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  1. Glad to hear it works now. -Paul
  2. I've just configured my PSA instance with my gmail account and it worked for me. Does your password contain the dollar sign by any chance ($)? There is a known bug where the email parser will not be able to connect if your password contains the dollar sign. -Paul
  3. Do you use 2FA on your google account. If so, you need to use an app password instead of your account's password. Additionally, make sure that you have IMAP enabled on your account (guide - see Step 1). -Paul
  4. Hi Paul, You don't need to uninstall the agent to have it connect to the new server URL. Go to c:\program files\pcmonitor (or pulseway) and open up the PCMonitorManager.exe file. From there you can set the server name and hit apply. Within a minute your agent will show up on the new server. -Paul
  5. Thanks for your contribution. I'd like to add that if you're changing the associated accounts directly in the database you also need to reload the accounts you've touched or to recycle the IIS application pool. -Paul
  6. Thanks, we'll investigate. What device are you connecting to? -Paul
  7. Hi Matt, Have you ran 'lodctr /R' as an administrator on that machine? (Note the capital R in the command line). -Paul
  8. Hi Aaron, Please delete the HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ComputerIdentifier registry value and restart the service. It's recommended to delete that registry value along with the ComputerName value before you run sysprep so you'll have an image ready to deploy new systems and you'll just see new systems pop into your list of monitored systems. -Paul
  9. This sounds like the XenServer is running with a self signed SSL certificate. You will need to install that certificate in the trusted root CA store on the local machine account and restart the Pulseway service for this to work. -Paul
  10. Hi Martin, We don't assign ETAs on todos that are not part of our immediate Roadmap. We do however have this as a confirmed feature so I can tell you for sure that this is coming in a future release. -Paul
  11. Glad to hear you like it . Sorry it took us forever to add it, more goodies queued up for the 5.1.3 release. -Paul
  12. Hi Martin, At this moment the priority is the same for all RMM notifications and is configurable from the PSA under the Admin -> Service Desk -> RMM Integration Settings -> Pulseway Integration -> Priority. As for the extra long notification name, yes we should definitely trim the excess there. Thanks for reporting it . -Paul
  13. Hi Axel, Unfortunately this is not available right now. We will consider this for a future release. -Paul
  14. Hi, I just copied the '-eq' into the notepad and then wrote that the exact same thing into a new line and realized that the dash character wasn't the same as the one I just typed. -Paul
  15. Hi there, You could modify one of the scripts from here: to download the zip from a dropbox share link or something similar that's under your control, run it with the following arguments: Intel-SA-00075-console.exe -n -c -f And then simply read the output of the xml into the stdout: Get-Content *.xml You could then check using a regular expression if the content matches a particular string which denotes that a system is affected by the vulnerability and run this command to fail the script so you will know which systems are affected: exit 1 -Paul