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  2. Our US hosting provider will be performing storage maintenance on Saturday June 3rd. During this time, you may experience intermittent, short-term service disruption. This will only impact those SaaS customers hosted in the US data center. We do apologize for this service disruption and any inconvenience this may cause. However, we have officially taken a decision to switch our hosting provider and are in the process of planning the migration which will take place in phases. If you would like to be included in the first tranche of migrations, please contact myself at stefan.mclaughlin@pulseway.com your account manager.
  3. Hello im going some process to remove a old AV software in this case is XDR Cortex im doing the script but I'm blank My batch is like this cd c:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\Traps <----this works cytool.exe protect disable <---this works, after this ask for password to remove the AV and this is the problem i don't know how to declare a password to continue with process, after the enter i need to put the password, i know the password but i dont know how to put it Obviously this is batch "cmd" If somebody have any idea Thank you
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  6. Hey, I've searched the documentation but couldn't find any references on using a bearer token instead of basic authentication (username: password). Are there any other authentication types supported or planned for the future? I'm not keen on using a user account for the RMM or PSA APIs. I'm aware that I can create a dedicated API account in PSA, but I would still prefer an alternative authentication method. It would be great to have the ability to restrict API endpoint access to specific IP addresses. I know this can be done for the web app, but I'm wondering if it also applies to the API. Will the same IP whitelisting in the RMM be used for both RMM and PSA endpoints, or are they separate if supported?
  7. Is it possible to add WireGuard VPN into the third-party patch management?
  8. Hi @ryley2637 Thanks for your message. I have looked into this and haven't been able to find a solution so I am going to raise a support ticket in your name. Would it be possible for you to DM or reply with your work email so that I can keep you in the loop with support? Thanks a million, Stefan Mcl
  9. Pulseway is not generating alerts on event logs under the Applications and Services Logs folder. I've specifically tried "Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender/Operational" and "Microsoft-Windows-Windows Firewall With Advanced Security/Firewall" and neither work. Attached here is how I have my alert configured and this exact configuration worked at some point in the past. Other event logs such as Application and System work. Has anyone experienced this issue and found a fix?
  10. Hi @Martin U. If you could send me on your work email address I can have you added into the comms list, to which this email was sent out to. Thanks, Stefan
  11. How do we get on this list? I asked my team and none of us got this email. Thanks
  12. Hi @miguell Thanks for your message. So that site might have single or multiple Agent Groups under site, delete the Agent Groups first to be able to delete the site. If this is already done, send me the screenshot if you get any error while doing it. Thanks, Stefan
  13. Update: The database server has finished loading all the databases and the service is now restored. -Paul
  14. We do have a DR plan, the problem with it is that the DNS TTL is set to 24 hours. We're still evaluating our options. -Paul Update: The storage gateway is now online and our database cluster is starting up. -Paul
  15. Do you have a disaster recovery plan? If you have offsite backups, it should be trivial to spin them up on a different host (assuming you have an emergency backup host, right?) and redirect DNS.
  16. Nobody likes such situations but everyone's frustration is warranted. We keep asking our hosting provider for an ETA but we haven't received any so far. Our DR committee is evaluating the time it would take to restore the service in a failover DC. -Paul
  17. Yeah, that's not really an excuse. As soon as you noticed a service disruption, a notice should've been sent out. I should not have to go onto a Forum for a paid product in order to find out what's going on.
  18. Sorry you have to deal with this Paul and Stephan, but when I cannot log in to support my customers, I don't see recent emails warning us about this urgent issue and calling your support line brings us to a full voicemail (that's right, no one is answering). It leaves us with a bitter aftertaste and a sense of insecurity. We will now wait. Kindly keep us informed of any ETA you might have. Thank you for your assistance
  19. But you can email everyone right now and notify of the service disruption.
  20. Hi We always try to communicate all service disruption as in advance as possible. There was a forum, and email communication sent out earlier this week on Tuesday. But due to the Data Centre change of schedule which was communicated to us at the last minute we did not get a chance to send the new global announcement once the service disruption started. As mentioned on our official post regarding this: we have officially taken a decision to switch the data providers and we are in the process of migrating to a new datacenter provider. We will be prioritizing the customers who are expressing their concerns and would like to be moved first. Please mention this to your account manager and will prioritize you once the move begins in the upcoming weeks.
  21. Some more context for this situation: The hosting provider has rebuilt their storage gateway and they are having stability issues with it. Right now they are working on restoring it. -Paul
  22. Have you considered sending out an email to let everyone know that your service is down? I know you can do this, because I receive promotional emails every day. If your support department can’t do it, contact your marketing department because they’ve got it figured out.
  23. Please keep us updated, if it does not come up soon it will be a total disaster today as our entire workforce will be unsupported. I was told it would be back in an hour, this was 1 hour ago through e-mail. Thank you
  24. Hello Rescheduling a maintenance right at the beginning of a workday is absolutely insane and unacceptable.
  25. Still not working. No Remote control, nor is app working.
  26. Hi All, Please refer to this post if you would like to be among the customers who wishes to be moved to the new data storage please reach out to me at stefan.mclaughlin@pulseway.com or to your account manager
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