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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for more information on how to setup this feature. "1-Click" button in the Remote Control client. I assume this pulls embedded passwords from itglue, however this isnt working for me. "Pulseway Remote Control, No credentials found."
  2. Hello all, We are having an issue when we add new systems to Pulseway using the custom iso installer in that it doesn't seem to acknowledge that the system is newly added. Because of this PW doesn't run the workflow designed to run at install and it's creating quite a hassle for us seeing as we set up about 100 computers a year. It worked without any issues up until recently. We'd run the iso, PW would see the newly added system, and the workflow would be triggered. Now, we run the iso, the system is still added to PW, but nothing happens. There is no notification that the system has been added nor is the workflow triggered. If I then manually run the same install task, everything works fine. The only thing I can think of is the 9.5 release happened around the same time but even using the same 9.3 installer we've been using for months doesn't work. I've spent WAY too much time looking for the cause but I can't figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Does anyone have a working script to install Sentinel One silently on managed machines?
  4. Hi all, up until recently we've had a TV with a StickPC running Windows and the Dashboard. This had run for years without problem. Now, about once a week, the account used in the dashboard shows and error that the account needs to be re-authenticated. Is there a setting I've missed to keep this account logged in permantly?
  5. I am looking to use a probe to install the pulse way manager on a device. The device is found on the network by the probe, however the Remote Computer Administrator Credentials will not allow me to leave anything blank. The device i am looking to install the manager on does not have a password set for the administrator account. I can enter the account name, however it will not let me submit the deployment while the password field is empty. Is there something I should enter into the password field that will still work even though the target device does not have a password?
  6. I am looking to use a probe to install the pulse way manager on a device. The device is found on the network by the probe, however the Remote Computer Administrator Credentials will not allow me to leave anything blank. The device i am looking to install the manager on does not have a password set for the administrator account. I can enter the account name, however it will not let me submit the deployment while the password field is empty. Is there something I should enter into the password field that will still work even though the target device does not have a password?
  7. So in the script i have Output as FileShares as a text output In Automation > Custom Fields I have another one called FileShares as a custom Text field as well. My script is pretty basic, so I don't see why its not saving the field. # Outputs $FileShares = "0" # Get all shared folders on the local computer $shares = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Share | Select-Object Name, Path # Output the list of shares if ($shares) { Write-Host "Current File Shares on $env:COMPUTERNAME:`n" $shares | Format-Table -AutoSize } else { Write-Host "No file shares found on $env:COMPUTERNAME." } Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable FileShares ""$shares""") -Wait So all I'm doing is getting a list of shared folders on a computer, saving it as $shares, and then writing that as a formatted table. At the end, i'm running the CLI, to set the variable of FileShares to the results of $shares The script runs, and i can see results, however I cannot see the results in the computers custom field.
  8. A number of folks have requested the ability to manage bitlocker with Pulseway, so I thought I would share how I am doing this with Powershell scripts and Pulseway's custom fields feature. First, you will need to create a custom fields in Pulseway (Automation Tab --> Custom Fields). This fields should be a text variable that has the system context. I personally have 3, BitlockerKey, Protection Status (On/Off), and BitLockerVolumeStatus. BitlockerKey is probably the one most people will care about. . After Configuring the Custom fields, you will then need to create your PowerShell script. Notice you have inputs and outputs. You will want to click New for output. Name it what you wish, ensure it is a text variable type, and then turn on "set Custom Field Value" Now we toggle the flag for it being a windows powershell script. You should see in the top that it has created a comment #outputs with your defined output variable assigned the default value you gave it. Now we have our script: Update as of 4/18/2021, script now tracks 3 custom fields and will account for if a drive is encrypted but protection is off and no protectors have been added yet. # Outputs $ProtectionStatus = "na" $recoveryKey = "na" $VolumeStatus = "na" #region functions function Start-BitlockerEnable { Enable-BitLocker -MountPoint c: -EncryptionMethod XtsAes128 -UsedSpaceOnly -TpmProtector $today = Get-Date $scheduledtime = $today.Date.AddHours(23) [int]$SecondsToMidnight = ($scheduledtime - $today).TotalSeconds shutdown /r /t $SecondsToMidnight msg.exe * "Bitlocker Encryption has been enabled. A reboot is needed before the encryption will apply and has been scheduled for $scheduledtime local time. You can reboot before this if you prefer." #start-sleep 90 #msg.exe * "This Computer will reboot in 30 seconds to bitlocker Encryption" #start-sleep 30 #Restart-computer -force } #endregion functions #region execution $BitLockerStatus = Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint c: if ((Get-Tpm).tpmpresent -eq $true) { #If Volume is in the process of encrypting or decrypting the Volume status will not say fully. Don't make changes when it changes if (($BitLockerStatus.ProtectionStatus -match 'off') -and ($bitlockerstatus.VolumeStatus -notmatch 'progress')) { #NoBitlocker is enabled so run it. if ($BitLockerStatus.VolumeStatus -eq 'FullyDecrypted') { $recoverykey = $BitLockerStatus.KeyProtector | Select-Object -ExpandProperty recoverypassword if(!($recoveryKey)){ Add-BitLockerKeyProtector -MountPoint c: -RecoveryPasswordProtector } $newStatus = Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint c: $recoverykey = $newStatus.KeyProtector | Select-Object -ExpandProperty recoverypassword Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable recoverykey ""$recoverykey""") -Wait if ($newStatus.KeyProtector -match 'Recovery') { Start-BitlockerEnable } } #Bitlocker must be Partially enabled where drive is fully encrypted, but protection is off and no protectors exist. #Typically this is using xtsAES128 so you may wish to disable-bitlocker, then re-enable it with your protectors and prefered encryption level. else{ Disable-BitLocker -MountPoint 'c:' $decryptInProgress = $true While($decryptInProgress -eq $true){ $decryptstatus = Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint 'c:' if($decryptstatus.VolumeStatus -match 'progress'){ Start-Sleep 2 } else{ $decryptInProgress = $false } } Add-BitLockerKeyProtector -MountPoint c: -RecoveryPasswordProtector $newStatus = Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint c: $recoverykey = $newStatus.KeyProtector | Select-Object -ExpandProperty recoverypassword Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable recoverykey ""$recoverykey""") -Wait if ($newStatus.KeyProtector -match 'Recovery') { Start-BitlockerEnable } } } #BitLocker should already be enabled so log keys, volume status etc. else { $recoverykey = $BitLockerStatus.KeyProtector | Select-Object -ExpandProperty recoverypassword $ProtectionStatus = $BitLockerStatus.ProtectionStatus $VolumeStatus = $BitLockerStatus.VolumeStatus Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable recoverykey ""$recoverykey""") -Wait Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable ProtectionStatus ""$ProtectionStatus""") -Wait Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable VolumeStatus ""$VolumeStatus""") -Wait } } else { $recoverykey = 'NoTpm' Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable recoveryKey ""$recoveryKey""") -Wait } #endregion execution You can modify the above script as you wish. I personally have gone with a bit of a cautious approach where it will not skip the hardware check which will reboot the pc, but for me I prefer this approach to having it encrypt the drive without checking tpm is all good which could then result in the drive being encrypted and locking out the end user. At the end of all this, you now should be able to Both Enable bitlocker encryption as well as pull your recovery keys from pulseway like so :
  9. Hi, Sorry, I have a trivial problem but I don't understand. What do I need to enter in the username field to be able to log in? If I try to enter the email I use for login, the field is only 25 characters long while my email has 28 characters
  10. Hello, today we've noticed that on our Server 2016 OS machines we can't use the Windows Update GUI to Search for or Install Updates. Controlling it with USOCLIENT startscan & USOCLIENT startinstall works as expected but the Button to Search for new and Install pending Updates is greyed out. After a bit of testing (blocking our GPO, removing the Pulseway Patch Policy, Resetting Windows Update) it seems that Pulseway sets Registry Keys that interfere with either our (GPO) settings or sets invalid values which in turn lead to an unusable Windows Update GUI. Server 2019 & 2022 work fine with GPO + Pulseway Patch Policy applied. Next Screenshot is a Diff of the Registry Keys with just the GPO applied (left) and GPO + Patch Policy applied (right): Our Windows Settings from the Patch Policy are set as follows: I've tested changing the new Drop-Down in the Pulseway Patch Policy from "Automatically download updates and let a user choose when to install" to "Notify before downloading and installing and updates" - which controls the AUOptions Registry Key and changes that to 2, so it matches with our setting from GPO - but unfortunately that didn't change that behaviour (button still greyed out). I've now tested removing a few keys to see which one's the culprit and manually deleting the Key "SetDisableUXWUAccessSetDisable" (which gets configured with the value 0 by Pulseway) and starting a Scan via "USOCLIENT startscan" restores the button to "Check for updates" in the UI. "Prevent end users from executing and configuring Windows Update" in the Patch Policy is disabled, so it shouldn't be blocked but then again it's set correctly in the registry and I can't seem to find incompatibilities on that key with Server 2016. The GPO Value for "Remove access to use all Windows Update features" (which this key sets) is supported on "At least Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10" according to our Windows Server 2022 ADMX. Do you guys see anything, other than that Key, interfering?
  11. Hi Everyone i have been using Pulseway for a very long time now 2+ years, I formatted and installed the Pulseway Manager 9.3.2 again, and bunch of features are disabled any idea why? That was not the case before, you can clearly see the Hyper V role is installed and i have bunch of VMs running if they ever get stuck i would just do VM reboot from pulseway Hyper-V add on now not available
  12. Hi Pulseway, We have this issue that when we install the agent and link it to the correct account and dedicated server. That the client appears offline. Configuration etc is set correctly because at first everything worked properly. But since a few weeks this problem has been and I can't solve it. We use Pulseway for all our customers for remote control. However, this problem only applies to one customer. Now we cannot use remote control when this customer calls. Sometimes if we are lucky a client will appears online and later it will be offline again. I know that there are people working. When I look at the rds host server (this is where the users of that company loggin) Is see that there are 7 people working at the moment. But in de pulseway dashboard and manager, al the clients are offline. I think there is a issue between the agents. But I tried to reinstall but that doesnt work.
