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  2. Hi, I am having the same issue, Pulseway installs but will not run? Agent Version 9.4 Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi All, I have an update for you all and I want to thank you all for your patience. The Windows and Mac devices that were affected should have been solved earlier this week and you now should be able to set up as desired. For Linux users there was a bit more work to be done but I'm happy to announce that the fix has been passed through QA and is being released sometime to day so, expect the issue to be rectified in the 24 hours approximately. Again I want to thank you all for you cooperation and patience and if anyone needs assistance with anything else please let me know. Have a nice weekend everyone, Stefan
  4. Is this some kind of bug. Everyday the pulseway server got the error: Pending reboot is required But all the other clients are fine by me. Only have this issue on the server. Server is up to date, I rebooted it since this week every day, also this morning twice. But message comes back in a few seconds.
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  6. Hey @techNOW Thanks fro reaching out, you can of course execute this it would just be via a script: <# ============================================================================================================================================ Script Name: Audit: Computers: Uptime In Days Description: Part of the Extended Audit Content Pack for Servers and Computers delivered by Pulseway. Usage: Scheduled to execute in the Task "Extended Audit For Computers - Weekly" tied to the Scope "All Windows 10/11 Computers". Additional notes: This script is write protected and is meant to be used "as is" for Extended Auditing purposes. Vendor: Pulseway Lastest version: 2023-01-27 ============================================================================================================================================ Required variable inputs: None Required variable outputs: Name: "OutputUptimeIndays" Default Type: "Number" Default Value: "0" Associated Custom Field: "Audit: System: Uptime In Days" #> # Please note, this script is write protected and is meant to be used "as is" for Extended Auditing purposes. Function Get-Uptime { $OS = Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem $Uptime = (Get-Date) - ($OS.ConvertToDateTime($OS.LastBootUptime)) $Display = + $Uptime.Days Write-Output $Display } $OutputUptimeIndays = Get-Uptime Write-Output "Extended Audit: System: Uptime In Days: $OutputUptimeIndays" # This step writes back the Powershell result to the associated Custom Field. Start-Process -FilePath "$env:RMM_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable OutputUptimeIndays ""$OutputUptimeIndays""") -Wait You can use just the the Output variable, no Custom Field is required for this to work. Then make a condition based on the output variable being higher than X days in a Workflow. You will need to run it as a script for it to become a Number type variable as currently the Workflow Action "Execute PowerShell Command" only produce Text type variables. So that won't work for the condition. I hope this helps and if you need any more assistance lease let me know Thanks, Stefan
  7. Hey @tristan Thanks for reaching out, Apologies for the late reply I was consulting with our API expert - The current rate limit is set at 60 requests per minute but the plan is to increase it within coming releases. Thanks, Stefan
  8. @stian.frostad, yes, if your goal is to impact a user's reg hive, you would need to impact each user profile on each workstation. Here is what I have used in the past for manipulating reg keys of user profiles (specifically for manipulating/clearing out outlook profiles in this example). #Must Run As Admin $profiles = Get-childitem c:\users\ -Directory $folders = '\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook','AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook' $regkeys = 'HKU:\Hive\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\', 'HKU:\Hive\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\' $timestamp = (Get-Date).ToUniversalTime() -replace ':', '.' -replace '/', '.' New-PSDrive -PSProvider Registry -Root hkey_users -Name hku foreach($prof in $profiles){ #Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath $prof.fullname #Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_volume | Where-Object label -Match 'profile' | Set-CimInstance -Property @{DriveLetter = 'x:'} foreach($fold in $folders){ if(Test-Path "$($prof.fullname)\$fold"){ Remove-Item "$($prof.fullname)\$fold" -Recurse -Force } } reg load HKU\Hive "$($prof.FullName)\NTUSER.DAT" foreach($reg in $regkeys){ if(Test-Path $reg){ Remove-Item $reg -Recurse -Force "$($reg).name existed for $($prof.Name) and was deleted" | Out-File -FilePath "c:\temp\$timestamp-Rcleared.txt" -Append } } #clears memory of loaded reg to ensure proper unload of reg hive. [gc]::Collect() reg unload HKU\Hive #Dismount-DiskImage -ImagePath $prof.FullName } Remove-PSDrive -Name hku
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  10. Is there any way to do this because i can't figure out a simple way to do it and was wondering if anyone else knew or does this or if im just missing something.
