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  1. Well $env:USERNAME relies on the current user and Pulseway runs in the context of the SYSTEM account. Try using this instead: $user= get-wmiobject -class win32_computersystem | select-object username wmic UserAccount where name=$user set Passwordexpires=true $username = $user.username if ($username -like '*\*') { $idx = $username.LastIndexOf('\') $username = $username.Substring($idx + 1) } net user $username /logonpasswordchg:yes It just removes the domain name or computer name from the username you get from WMI. -Paul
  2. Hi Stephen, At a quick glance I do notice a space missing before the -class in the first line. Maybe this is the error you're seeing? -Paul
  3. We are considering on implementing a different color for destructive actions. Would this work for you? -Paul
  4. Hello, You can put in "Personal" as the company name and it will let you go through. It's a valid point though, we'll discuss this internally. -Paul
  5. It's coming out early next week. -Paul
  6. Paul

    Cannot tag macs

    Hi Cory, It appears that there's a defect on this, we'll definitely be fixing this. Thanks for the report! -Paul
  7. Hi, You can enable a setting that will only trigger 2FA prompts when you login into the Remote Control app rather than on login and on each session. You can find the setting in Server Admin (only available on the Team plan) -> