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Found 161 results

  1. Notification Limit Reached

    Hi there, I have installed Pulseway on 2 PC's and according to my subscription page. I get 2 free licences. I was using Pulseway quite successfully last night till I received an email saying I had reached the Notification limit and to remove this limitation I should consider getting a subscription. I have logged on today to try and purchase a subscription for 2 licences as luckily that is all I need at this stage but due to it saying the first 2 agents are free I can't purchase a full subscription for just 2 licences How can I get unlimited notification for my 2 free licences?
  2. When u use the built-in script "Add Automatically Started Services in Pulseway" some services wil be monitored that are triggert and not always on. This wil result in unwanted notifications. The first variable has the servicenames you want to disable. $services = @('gupdate', 'ShellHWDetection', 'sppsvc', 'RemoteRegistry', 'MapsBroker', 'tiledatamodelsvc', 'WbioSrvc', 'WinDefend', 'CDPSvc') $servicesRegex = [string]::Join('|', $services) # create the regex $regservices = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" $regservicesSplit = $regservices -split ";" foreach ($regservice in $regservicesSplit) { If ($regservice -match $servicesRegex ) { $servicesSplit = $regservice -split "=" $servicesTrim = $servicesSplit[0] $servicesTrim = $servicesTrim.Trim() Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\Services" -Name $servicesTrim Write-Host $regservice " Verwijderd" } } Hope it helps.
  3. As my monitored machines are updating to the new Windows 10, the agent simply will not start automatically.. Any idea why?
  4. Need scripts?

    Hi. Admin, please remove if not allowed. I have a website where you can request scripts and help others by sharing scripts for everyday IT. http://FixItScripts.xyz I'm going to add a Pulseway section to it later.. Is total free.. Please check it out.
  5. Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been requested before so apologies in advance if it has. I had a customer with a slow PC and wanted to add the Disk Queue Length performance counter to see if that was causing the slowness however didn't want to have to log into her machine. Normally I would go via the Dashboard -> Edit Computer Settings and make whatever changes were necessary. However Performance Counters can't seem to be added this way as there is no Add button: Is this a bug or missing feature? If it's missing, it would be handy to have as you can pretty much do everything else from here and it's not always convenient having to log into the users machine Cheers
  6. I'm reasonably new to PW. I've just on-boarded 50 endpoints, and it automatically monitors Automatic services. That great, but Services like Bio-metric and Remote Registry; whilst configured as automatic, aren't always started.. So constant notifications. I know how to remove the service monitor, but is there an easy way to exclude certain services from being monitored globally?
  7. iptime Broadband Route is in use. I'm trying to boot my computer from a cell phone to a cell phone. For example, the DDNS address provided in iptime Broad Bridge is referred to as ABC.iptime.org Is there any way to boot the computer from outside? Currently, it doesn't work well if you want to boot your computer and boot from the outside to the outside of your computer. However, it works well with other applications.
  8. Active directory module

    In the active directory module we can see users that are locked out, is it possible to add users with expired passwords as well. Instead if searching for a user sometimes I just want to see a list of users, would it be possible to show all users Instead of searching for them? Reason being it's a quick way to help clients with expired passwords and a quick way to see any abnormal accounts in AD.
  9. Hello, we'd like to move our pcmonitor database from the current SQL Server (2014 Standard) in one Domain to another SQL Server (2016 Enterprise) in a different domain. The Pulseway Enterprise/Admin Server won't change and is already a member of the target domain. As far as I remember the process would be: Stop Pulseway Services Backup DB on old SQL Server Create SQL Login for the Service on the new SQL Server Restore DB on new SQL Server Edit the connectionstring in the Registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor Admin\DatabaseConnectionString) The connection string is encrypted - what would be the required format? Edit the connectionstring in the Hosting folder for the follwing web.config files ..\Hosting\Service\web.config Start Pulseway Services Did I miss anything important? If not, all I'd need would be the format of the connectionstring in the registry Cheers, Jonathan
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to follow the guide to starting to program a plug in but I'm falling at the first hurdle. I'm following the guide to "create your first plugin" https://www.pulseway.com/api/clientnet but when I get to where it says "From solution explorer rename "Class1.cs" to "SimplePlugin.cs" and open it. Now we need to add a project reference to our PulsewayClient.dll file which is located in the directory of Pulseway. See Figure B." I cannot for the life of me find a dll called PulseWayClient.dll. I presume it's taking about the installation directory of the pulseway agent, but this file does not seem to exist in any machine that I've checked and for what it's worth figureB does not appear to be of any help at all either. I feel I must be missing something perhaps completely obvious and I hope someone out there and point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  11. Unable to uninstall pulseway

