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  3. Hi @knis, Unfortunately there are no notifications enabled by default, therefore if you will enable only these 2 notifications by editing the config.xml file, then only these notifications will be sent when the pre-configured conditions are met.
  4. When this is going to be fixed. I had to upgrade to SPX because new functionality, HyperV and better backup management and now is no longer a promised feature by Pulseway.
  5. Last week
  6. In that case we'll reach out to the team that maintains the project to add support for it. Thank you! -Paul
  7. Hey Tim, I've got exciting news. We're starting to roll out 6.3.3 today which includes... *drum roll* support for generating CSV reports . Adding the ability of getting similar information through the REST API is also a great idea, we'll consider it for a future release. -Paul
  8. I think iTunes is already supported. (EDIT: I'm sure it is!)
  9. I have been hesitant to request any sort of features. I always feel like what i would like to see might be far too much work to produce. I think this feature might be rather simple to implement so here we go. "a quick comment about existing reports - the last time I checked the report which reveals how many licenses there are and how many are assigned confuse office managers because we are not assigning a number of licenses to a client so the numbers ar wrong." Feature inquiry. The ability for a report to produce the pdf exists and has some additional features to emit the report. 1. Would it be feasable for the same report to produce the data of the report in the desired format CSV,JSON and have the same capabilities to emit the report and or be retrived from the web portal. 2. Would it be feasable to allow api access to the report module and data to allow querying the report data or just getting it as well as causing a report to run. While this is a only small step towards actionable queries via script, it certainly goes a long way towards collecting information for decision making purposes. In the following recent task I created scripts to collect the info. dropped them on shares accessible at each lan. used screenconnect to select all computers. pasted the script to execute the scripts. collected the information and then moved on to producing the Estimate reports. I used screenconnect to do this which required a bit of manual work and copy paste. From there it was easy to automate the aggregation and produce the sales estimates. It is frustrating however to do things like this when the information is already in pulseway just not availble for me to use in any meaningful way. So if I could get it out somehow even if it isn't actionable , I can still do usefull things with it . An example of something simple : Compile a list of all workstations we monitor running microsoft os where the version is not 10 include the Hard drive list with manufacturer model etc. Produce a distinct list of these and compile the interface, form factor and whether the drive is SSD. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including pre-upgrade system imaging. Produce Estimates for each client for Windows 10 Upgrades including SSD upgrades, preupgrade system cloning.
  10. You are right, that was my mistake. We're still testing the Dropbox package. -Paul
  11. I don't see Dropbox in the drop down
  12. Hey Jeremy, I'd recommend that you build another service that does the monitoring bits, I'll refer to that system as "Heartbeat" in the rest of the post. The Heartbeat service will be configured to make the RPC calls to the services in it's configuration and will register as a dedicated Pulseway monitored system using the Cloud API. This allows you to send real-time information about your services to the mobile apps and webapp whenever you are looking at that system, send commands from those clients back to the Heartbeat service and have the possibility of sending notifications through the Pulseway ecosystem. Keep in mind that while the Heartbeat service will become a single point of failure unless you build a master-slave system which identifies which instance is currently master using a witness. If you don't really care about it being a single point of failure you can still know when something is not working as expected by informing the Pulseway server that you want to be informed when the Heartbeat instance is offline, similarly how you receive offline notifications for the rest of your monitored systems. You do so when you call the Configure method (last bool parameter). -Paul
