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  3. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. It sounds like a nice feature. We will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.
  4. Hi Sander, We are still working on this.
  5. Hi Sander, We already have this as a confirmed feature, therefor this functionality will be available in the future release.
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  7. Currently when an agent is offline you really don't have that much information. Like maybe the agent is offline becuase it was out of memory of diskspace Or show some meta data of the computer, what kind computer is it, system information.
  8. Or any news on giving an task to an offline agent so when it come available it will run the tasks? Like when an device is stolen, script -> Send mail when online.
  9. Hello Paul, Any update to the implementation in the webapp?
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  11. Hi All, New to the software and love its ease of use. I am looking for an update from the roadmap on when the custom reporting may be available? Things like asset reporting on all PCs with x of software (Eg. office 2010) or License numbers of x software.Have a microsoft audit for example and need to gather all the FPP license numbers! All the information you appear to have already from the summary and detail asset reports its just the selection of those items into one report. or if any one knows a script that performs that task?
  12. Found it: In the config.xml Change the percentage and path to your needs. Also change false to enabled. <LowHDDSpace> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/" Priority="0" Enabled="true"/> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/home" Priority="1" Enabled="true"/> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/mnt/media" Priority="1" Enabled="true"/> </LowHDDSpace>
  13. When creating an automated task - would like the option to run that automated task automatically if a computer was offline at the designated time. This would come in handy if a client's machines internet connection is lost, is powered down, or consistently turns their machine off prior to the scheduled task running.
  14. hh

    Hi, You will need to look into this file to find out why the AV installation fails or send it to so we can review it:C:\Windows\Temp\kl-*.log
  15. For Oracle database monitoring the following items would ideally need to be monitored; The tablespace sizes and projected growth, datafile size, oracle processes and their associated memory and cpu usage as well. Even better would be SQL and PL/SQL monitoring tools which dynamically pull up problem SQL or PL/SQL as well. Thank you !
  16. hh

  17. This seems to be resolved now. Thanks
  18. No, I'm On Premise Exchange 2013. I didn't want to play around anymore as I don't use IMAP for anything except for this. So I just set email forwarding to a gmail account to get the parsing happen there. Much safer for my environment.
  19. Are you using Office 365 for Exchange? I had to do some fiddling to get it working but the settings are as follows:
  20. Hi, You will need to create a Bach script. And run it as a Scheduled task.
  21. Hi Jason, Unfortunately it is not possible at this time, because the security roles only grant the access to the certain sections into PSA. However I will add this as a feature request, so our developers will consider the possibility to add this feature in the future release.
  22. Glad to hear it works now. -Paul
  23. Here is a pdf for setting up your synology nas with pulseway. PublicSNMPPulsewaySynology.pdf
  24. Thanks for help Paul. It was the $ symbol.
  25. I've just configured my PSA instance with my gmail account and it worked for me. Does your password contain the dollar sign by any chance ($)? There is a known bug where the email parser will not be able to connect if your password contains the dollar sign. -Paul
  26. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply. I dont have 2FA but I did added's IP on my allowed list. I have also setup the IMAP as previously stated, and its working on my Outlook.
  27. Do you use 2FA on your google account. If so, you need to use an app password instead of your account's password. Additionally, make sure that you have IMAP enabled on your account (guide - see Step 1). -Paul
  28. I tried using exchange and it doesn't work. I tried using a working gmail with IMAP working and enabled, just to isolate the issue, but I can't get it to work. Support has suggested to changed the mailbox name to "inbox" but still not working. Anyone has any idea how to make this work?
  29. Hi Paul, You don't need to uninstall the agent to have it connect to the new server URL. Go to c:\program files\pcmonitor (or pulseway) and open up the PCMonitorManager.exe file. From there you can set the server name and hit apply. Within a minute your agent will show up on the new server. -Paul
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