our signatures per technician and automatically apply the signature in our reply box since the existing signature set up applies beneath the entire [AllActivityDetails] placeholder and easily gets buried. Is this possible whilst retaining the email thread? Does anyone else have this set up already and working? We'd love that personal touch on our replies.
  15. Hello, I'm not able to register a new system with my existing Pulseway account. I am able to put in my user name, but password is greyed out so i am unable to enter it. I do not have a dedicated instance. When i click Authenticate, it gives me an error (attached)
  16. Hi, I'm trying to register my system after installing pulseway on windows 10. However, due to some unknown reasons, the password field is disabled. This is very strange as I never experienced this in the past. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  17. After a fresh install on Windows 10, the Pulseway Agent installs, but does not allow me to sign in. When opening the application, I am greeted with this screen When I click on "Register System" I am greeted with this screen After entering my Username and checking the box "I do not have an instance name", I get this error message I have re-installed multiple times, tried to manually start the service in services.msc, which gives me this error I have also made sure my PC is up to date, currently running Windows 10 Home build 19045.2546. Any ideas why I might be seeing this error message/ why the Password field is greyed out? Thanks Jack
  18. DjAndy

    Register System

    Quite recently I had to reinstall the operating system (windows 10), since then I tried to install the soft to the same pc back, but there appear to be problems with the host once I try to register it. I know that the free account allows me to monitor only 2 PCs, and after I deleted it, something doesn't allow me to insert it back, possibly too many requests to the server. The only change to the PC is the processor change. ( Ryzen 5 2400g -> Ryzen 5 3600 ) Also i like to mention the widget are broken too. Any suggestion is welcome, thanks.
  19. Hello, I try with this script to remove the agent from a former client: try { $result = Get-WmiObject win32_product -filter "Name LIKE 'Pulseway'" | Select-Object IdentifyingNumber; [string]$a = $result.identifyingNumber; msiexec.exe /X $a /qn Remove-Item -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design" -Recurse if (Test-Path -Path "C:\Program Files\Pulseway") { remove-item -path "C:\Program Files\Pulseway" -Force -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue } Write-Host "$a Uninstallation completed successfully" } catch { Write-Host "Uninstallation failed" Break } But it is still installed. So what can I to totally remove it? {12CF5BF5-CA28-4904-A981-B3615F660468} Uninstallation completed successfully PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-WmiObject win32_product -filter "Name LIKE 'Pulseway'" IdentifyingNumber : {12CF5BF5-CA28-4904-A981-B3615F660468} Name : Pulseway Vendor : MMSOFT Design Version : 8.9.1 Caption : Pulseway
  20. I have managed to get an API to post to Pulseway notifications, Is it possible to Have the API post to a custom Field ? since Workflows cannot process Notifications ?
  21. Hi Tyler, Thank you for the report. We've managed to identify the issue and we're working on a fix as we speak. -Paul
  22. That would be good mate. I have figured out how to send Notifications Via Postman successfully however still having issues getting Pulseway to send Notifications Instance_Id seems to be the Pulseway specific one created automatically and retrieved via https://******.pulseway.com/api/v2/systems?limit=50&offset=0 (When using Postman at least) in format like ; "59834534d9-c60b-481d-aa8c-51d43b%$%$#$69" Save
  23. I have been trying to deploy Pulseway onto a few of our Apple devices recently and have had issues with the M1 devices a few of my team use. When I use Remote Control to access the device, the screen looks like the attached screenshot. For clarification, this is only happening on Apple Silicon macs and there are no issues that I have found with Intel Macs. Is there a solution for this?
  24. Hi! I want to write back the result of the following short script into a custom field to put this at the corresponding machine. How I have to do this? wmic diskdrive get model Result is for example: Model Generic MassStorageClass USB Device Samsung SSD 980 PRO 500GB Generic MassStorageClass USB Device WDC WD10EZEX-75M2NA0 The result should stored into a custom field for the machine. Thank you for helping!
  25. Currently we can only place a device into 'Maintenance mode' if it is online. Devices which are offline do not have the command option to do so. Every other RMM I've used has this capability. A workaround would be to create a separate group with its own policies and then move the offline device into there, but that is convoluted and not ideal.
  26. You should see the same screen in Pulseway for Bitdefender, can you attach a screenshot of what you see? -Paul
  27. @Jamie Taylor: please elaborate on @JonasB inquiry, as we are in the same boat. We need to integrate everything together and identify the best methods and practices for administration between these products. Thank you!
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