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  2. Mac Remote Desktop

    I'd love to see remote desktop for Mac OS added. Thanks, SCIT
  3. Remote Desktop On Mac

    Since it's not even on the Roadmap I guess that answers my question. I will have to find a third party solution for desktop support of my Mac users.
  4. Remote Desktop On Mac

    Hi there, Welcome to the Pulseway community! Unfortunately I can only provide ETAs for the entries on the Roadmap over here: -Paul
  5. Remote Desktop On Mac

    Paul, Is RD support for Mac OS going to added at any point? If so, do we have an ETA? Thanks, SCIT
  6. Automation script visibility

    Hi Martin & Simon, We will be adding the ability to share tasks and scripts in a future release. Best, Marius
  7. Last week
  8. Can this be added in the future? This will be a pain to input new customers into Quickbooks, then after everyone go in and have the tool pull them from Quickbooks. I could understand if I had millions of users, but I only have about 400. Why can't this be automatic? Invoices are but my customers I make invoices *for* are not?
  9. Hi Steve, Unfortunately you will need to do this manually, because we do not know if you want to import all customers or only few of them.
  10. Is there any way to automate on a schedule the importing of customers from Quickbooks to the PSA? I know invoices are automatic, why not customers? Thanks, Steve
  11. Roadmap post is gone?

    Hi guys, The new roadmap system didn't work out so we've restored the forum post: -Paul
  12. Roadmap

    In-App Payments: PayPal Payment Support (est. Q1 2018) OS Patch Management (est. Q1 2018) 3rd Party Patch Management (est. Q1-Q2 2018) Multi-factor Authentication (est. Q2 2018) Pulseway Backup (est. Q2-Q3 2018) Cloud-based Agent Policies (est. Q3 2018) PSA Mobile App Support (est. Q4 2018) Last update: 16 Jan 2018
  13. Zapier & Billing Integrations

    Hi, Yes, we are planning to integrate the Pulseway PSA with Xero. Unfortunately I don't have a definite timeline for this, but it might be included into the next release.
  14. Spotty Windows Update notifications

    But do these machines report that windows updates are available in the mobile / web app? -Paul
  15. Spotty Windows Update notifications

    Notifications are kept as close to zero as we can here, so yeah prewtty sure its not that.
  16. Zapier & Billing Integrations

    Do you have plans to add Xero integration? If nothing else, an export to Xero would be nice. This is the only thing really keeping me away from the PSA is that you only integrate with QuickBooks. If you did have Zapier integration then we could at least make our own Xero integration. I have played with the emails but the information available to send out in an invoice email is too limited to parse for an invoice creation in Xero.
  17. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    No problemo, should be with you shortly.
  18. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Martin, Please send us an email on support@pulseway.com with the credentials for the Pulseway PSA user account and one RMM account, so our developers can troubleshoot this issue.
  19. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    I've tested this as well, getting the same results. It will delete individual ones no problem but batch deletion doesn't.
  20. Disregard - I found the script editor on the web page, changed the timeout interval to 90000 and all is working great!
  21. I am having the same problem - new install today. I set the service to start as Automatic (Delayed Start) but that didn't help. Not sure where to look for the script to change timeout interval. Thanks.
  22. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    On my account, it will work if I do the tickets individually, but if I attempt to use the batch option, it does not delete the notification from Pulseway. This morning is the first time I had any issue.
  23. That's grand, thanks Chris. It would be awesome if we could have more granular options for this but this will save a shedload of time!
  24. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Chris, Tested again and still not removing the tickets from RMM, i've gone through all the accounts and the option above is still enabled for all accounts. Many thanks, Martin
  25. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Martin, Please check it again. I have tested this on our demo environment and it is working. Is it possible that you have disabled the option, that the notification is deleted from associated accounts, when the notification is deleted from the system? Please check this from the Server Admin -> User accounts -> select the required account -> Details
  26. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Guys, Since the latest update this has stopped working again. Many thanks, Martin
  27. Earlier
  28. Spotty Windows Update notifications

    Hi, Is it possible that you have not deleted the previous notification about this? We do not repeat the notification if the previous notification is not deleted.
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