    Hello, I figured I would re-post this issue we have been having. Only to solve one issue this time. I have successfully uninstalled the pulseway application from a user's computer that was having major issues. (Deleted all pulseway services, related folders, and registry entries). However we are unable to install the program again. The user is using Windows 7 64 bit. Please assist, as I don't want the users PC to be not monitored.
  12. I have Pulseway configured on 60 servers all at different locations. I'm waiting to deploy to the workstations until I get it configured just right. My question is: is there a way to get a list of installed programs across all devices? Say I need to know what version of chrome is installed on all the devices, to gauge which ones need updated etc -how would I go about doing that if it's possible?
  13. Can't uninstall PC Monitor

    Hello, I was having an issue install the Kaspersky Anti-Virus on a machine, and decided to try uninstalling Pulseway from the system. I uninstalled the program, and deleted the service using the sc delete "PC Monitor" command under an administrator account. The issue I am having, is the re-installation fails, and hangs on the "scheduled tasks" portion of the initialization wizard (the part before the pc monitor panel comes up). After the installer crashes, it still shows the application as "installed" for the user, and most things work on the machine. (remote desktop does not from the pulseway dashboard). The installation also does not show up in programs and features. OS is Windows 7 64 bit, and user is on a domain, and has local administrator. Is there anything I can do other than reformatting the user PC to get a genuine clean install so I can use the product we are paying for? Thanks.
  14. Sort Notifications by Type

    It would be nice if instead of only by date or severity we could sort notifications by type. All low disk space alerts, all server offline etc.
  15. Pulseway Manager without agent

    Hi Is it possible to install the Pulseway manager without installing the agent. Would like to use the Manager on a laptop that doesn't need to be monitored, allowing me to change the config of agents on remote PCs.
  16. Screen view

    Is there anyway in the web or the mobile apps when viewing the screen to have it auto refresh? Sometimes I have to few the screen for extended periods of time and I'm constantly hitting refresh. It would be nice if it auto refreshed every 15 or 30 seconds while the screen view was active
  17. I've just installled Pulseway and on the setup screen I don't have the option to create a new account. The option doesn't even appear. I've attached a screenshot of the window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Brute Force attempts

    Hello. We have a server with a lot of brute force attacks RDP: 3389 SQL: 1433 We can see in event viewer two repeated events (failed loing attempts) eventID: 4625 Microsoft Windows Security Auditing eventID: 18456 MSSQLSERVER We want to receive a notification when we receive "5 o more" failed login attempts in RDP and SQL. Can we use "Pulseway Counters" or "Pulseway evenlog"? How?
  19. Powershell Scripts Not working

    Can someone tell me why this script works locally from the server but not from Pulseway. I've tested running the script both with impersonation enabled and disabled. Both tests were done on server 2012 R2. One with default Powershell version and one with 5.1. This script runs perfectly fine from the server itself just not through pulseway. I have several scripts that give the same type of error. I'd appreciate any help so I can figure this out. It seems like Pulseway doesn't like certain characters? ForEach ($COMPUTER in (Get-ADComputer -Filter '*' | Select -ExpandProperty Name)) { $key = “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\Results\Install” $keytype = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryHive]::LocalMachine $RemoteBase = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey($keytype,$Server) $regKey = $RemoteBase.OpenSubKey($key) $KeyValue = $regkey.GetValue(”LastSuccessTime”) $System = (Get-Date -Format "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss") if ($KeyValue -lt $System) { Write-Host " " Write-Host $computer "Last time updates were installed was: " $KeyValue } } This is what it looks like when ran from the server without involving pulseway
  20. This script will set the virtual machine to auto start whenever the host reboots, it will also update Hyper V integration services. Be sure and change your server names to match. Server0 is host and server1 is the Hyper V. Run on Host. Get-VM –VMname * | Set-VM –AutomaticStartAction Start Get-VM -Name SERVER1 –ComputerName server0 Set-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1 -Path 'C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso' $DVDriveLetter = (Get-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1).Id | Split-Path –Leaf Invoke-Command –ComputerName SERVER1 -ScriptBlock { if ($ENV:PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE -eq 'AMD64') { $folder = 'amd64' } else { $folder = 'x86' } Start-Process -FilePath "$($using:DVDriveLetter):\support\$folder\setup.exe" -Args '/quiet /norestart' -Wait } Restart-Computer –ComputerName SERVER1 -Wait -For WinRM -Force Set-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1 -ControllerNumber 1 -ControllerLocation 0 -Path $null
  21. Update Hyper V integration services

