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  3. Correct, that is not accessible by admins at this moment. -Paul
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  5. Ok. Thanks for the reply. But if a user disable notification only for a group, I cannot know this. Can you confirm?
  6. Totally agree. This is something that has been available at other products for years and it's very handy. Also, custom icon appears pixelated in system tray.
  7. In that case, I believe the offline notification sends after 15 minutes. Is that correct? If so, is there a way to lower the threashold? 15 minutes seems like a long time to wait to discover your server is down. Thank you, Paul
  8. It's not the Pulseway agent that sends the notification but just informs the server that if it no longer hears from the agent after a period of time to send the offline notification. -Paul
  9. @Velkei this feature is available for users on the Team plan. -Paul
  10. This needs to happen. I think 8 years of patiently waiting is more than enough.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I don't think that would work if the PW Manager couldn't send a notification due to Internet loss. I currently use ConnectWise Automate and they have this feature. Have any other ideas?
  12. Thank you. Any comment when that might be? Regards, JW
  13. Hi there, We will add support for the arm64 CPU architecture in the next Linux agent release. -Paul
  14. Hi there, You can make use of the "Send a notification when the computer is offline" notification (first one on the Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Status tab). -Paul
  15. We are having issues with a single Pulseway agent and I need help troubleshooting it. We have 2 servers installed in this environment, the first Server Pulseway works without fault, however on the second server Pulseway worked briefly, however now appears to be offline in the web client. Connecting to the server and the service is running, agent is running, and registered. I can successfully unregister and reregister the agent. The trace.log file is below, it appears to run, and then close out with the following message: pcmontask invoked in session '1' exited with er
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  17. New to PW. Need to setup a notification when Internet is lost from our provider. I already have server monitoring, but need to know when the entire connection to the outside is lost. Thanks.
  18. Hi Aaron, We've discontinued the Pro plan in favor for the more feature complete Team plan however the Team plan starts from 10 systems. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. -Paul
  19. I'm actively getting this issue where I get the error 106 when I try to upgrade. I'm trying to upgrade from Free to Pro. I'm looking to monitor 5-6 systems.
  20. Hello, See topic. I can't find a suitable installer? Please advise, thank you!
  21. You can enable the offline notification just for one individual system if that's what you're looking for. Right now workflows are tied to the endpoint notifications. -Paul
  22. Yes, you can go to Server Admin -> Teams & Users -> All Users -> select the user you want to look up -> Details -> look for the email notifications checkbox. -Paul
  23. I agree! After watching the webinar yesterday (Feb 23, 2021), I was excited to try it. I set up some workflows to notify ONLY when the servers (specific systems) go offline or come back online. Nothing I did would make it run and send me an email. I surely don't want to turn on the global notifications for systems going offline and online because I will get massive amounts of emails on this a day. As much as I have told people to leave the machines on, there are a lot of people who turn them off when they leave and back on when they get in. I guess I will just need to forget about the ho
  24. Is it possible to verify that email notification is enable for other accounts?
  25. Kyle, It's not Pulseway, but have a look at LAPS from Microsoft. If you have an AD Environment, it works a treat, and meets the requirement of recording password "relatively" securely, and allows for password rotation.
  26. Hello, when i take control of the computers from our customers, i would like a way to disable their mouse en keyboard. i hope someone can help me. kind regards Rick
  27. Not being able to spot simple data for offline systems is a huge pain the backside. I cannot fathom why this is such a hard change to make, just have offline systems display the same data as the online ones and put an alert or notification icon on it/make it red/fade out the details. How is this fairly rudimentary option not already working? OP was near 3 years back now.
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