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  1. Hi there, Check out the PSA REST API's here: https://api.psa.pulseway.com/. The link you have provided is for the RMM. -Paul
  2. Hi @BShevchuck, In that case the server name is: psa.pulseway.com . Let me know how it goes ! -Paul
  3. Paul

    Custom Titles

    Hi Tor, You'd need the msi to be stored in a publicly accessible web server but you can put it over some complex path or file name so it wouldn't be easy to find. -Paul
  4. Hi Tor, That's probably a policy from the Server Admin -> Configuration (or Systems -> Sites if you are on the Pro plan). Look at the Organization, Site and Agent Group to see if there's a Patch Management Policy assigned. -Paul
  5. Hi there, We have indeed changed the messages for the user sessions to match the exact wording using by the operating system. We usually post in the release notes major changes to the platform so this is not a noteworthy change. -Paul
  6. Hi David, We are in the process of introducing API keys which will allow executing tasks for accounts with 2FA. In the meantime you can disable 2FA and use a long password or wait for the API changes. -Paul
  7. Hi Nate, Unfortunately we have do not have a personal plan at this moment however if you are interested in giving a go for our Teams plan we can offer a trial using your gmail address as well. -Paul
  8. Hi Lars, You can enable CPU, RAM and HDD notifications from the configuration file at: /etc/pulseway/config.xml. Let me know how it goes. -Paul
  9. Hey Peter, That's odd. Please PM me your config.xml file and I'll look into it. -Paul
  10. Hi Nick, Many thanks for the report. Our development team has confirmed this as a defect and we're working on a fix. I'll keep you posted with updates as I get them. -Paul
  11. Hi Ryan, Please PM me the config.xml file and I will review it. -Paul
  12. Hi Ryan, It seems that your configuration file is broken. I'd reinstall the package and pay extra attention when editing the file to avoid breaking the XML structure (ideally change only the values that are between double quotes for starters and keep backup copies). To register your system use the pulseway-registration command. -Paul
  13. My apologies, we do support Windows Server 2008R2 however Windows Server 2008 is not supported. Are you sure that the button is not disabled because of a configuration lock? Also make sure that you can load and use the WindowsServerBackup PowerShell module. If all's ok, you could try to force enable it by running this PowerShell command: Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\' -Name 'MonitorWindowsServerBackup' -Value '1' -Paul
  14. Hi Joe, You can't. Pulseway uses PowerShell cmdlets to integrate with Windows Server Backup which are not supported on Windows Server 2008R2. -Paul
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