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  2. Hello Maruco, Thank you for raising this issue with us. We will definitely review your support case to improve the quality of our support responses, let me apologize for the poor experience you've had with us. While it is true that most of our development team is booked with an upcoming release we definitely can handle escalations. For the systems that you no longer have access to, you should be able to remove the RMM agent registration from the Account -> Manage Systems section of the WebApp, this will also free any allocated addon licenses too. Do remove the systems that you no
  3. Hey guys, we had an issue for quite a while now regarding installed KAV licenses on devices that we are not able to access anymore - either the client removed the device from support before we were able to uninstall the Pulseway agent+KAV license or the device has malfunctioned and rendered obsolete. We do realize the proper procedure would be to uninstall the PWY agent and with it the KAV license goes too, but there are cases when it just isn't possible. Regarding the agent, it is possible to remove the device from within the ACCOUNT - MANAGE SYSTEMS - REMOVE SYSTEM part of the dash
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  5. Does this still work? PCMonitorManager.exe does not exist in my installation. My bad ... found it. Cheers Simon
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  7. I am using a script to install rclone on servers when they are onboarded. The URL for the preconfigured rclone package is defined as a Global variable. I can create the workflow, and it works as expected. however I am unable to edit the workflow and I need to delete and recreate the script component: After creation of the step it appears like this and can be saved After saving and going back into the workflow it appears like this: And trying to save: My question is: Do I put a dummy value in there and will it be ignore
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  9. All i want is some way to make a delay in a workflow in 1½ hour. Has made a batch script, to make a pause on 1½ hour: timeout /t 5400 --- Pulseway runs the script i 6 minuts and "fail's" it - and then Pulseway won't use the scrip because it is "Script is in use"
  10. Pulseway doesn't require any ports to be opened in inbound. We only use 443 in outbound. I'd suggest whitelisting the Pulseway executables in the firewall. -Paul
  11. Is there a domain name I can whitelist instead of whitelisting a bunch of IPs? There's gonna be a time where you really need to remote in and just because the IP changed, the remote access won't work.
  12. This has always been my pain but for cpu and memory. Because those alerts don't reset once the resource is back below the threshold if they aren't manually cleared they won't refire. This does not make them verify useful. Hoping to get more details on how this auto clear functionality works. The examples show how to use work flow to create notifications, they don't show how to clear a notification once the threshold is below the required figure.
  13. Hi. No it's a Operating system that runs on IBM Power Systems. Steve
  14. +1 on both alternatives. @StevenB I found that Pulseway have added a new place to add feature requests. When logged in to Pulseway website, go to What's new. There is a green button called "Request Feature". I took the liberty to add this feature requst. I hope you don't mind. https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/suggestions/134267/windows-updates-legacy-report-scope-scheduled-or-extend-the-os-patch-report /Kenny
  15. Thanks Paul! I think I have worked around it by modifying the script "Set Pulseway Computer Name to Hostname" to use hostname.exe command: ...... $hostname = hostname.exe $PulsewayName = $VenueName +":::" + $hostname ...... Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value $PulsewayName ..... I have some small changes to make but this is automating bringing in the customer name and hostname. We use a single agent file so it makes it MUCH easier to move them from the Server Admin screen if the name reflects the Customer (our host names are c
  16. Has this feature been added yet?
  17. Hi Jason, The network monitoring feature is only available for the Team plan. If you are on the Team plan it should show up on the left menu as "Networks" underneath "Systems". -Paul
  18. Pulseway remote control is a premium feature that is only available once your account has an active subscription. -Paul
  19. Hi there, Pulseway defaults the system name to the NETBIOS name which is as you've said, limited to 15 characters. You can easily change this from the Pulseway Manager app to a more meaningful name. -Paul
  20. Hi All! I am excitedly coming to the end of a trial and about to commit to deploying Pulseway, so I hope I will be a regular contributor to this group. A niggling issue I am having is we have a number of devices with HostNames greater than 15 characters. When I install the agent, and it displays in the UI it is truncating any additional letters after the (NETBIOS compliant) 15 characters. Anyone else also experiencing this issue? Any guidance on how to work around it? Cheers Simon
  21. Can anyone find the new in 8.5 feature "Network Monitoring" or know how to add a device?
  22. The Pulseway app is available to install on M1 Macs, but the application seems to be running in iPhone mode, and not iPad. I am not sure what code change needs to be done, but would be nice to be able to run the iPad version or Pulseway on Mac.
  23. Hello, I get Detection notifications from KAS through pulseway. The files are then found to be already in Quarantine Backup. The Status is QUarantined. The Date of the notification is current although the files were quarantined many days before. Deleting the notification results in a new notification. Is there a policy setting to prevent this, if not then how is it handled? Also Is there a setting to expire the Quarantined Backup? To clarify I want notification of the detection and that it is quarantined. But do not want repeated notifications after it is Qu
  24. For remote control to work you may need to enable it on the system you installed Pulsway on. Load up your Pulseway manager, click the System tab, then click the Remote Control tab and click to enable Hope this helps
  25. Hey Denver2020! EDIT: To install PulseWay from scratch on OpenMediaVault do the follwoing Make sure your TimeZone is set on OpenMediaVault, this is on the left side of the web interface under the dropdown group System > Date & Time Enable SSH on the OpenMediaVault server, this is on the left side of the web interface under the dropdown group Services > SSH Login to the server via SSH Download the PulseWay Debian 64bit client from the downloads run the following in the command line wget https://www.pulseway.com/download/pulseway_x64.deb
  26. @Paul I am curious, I want to use my home PC, with this remote feature, I have a dj mixing and live streaming site, the phone app, to remotely control the music and other apps on my PC is top notch, what I am curious though... Is that I can't use remote access, I mean I only want it for 1 pc and I can't find anywhere to pay or stuff like that? Is there any way to bypass the greyed out button?
  27. @Gabor Did you purposefully insert the code as an image, so we couldn't copy and paste it to reuse in your scripts? Retyping the whole thing can lead to mistakes and the script not executing correctly. Also, the article needs more practical examples on how to use the Custom Fields and the Custom Variables. I would like to do a check if an app is installed , update a Custom Variable and then use it in a Custom Field. It is really unclear at this point.
  28. The above didn't work. The issue lies with the probe at that site, the only way I got it working was to delete then re-add the probe.
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