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  2. Hi, Is there a cmd (shell/terminal) that I can run via a script within Pulseway to copy a folder with locked files within the same hard-drive? In this case I need to copy the Quickbooks folder. I do not want to use a 3rd party software. Thanks for the help.
  3. For me it is also a must have to start remote session from a mac. It would be great to have an Integration in the future.
  4. This function used to exist, however it was buggy and the order was not always correct (eg last online) - We had previously reported this and it was simply removed altogether! This needs to be added back in, and checkbox should also be added to the screen to remove multiple. (Maybe this way we won't have a constant email telling us we need to pay for more subscriptions!) - if the above is too time-consuming for your devs a simple search box would assist your customers. At this stage is seems it's intentionally difficult to remove devices from the manage systems screen (something we are billed for)
  5. Last week
  6. Hey @Ahmet Eroglu and @Martin Stevnhoved, We have this on our public Roadmap available here: It's labeled as Automation Triggers. -Paul
  7. It could be nice to have a function for sorting out old devices. We are running on prem server, and we want to be able to pull these lists ourself if its possible
  8. @paul what is status on this? Im looking forward to use this function
  9. Hi @DeepIT, Sorry about that, we're still in process of updating the macOS agent to support new 2FA modes. To register the iOS app you need to either configure a trusted mobile device (Push-based authorization), we'll detect that it's coming from an older agent and we'll issue a legacy authorization code that you can enter on the macOS agent or simply disable 2FA and enable it back when you're done. -Paul
  10. Hello , I'm trying to register a mac os agent , when i enter my 2FA code nothing happes, so i keep clicking "OK " and still nothing, no errors. Any help please Nasir
  11. Hi @Nicola Farina, If you don't want your customer to be able to log onto the Pulseway WebApp, then if you will not share the login credentials with your customer, then he will not be able to do it. Regarding notifications - if you will logon to the Pulseway WebApp using your customers account, then from the account section you have the option to disable email or push notifications for the Pulseway account. Also, you have the option to specify which notifications you would like to receive based on the severity level.
  12. Hi @Nicola Farina, Yes, it is possible to monitor the folder size via scripts. If you will create the script which checks the Folder size and returns the exit code (exit 1 - failure and exit 0 - success), then based on the exit code from the script you may send the notifications if you will run it as an automated task. For more details about automated tasks please check out the following link.
  13. Hi, is there a way to get notifications about a folder running over a certain size in MB/GB? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I'm totally new to Pulseway (teams/MSP) and I need an hand setting up a, I think, common situation. I have a client that wants to receive e-mail notifications (not push with app) for his servers. I have placed his server in a dedicated agents group, but how to achieve? I don't want that he can log in web app and mobile app too, only receive his notifications. Thank you.
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  16. Hi All, Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this feature was not prioritized, therefore it is still not implemented. We already have it as approved feature, therefore it will be introduce into the future.
  17. Hi @James P, Please try to use this patch to see if the issue is resolved: You can download it here: https://box.kaspersky.com/f/6a39cd8916634d4d9c3c/?dl=1 Manual installation via GUI: Extract the archive and run pf3529.msp. Follow the installation wizard. Reboot the computer (this step is important). Right-click on a Kaspersky icon in system tray and select "About". In the “About” window check the Kaspersky version. If the patch was installed correctly the private fix number is displayed in brackets (e.g. Version: (pf3529)). Please let us know how it goes.
  18. Hi @Matt, I'm sorry for the delays. The fix for this issue will be included into the next version for the Pulseway PSA 4.0.26.
  19. Hi @Martin Stevnhoved, We are currently working on the option to ask you for the 2FA approval only once once you log onto the Pulseway RD. The option to configure this will be added into the Pulseway WebApp -> Server Admin -> Settings -> Security tab. Note: this functionality will be introduced into the next release of the Pulseway RD.
  20. Hi @Robert K, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce the similar functionality into the future.
  21. Hi. I've just started testing Pulseway. I can see the notification, but is there a way (or any plans) to be able to view a current SMART status of a drive? If I get a notification that client's drive has SMART errors, I need to assess that information and contact them to arrange the work to be done. Ideally without wasting time to dial in, install SMART monitoring software and then save screenshots.
  22. No problem, we'll drop you an email when this issue is fixed . -Paul
  23. Hi Paul, Thank you for the very quick response to my issue. I apologize if this information was available to me prior. I did not find it. I will notify the rest of my team and look forward to the fix. Have a nice day!
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