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  1. Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback. We're doing an investigation to find out what went wrong with your PSA onboarding and your interaction with our support team. Our billing team is also working on refunding the double charge so the amount should be back on your card by Monday. I apologize for the poor experience you've recently had with us, we'll definitely learn and make sure we won't repeat the same mistakes. -Paul
  2. Hello Arnd, I've responded to your email. Basically, the easiest way would be for you to have Pulseway take over the already installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security product and from there you'll be able to uninstall the product normally. -Paul
  3. Hi Patrick, Our patch management feature will only restart the OS if the windows update component says a reboot is pending. I can help you fix the script if you share it here too. -Paul
  4. Hi Jason, The remote control functionality for iOS devices is already available for paying customers. If you have a free account drop me your username and I will be activating a trial subscription. -Paul
  5. Thanks for sharing this! Glad to hear everything works now. Have a great weekend as well! -Paul
  6. That's odd, have you tried an online SMTP test tool like this (https://www.smtper.net/)? If this shows the same error you may need to reach out to their support to see maybe you're missing a setting. I am not familiar with Office 365. -Paul
  7. Hi Joe, A couple of things you should try: Use the same FROM address as the username If you have 2FA configured try using an App Password Make sure you use encryption and port 587 Use a username in format of user@domain.com instead of DOMAIN\user Let me know how it goes, -Paul
  8. I'd like to point out that disabling Windows Update related services is a very BAD idea. We've seen cases on Windows Server 2016 where if you stop, disable the Windows Update service, then use the GUI to check for available updates, the windows update component will crash and corrupt the system in a way where dism and sfc couldn't repair. Just something to keep in mind. -Paul
  9. Hello Paulo, That reset code expires after a while. Did you enter it right after you've received it? -Paul
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I've issued an internal bug report for this to be enhanced. -Paul
  11. Hi there, I've sent you a PM to discuss your login problem further. -Paul
  12. Hi Tob, Are those agents online? If you no longer want the policy to be assigned, change it from Server Admin -> Configuration for the org, site or agent group where it's assigned. Make sure you set it to No Policy so you can manually manage the policy assignment. -Paul
  13. Hi Colm, Yes, if you remove the system from Pulseway it will also release the Webroot association however you should check on the Webroot GSM console if the system is still registered there and remove it. -Paul
  14. Hello Richard, We are looking for integrating with Bitdefender in the next quarter. We'll be looking into the "cancel installation" command. -Paul
  15. Thanks Susanne for the report. You're right, it seems that Kaspersky just needs a while to start. We're going to be adding a delay for that notification. -Paul
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