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  1. Hey @Ahmet Eroglu and @Martin Stevnhoved, We have this on our public Roadmap available here: It's labeled as Automation Triggers. -Paul
  2. Hi @DeepIT, Sorry about that, we're still in process of updating the macOS agent to support new 2FA modes. To register the iOS app you need to either configure a trusted mobile device (Push-based authorization), we'll detect that it's coming from an older agent and we'll issue a legacy authorization code that you can enter on the macOS agent or simply disable 2FA and enable it back when you're done. -Paul
  3. No problem, we'll drop you an email when this issue is fixed . -Paul
  4. Hi @Zao, Unfortunately yes, this is a known issue. Pulseway cannot send CAD for Core editions at this time, our team has it in the backlog so you can bet that this will be fixed in a future release. -Paul
  5. Hello @ComputerConsulting, Sorry for the late reply. This was a casing problem at the WebApp which prevented usernames that were not written in lowercase to login. We've corrected the issue today and everything should be back to normal. -Paul
  6. Thanks everyone. PS: Check out our Roadmap over here for what's coming next: -Paul
  7. Thanks for letting me know. Glad to hear it works now . -Paul
  8. We've identified the issue and released an update. Can you check again now? -Paul
  9. We are still working on the issue. We're sorry for the delay. -Paul
  10. Thanks everyone for posting, we're looking into the issue as we speak. -Paul
  11. No worries Kenny, I'll reach out to them to get it fast-tracked. -Paul
  12. Thanks for checking. I'll do some digging to see what's going on. -Paul
  13. Hi Kenny, We don't tie system registrations with the org, site or agent group names so renaming them is perfectly fine. I can't tell what caused the disconnect however looking at your instance it seems that you are at your license limit meaning that any systems you add above the license limit they will no longer be visible. Can you send me a PM on the total number of systems you're monitoring so we can confirm that the license is in order? -Paul
  14. Paul

    Unjoin domain script

    Hi Geddie, Try this: $securePass = ConvertTo-SecureString "MySecretPassword" -AsPlainText -Force $cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ("ExampleDomain\ExampleName", $securePass) Remove-Computer -Credential $cred -Force -Passthrough -Verbose -Restart -Paul
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