  11. What are the limits to the Asset API, it seems very easy to get over usage. The $top limit of 100 also makes this challenging. V2 allowed more.
  12. i solved the issue, due to switches having multiple mac adresses you need to set the switch to static ip not dhcp and set snmp to look for the ip adress not the mac address
  13. Hey @rmac2006 Thanks for reaching out - Could I ask you to forward me your Pulseway email ID and I will raise this issue up with support Thanks, Stefan
  14. Hey @Leon from AIOI Thanks for reaching out. So in response to your first question please enable PowerShell impersonation. Open Pulseway Manager head to settings > Runtime and Enable PowerShell impersonation then you should be able to enter the credential and run the scripts. Let me know if that works and if not I will raise a ticket for you with support Thanks, Stefan
  15. Hi, doing some research from it looks like Pulseway uses the local system account to run and that has very limited privileges. Is it possible to elevate Pulseway for the current script being run ?
  16. Hi @Starscreem, This is not the case. This needs to be done only on client machines from where you connect to other systems. Running the application as an administrator will enable the secure communication protocol TLS 1.2 which is required to ensure product security. -Paul
  17. So your telling me I have to drive to each remove location and log into each machine as an admin and hope it fixies it other wise i have to go through that articles process...... this is unacceptable! Whats the time line on the fix? Do i get a refund for your not working product now?
  18. Hey @at26574, Apologies that this issues is taking so long, could you please forward me your support ticket number so that I can follow up. @Tryp1c_ac3 Could you also forward me your Pulseway email id so that I can raise a ticket for you too, just in case your issues are cause by separate things. Thanks a mill, Stefan
  19. Hey @Nick530 That's great I'm glad you were able to get it sorted. On another note, are you apart of our Discord community? We have a Automation/Scripting channel where a bunch of Pulseway users can share scripting knowledge and Automation best practices. You should definitley check it out! If you need any more assistance please let me know!. Thanks, Stefan
  20. Hey @bfulham1 Thanks for reaching out, Could you send DM me your Pulseway email ID and the exact issues your facing I will raise a support ticket for you. Thanks a mill, Stefan
  21. Hi @Larry Thanks so much for reaching out, If you are not already using Pulseway you can register with us here. Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks, Stefan
  22. Hi, I am new to pulseway. Have written the following PowerShell script which works fine on my test machine. Clear-RecycleBin -Force However when run from pulse way it reports the script has run successfully but nothing is deleted from the recycle bin. The following error is shown in execution details: Clear-RecycleBin : The system cannot find the path specified At C:\Program Files\Pulseway\automation_b6682084_076f_4d67_80a0_0200e70e0897.ps1:1 char:1 + Clear-RecycleBin -Force + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (RecycleBin:String) [Clear-RecycleBin], Win32Exception + FullyQualifiedErrorId : FailedToClearRecycleBin,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ClearRecycleBinCommand I have tried: cd \ Clear-RecycleBin -Force But same results. Is this a permission issue, that does not allow the script to run ?
  23. Hi, please make this and proper Phone HMTML Call Link For example: Clickable phone number <p><a href="tel:+4733378901">+47 333 78 901</a></p> It will allow to start phone app by one click and speed up call back process. By for example running Windows Phone App. Besides it is only one line of code to implement :) Documentation at https://www.w3docs.com/snippets/html/how-to-add-telephone-links-with-html.html
  24. I have installed Pulseway on my Mac mini m2 and it freezes. It does not even allow me to install the helper application as well. I have alway uninstalled (rm rf) the plists, apps, etc. Could you please assist?
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