  13. Our fleet are experiencing issues with high memory usage. I believe this is due to Pulseway creating an excessive amount of handles (Named pipes). Attached are some screenshots. Please refer to the "Handles" columns. I have used Process Explorer to look at the handles and 99%are all NamedPipe (please see bottom section of attached screenshot labelled Process Explorer). We have around 100 computers with this problem. Restarting will allow them to use the computer for a while until it builds up again.
  14. We use Pulseway to automatically patch our servers and since last weekend the history shows the above error for each system - the weekend before everything was fine - and they have pending updates ("2023-07 CU for .NET 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8" mostly). A manually triggered installation via App and Webapp worked fine - updates were installed successfully on a system that showed the message in the topics title when executed through the schedule. Our Policy is as follows - OS Rules are "approve and install" for critical, important and optional updates and we don't use 3rd party patching. Screenshot of the history. As you can see everything was fine the weekend before and I've noticed that the agents got updated on 21.07.2023 - maybe a coincidence, maybe not. We have a mix of Server 2016-2022, with some (legacy) 2008R2 and 2012R2 sprinkled in between. Help and/or input is very much appreciated. Cheers!
  15. Hi people: Recently the business laptop (core i7 8th gen, 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD (CT1000P5SSD8)) got pulseway installed. But the laptop began to get lagged and the fans working more and noisily. So my question is: is this behavior normal? or is a bug? In case of bug; have plans to iron it?
  16. Hi Pulseway experts, I'm Ryan and a happy user of Pulseway, but kind of a starter with probably a little issue which I cannot solve. Could someone help me with the following case? I provide customers with proactive automation on their devices and there is a issue which after a lot troubleshooting I still cannot fix. I run a policy which monitors daily statuses that check every single process and services. I got this issue ''The antivirus Windows Defender has been disabled on computer ...... in group ...... ''. The service stops daily and I made a workflow to start is again and also tried a workflow which restart the service, but in both cases the windows defender got the same error the next day (when a windows patch took place). There is no 3rd party anti virus in this case. Could someone have an idea which I can try? Kindly looking forward to a reply. Regards, Ryan. K
  17. Can someone help explain how AD discovery is supposed to work? I have tried just having it enabled. I have tried specifying the domain. Tried specifying OU's. The only time I see domain services is when the pinging in the same subnet. I just need to get devices installed.
  18. i am a bit new here... i am looking for a way to tell some of our computers to download and install av industry-specific software on our technical and lighting computers software examples. - Dante Controller -GrandMA2 onPC -Wireless Workbench -Etc. any assistance would be appreciated
  19. Hi, I'm trying to register my system after installing pulseway on windows 10. However, due to some unknown reasons, the password field is disabled. This is very strange as I never experienced this in the past. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  20. It would be nice if Pulseway can monitor SNMP agents without setting up all OID's So that if you discover a device like a Synology NAS or HP ILO or Whatever it automatically starts pulling data form it. Like Observium does. So you can also get graphs / system info form it etc. This would be awesome!
  21. After a fresh install on Windows 10, the Pulseway Agent installs, but does not allow me to sign in. When opening the application, I am greeted with this screen When I click on "Register System" I am greeted with this screen After entering my Username and checking the box "I do not have an instance name", I get this error message I have re-installed multiple times, tried to manually start the service in services.msc, which gives me this error I have also made sure my PC is up to date, currently running Windows 10 Home build 19045.2546. Any ideas why I might be seeing this error message/ why the Password field is greyed out? Thanks Jack
  22. Deploy BitDefender antivirus to your endpoints with just the level of protection you need, all with one click. Additional In app support for Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Full Disk Encryption further strengthens your security.
  23. I want to add the below PowerShell command into Pulseway script, any help with creating or articles would be great. Powershell cd HKLM:\ New-Item -Path "SOFTWARE\Policies\" -Name "Google" New-Item -Path "SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\" -Name "Chrome" cd HKLM:\ New-ItemProperty -Path SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome -Name "IntensiveWakeUpThrottlingEnabled" -Value "0" -PropertyType "DWord" New-ItemProperty -Path SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome -Name "WindowOcclusionEnabled" -Value "0" -PropertyType "DWord"
  24. hi there, i'm using postman to try to connect to the API. I'm following this documentation but i'm unable to authenticate. Some details: I don't have MFA on i've tried using key name grantType=password and grant_type=password, but I still get the same error in the screenshot (Grant Type is Required) I'm using base url: https://api.psa.pulseway.com/ i'm at a lost. please advise. thank you!
  25. I changed phones recently and the new app says: 'This device is pending approval. Login to the WebApp and approve it from the account devices page.' If I got to https://my.pulseway.com/main/account/devices there is no device to approve. Am I doing something wrong?
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