    This script will update Hyper V integration services. Be sure and change your server names to match. Server0 is host and server1 is the Hyper V. Run on Host. Get-VM -Name SERVER1 –ComputerName server0 Set-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1 -Path 'C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso' $DVDriveLetter = (Get-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1).Id | Split-Path –Leaf Invoke-Command –ComputerName SERVER1 -ScriptBlock { if ($ENV:PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE -eq 'AMD64') { $folder = 'amd64' } else { $folder = 'x86' } Start-Process -FilePath "$($using:DVDriveLetter):\support\$folder\setup.exe" -Args '/quiet /norestart' -Wait } Restart-Computer –ComputerName SERVER1 -Wait -For WinRM -Force Set-VMDvdDrive -ComputerName server0 -VMName SERVER1 -ControllerNumber 1 -ControllerLocation 0 -Path $null
  22. Reports on results of scripts ran

    Is there anyway to get a report of the results of a script that was ran. For instance the check if computer has 2 hdd script, If I run this against 90 computers I don't want to click on each computer, click on the script, click again to see the results. It would be awesome if I was able to just see a list of failed and a list of passed, Is this possible?
  23. This will download and install or upgrade veeam and install a license if you have one, finally it will import a config file if one is available. I use Dropbox and a shared link. When using Dropbox be sure and change the zero at the end to 1 to download. You if course would have to update the dl links. Any questions let me know. VeeamInstall.ps1 ## $workdir = "c:\installer\" $LicenseFile = "$workdir\Veeamlicense.lic" $ConfigFile = "$workdir\config.xml" [Object[]]$List = @( New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = "$workdir\Veeam2.exe"; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/Veeamexedl=1"} New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = $LicenseFile; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/licensefile?dl=1"} New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = $ConfigFile; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/Configfiledl=1"} ) $VeeamInstallDir = "C:\Program Files\Veeam\Endpoint Backup" # Check if work directory exists if not create it If (Test-Path -Path $workdir -PathType Container) { Write-Host "$workdir\ already exists" -ForegroundColor Red} ELSE { New-Item -Path $workdir -ItemType directory } # Check if Invoke-Webrequest exists otherwise execute WebClient $List | ForEach-Object { if (Get-Command 'Invoke-Webrequest') { Invoke-WebRequest $_.URL -OutFile $_.File } else { $WebClient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient $webclient.DownloadFile($_.URL, $_.File) } } # Start the installation Start-Process -FilePath "$workdir\Veeam2.exe" -ArgumentList "/silent /accepteula" # Wait XX Seconds for the installation to finish Start-Sleep -s 45 #Stops Tray Process Stop-Process -Name "Veeam.EndPoint.Tray" -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue #Imports License File Set-Location $VeeamInstallDir Start-Process Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -ArgumentList "-license /f:'$LicenseFile'" Start-Process Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -ArgumentList "-import /f:'$ConfigFile'" Start-Process "$VeeamInstallDir\Veeam.EndPoint.Tray.exe"
  24. Configure Powershell Impersonation remotely

    Is there anyway to configure powershell impersonation remotely? I am trying to run a few different powershell scripts and I'm getting access denied. I assume BC it's running as system. Is there a way around this ? Or a way to configure this option remotely? This is the script I'm trying to run. It runs fine under my account. Import-Module ActiveDirectory Get-ADComputer -Filter {OperatingSystem -Like "Windows 7*"} | foreach {restart-computer $_.name -force} Thanks in advance
  25. Wrote this script with the help of Support. Thanks Ermins! $days = 35 $system = Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem if($system.ConvertToDateTime($system.LastBootUpTime) -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-$days)){ Restart-Computer -Force }else{ Write-Host "Machine was rebooted less than $days days ago" }