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  4. +1 a PfSense agent would be awesome
  5. Anyone have an update on how to do this?
  6. Hey, I have tried to use this powershell script and coming up with the below if you can help? (not running it via pulseway) cd : Cannot find drive. A drive with the name '"C' does not exist. At C:\WINDOWS\AdminArsenal\PDQDeployRunner\service-1\exec\user.ps1:13 char:1 + cd $path + ~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: ("C:String) [Set-Location], DriveNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DriveNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetLocationCommand ScriptHalted At C:\WINDOWS\AdminArsenal\PDQDeployRunner\service-1\exec\Error Handling Wrapper.ps1:58 char:2 + Throw $_.Exception.ErrorRecord + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (:) [], RuntimeException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ScriptHalted
  7. Hello @Jamie Taylor , Have you found any solutions to my problem yet? We see that we cannot send our customers results of scripts without turning off the custom template. I would like to see a solution to this.
  8. Earlier
  9. Hey @Pascal, it should refresh within 24 hours. If not, can you please contact our team support@pulseway.com, they will help investigating this delay.
  10. Hey @dimitri.gillet, I have raised a support ticket for your query and our team will get in touch with you regarding the same.
  11. It seems that the delay is really more than 24 hours. I still list applications uninstalled for several days.
  12. Hey @NoobTube, have raised a support ticket for your query, our team will contact you soon. Thank you!
  13. I want to add the below PowerShell command into Pulseway script, any help with creating or articles would be great. Powershell cd HKLM:\ New-Item -Path "SOFTWARE\Policies\" -Name "Google" New-Item -Path "SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\" -Name "Chrome" cd HKLM:\ New-ItemProperty -Path SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome -Name "IntensiveWakeUpThrottlingEnabled" -Value "0" -PropertyType "DWord" New-ItemProperty -Path SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome -Name "WindowOcclusionEnabled" -Value "0" -PropertyType "DWord"
  14. Hello to all, I have a big problem in one of my tasks (in the Automation -> Tasks section) I want to execute a script in PowerShell quite simple: "Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" -Name "XXXXX" " When I run the script on a single machine everything is fine the execution is done super fast and works perfectly, but when I run the same script in "Tasks" mode nothing happens. I just get a "Skipped" return on the task see the screenshot. But I don't understand at all why? Thanks a lot for your help. Sincerely Dimitri
  15. Hey, would you like our team to assist you with this?
  16. Hello Jamie, Have you found any solutions to my problem yet? We see that we cannot send our customers results of scripts without turning off the custom template. I would like to see a solution to this.
  17. looks very handy and playing with it now, one question event notification "Message" would be what Pulseway reports or Windows ? for Example Pulseway Notification " New event log entry on computer '#@#@#$#$#CH-PC' in group '*****td - Individual Businesses - B*******' matching filter Disk notifications Note: The same event log filter notification will not be sent again until this notification is deleted The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1. " If i use Event Message is Equal to "The driver detected a controller error on" that would pick up ok ? Regards Daniel
  18. I Believe possibly Instance ID & Instance Name would be the same Now trying to work out if this comes into Pulseway as a simple notification or how it is presented by Pulseway
  19. This is an important one for me too, looking to implement it into customer monthly reports, wondering if there's anyway to catch the notification as a "Custom Field" Report ?
  20. Last month a vulnerability was revealed in SQLite. It can be read about here: https://blog.trailofbits.com/2022/10/25/sqlite-vulnerability-july-2022-library-api/ Just curious if the version Pulseway uses is vulnerable, as I see Pulseway does use SQLite? If so is there any communication on when it is expected to get fixed?
  21. Hey @DJB, Try running the commands in this KB article and let me know if that did the trick: https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/964192-error-1001-the-specified-service-already-exists -Paul
  22. I have a VM agent that failed, I've tried to reinstall, but I get the 'Error 1001. The specified service already exists'. The program doesn't show up in windows programs to remove. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hello Everyone, We had a downtime yesterday, here is what happened, and how we are trying to avoid it moving forward. On November 2nd, we've received notifications that the database cluster has crashed and upon further investigation we've determined that the iSCSI storage was unresponsive. After reaching out to the hosting provider we've found out that they have experienced multiple drive failures on the SAN and that the disk got locked during the array rebuild process. They managed to get it unlocked but because the array was still rebuilding and operating at a lower I/O capacity, turning on the database cluster resulted in the disk locking again resulting in more crashes. At that point, we've decided to switch to a more modern storage solution which is SSD-backed and provides better disk I/O ops capacity which has resolved the issue and also provides a great performance boost. regards, Jamie Taylor, Social and Community Manager, Pulseway.
  24. Hey @Alec Hackbarth, apprecaite your thoughts, please add your request to our roadmap so our dev team will look into it: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/ Thank you!
  25. Chasing up what the following are calls to Specifically ; Pulseway_instance_id Pulseway_Instance_Name Pulseway_Instance Group Pulseway_instance_Decription Figured out ; Pulseway_instance_id Not sure of Pulseway_Instance_Name would be ie (https://companyname.pulseway.com/) ? Pulseway_Instance Group Would be the Group its in obviously (any Syntax required ? or straight label copy paste ?) and with Username and password 2FA not required or seperate Pulseway account needed with 2FA disabled ?
  26. I am trying to setup a workflow that will notify me once a server is down. I know how to configure this part but my question is how can I delay the alert so I'm not getting alerts from a server rebooting from patching. If the server is down for more then 5 minutes, then alert me. Guidance is appreciated.
  27. Hi Darien, Yes. That would be the cause of the database server finally starting up. Apologies for the inconvenience. Databases are still starting, will post another update when all services are completely back up. Update: 7:10PM: All services are now fully operational. -Paul
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