  13. Understood. I'm looking deeper into the links provided. Those didn't seem ideal, as the client seems tied to a single host and I wanted to instead monitor the environment with redundancy. It seems pulseway lacks any good way to do many-to-one relationships, such as what you might see with clustering or VIPs. Out of curiosity, where does a developer go to learn how to then use this system publish? (Does the regular client not publish on its own? aka this is for essentially custom) Let me give you an idea of what i'm looking for system1: service1, service2 system2: service3, service4 For example. And my RPC will connect to an RPC service on either system1 or system2, and return status for all 4 services. If I report per-system, i'll need to parse the output down to only the services installed on that system, and it will require me to have the RPC component installed on all systems which have application services. This means if the local RPC fails, status for components locally cannot be polled (and thus fail) and if I want to status the environment I have to group systems within pulseway. Alternatively I could forgot monitoring redundancy and just pick one system to monitor the entire environment, but this is inferior to the custom monitoring and alerting I already do which I was trying to get Pulseway to replace. I was thinking the Rest API would be the way, but the documentation doesn't seem to indicate how to publish monitoring data. In what case would it be useful to "Publish a system" without ever publishing monitoring data? (again, I believe the client will automatically publish it-self if configured correctly)
  14. Thanks Alex. FileZilla was released in the last batch and FileZilla, Citrix Workspace, Citrix Receiver and GoToMeeting are coming for sure in the next batch. I've added iTunes, WinSCP and WebEX to the list . -Paul
  15. How about supporting WinSCP, Filezilla, Citrix Workspace/Receiver, iTunes, WebEX and GoTo Meeting?
  16. Hi @Jeremy, The System Publish is used to register the instance with your Pulseway account. In your case I believe that this is more like a single system with multiple services. And I think that it is better to use the client API to send these events to the Pulseway under one system. .Net version Java version Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.
  17. This may not be an Rest API thing, but in reading the documentation, it sounds like it MAY be. I have a distributed, multi-system, multi-service application, of which I want to monitor the status via running an RPC status binary I have which outputs XML containing a system, service, and status. Some assumptions I'd like confirmed System Publish can be used to publish custom status More than one system could publish into the same instance (assuming they don't run at the same time) Rest API is a good way to do this (there isn't a better way) If this is a bad choice or the wrong place to ask, please point me in the correct direction. At this point I can be language agnostic. My preferred language would be powershell, but I can run any of the languages supplied as examples for the API documentation.
  18. No temps are showing up
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  20. Hey Brian, We're going to release tomorrow another batch of titles, namely: 7-zip (64-bit) Evernote FileZilla LibreOffice Skype for Business Also new versions for the following products: Adobe Reader DC CCleaner Mozilla Firefox Notepad++ PdfCreator PuTTy VMware Workstation Player VMware Workstation Pro WinRAR I've added your suggestions to our list . PS: Dropbox and 7-zip are already supported. VLC is coming in the batch after the one that's released tomorrow. -Paul
  21. I love the third party patching, but you guys may want to start asking the community what software to work on adding, for example I love Putty and use it all the time... but not a single one of the PCs I manage need it for a standard user. Same with Git, VMWare, and Java Development kits. iTunes is cool, but not really for a business PC... and the only good thing about Quicktime is I can now remove it as Apple no longer supports or recommends using it on Windows. From a business point of view I'd like to see: AdoptOpenJDK (Now that Java needs to be licensed) 7-ZIP Paint.net VLC DropBox Microsoft Essentials Malware Bytes
  22. AlanRTonn


    So I am really enjoying Pulseway, the systems are mostly well designed and work really well. They are simple and have no huge data entry overhead like other systems (Autotask). However, there are some improvements to be made in consistency through out the application. For example some text boxes for paragraphs of text allow you to tab into and out of them. Others don't some places where I click on a ticket opens the ticket in another separate popup window, others a new tab. The choices in made in some designs are really weird. For example, most save buttons are at the bottom of a dialog, a couple are at the top. That kind of change of process creates a headache when you just typed a novel on what was done and you miss the button and find the dialog is gone, and your masterpiece with it. I don't have the time right now to show/point out each of these that I have found, but I will be adding each of them here as soon as I can. I would like to think that the Dev's can find these faults themselves, but then you would think that if they knew those problems should have been taken care of already.
  23. Hi, has this custom interval been added yet? 15 minutes is quite a long time. Thanks
  24. dtoxic

    Login feature missing

    would like to know this too, currently,pulseway is useless for me
  25. why not Pulseway buy PDQ DEploy Company Pdq DEploy has Awesome stuff with 3rd part programs and updates this would be greates tool ever Pulseway- PDQ deploy= Awesome /Tommy
  26. Thank you fro the response it is just what I was looking for! Jim
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