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  1. Brute Force attempts

    Hi Esteve, You can try to create a SQL query which will trigger the notification if the failed login attempt count is greater than 5 (http://sqlmonitormetrics.red-gate.com/failed-sql-server-logins/). Please check the Pulseway User Manual page 67 - 68. Also, you can try to use user settable performance counters. And then try to configure the Pulseway to send the notification if the performance counter is greater than 5 (see the Pulseway User Manual page 63).
  2. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Hi Pablo, No, it doesn't count.
  3. Remote Desktop - on iOS

    We already have our own RD connection, but we need to modify this application so that we can initiate it from the Pulseway WebApp.
  4. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Hi Pablo, Unfortunately you can not clear this message. It is stored into the database. Regarding failed KAV installation - Please check this article.
  5. Brute Force attempts

    Hi Esteve, Currently Pulseway can notify you about all failed login attempts, if you configure the Event log filter (open the Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Event Log -> tick the checkbox -> Add and configure it) to notify you about these notifications an select option (allow repeating notifications) or notify you only once, if you do not select this option. Why don't you simply block the access to this server from unknown IP addresses? You can configure this using Firewall or ACL's.
  6. Printer Ceck

    Hi Diego, You can monitor your printer via SNMP (if your printer supports this option). Regarding how to configure it - this article will give you a general idea how to configure SNMP monitoring.
  7. RepairShopr PSA Integration

    Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it for a future release.
  8. Hi, Pulseway was never tested on arm7, ODROID-XU4 Single board computer, however we will investigate this issue. Currently we support RaspberryPi (with Raspbian) for ARM architecture.
  9. Ping Multiple Machines?

    Hi, Yes, you are correct the Ping server option is one per agent. If you enable this option, then from your mobile device or Pulseway WebApp you will be able to see the chart which shows the network connections performance. Is it possible that the Pulseway agent is registered using different Pulseway user account and you are using a different user account to logon to the Pulseway WebApp or on your mobile device. If so, then you need to configure the associated account for the system.
  10. Notification granularity

    Hi Jorda, Currently this functionality is not available in the Pulseway, however we will consider the possibility to introduce it into the future release.
  11. Powershell Scripts Not working

    Hi, At first you will need to get the PS session and then you will be able to run this script via Pulseway: Get-PSSession -ComputerName "computer name"
  12. Change 'Restart Application' script

    Hi Brandon, If the Pulseway service fails to start at startup, then at first you will need to look for the entries related to the Pulseway service into the Windows event log -> System and find out why the . If the message from Service Control Manager is that the Pulseway service failed to start in 30 seconds or didn't respond in a timely manner, then you can try to increase the startup timeout by running built in script 'Increase Windows Service Timeout at Startup' (You can adjust the timeout interval. In this script it is set to 60000ms [60 seconds]). Our customers get the best results if they set the timeout to 9000 (90 seconds), but you will need to test it. Also. please check other windows event log logs, whether there are no other event entries related to the Pulseway service at the startup. But if the Pulseway service is running and suddenly stops, then please enable diagnostic logging from the Pulseway Manager -> Settings -> Diagnostic and then send the trace.log file from the Pulseway's installation folder to support@pulseway.com.
  13. Network Discovery across VLANs

    Hi Darrell, Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future, but meanwhile, in order to scan other subnets, you will need to change the subnet mask on the system which is marked as a probe.
  14. Auto Assign Tickets

    Hi, In order to do this, you will need to configure the workflow from the Admin section -> Business Process -> Workflow -> New -> and configure it to assign all the tickets to you (create a Trigger - Created By: AnyOne and Update - Primary Technician: select your account)
  15. Device count in Tags

    Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce the section which will show the summary of your systems.