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  1. Hi @Asso4Trick, I have enabled the audit logging on your account. Please let us know if this happens again. Also, if your system can be started by moving the mouse, then it is possible that your system was started when mouse was moved due to any reason.
  2. @gpedro, Please send an email to support@pulseway.com and include the information regarding your system, syslog entries related to Pulseway and config.xml file.
  3. Hi @jmorris, Please do one test: Does it trigger the notification for the second switch, if you delete the notification for the first switch and then trigger the second notification for the second switch?
  4. Hi @XxLilBoPeepsxX, Please send an email to support@pulseway.com and include the information regarding your system, syslog entries related to Pulseway and config.xml file.
  5. Hi @Varinder, If you want to run the application in users session with GUI, then you will need to use the PsExec to do that. However if you want to start the service in user session, then you might do it using powershell after you have enabled the Powershell Impersonation using required user account.
  6. Hi @Brandan, This option is already available just the amount of the text which you can copy is limited. Also, this option is not instant as this text needs to be transferred from your system to the remote system using Pulseway service.
  7. Hi @Colm Whelan, You will no longer be allowed to use your account details to authenticate 3rd party applications so they can access your SMTP. You will need to generate an password for apps and then use it in the settings fro the applications. For more details please check out this link.
  8. Chris

    Patch Management failure

    Hi @David, For more details why is this error reported, please check the WindowsUpdate.log file. If there are any errors in this process, then Pulseway will report that there was some Errors.
  9. Hi @Ali Syed, Please open that file using MIB Oid browser and check all available values.
  10. Hi @Van Der Hoff ICT, Have you tried to use our bult-in script to install these updates? For more details please check out the following link. From the error log I can see that you are trying to call download on the array element which is null. If you want to troubleshoot this error then please verify that that element in array is not null.
  11. Hi @timbuck2, Pulseway will not update local Windows update policy. If you want Pulseway to fully control all installed updates, then you need to disable Automatic checks for Windows updates on all your systems.
  12. Hi @theoddball, Please provide the screenshots showing successful Ping and DNS resolutions? Also, please make sure that this connection is not blocked by the Antivirus or firewall. Do you use Proxy to access internet? If yes, then you will need to configure it in config.xml file.
  13. Hi @BBjay, That is correct. Pulseway agents are no longer authenticated using username and password. However if you choose to use this method, then all systems are registered with in Default Group. Currently you have two options: 1. download the customized installer for the specific group from the Pulseway WebApp -> Onboarding -> Doewnloads and then use it to install agent by executing this command. msiexec /i "c:/Pulseway_x64.msi" /qn 2. or copy the URL for the customized installer from the Pulseway WebApp -> Onboarding -> Doewnloadsand then use it into the PS command: msiexec /i "URL_for_the_Installer" /qn
  14. @ocdtrekkie, @Tommy, Have you tried to right click on the screen and select the display options to change the resolution?
  15. Hi @William Redig, If this option is enabled on the remote system and if it is not disabled from the Pulseway Group policies, then you should see the Ping Round trip time from the Pulseway WebApp.
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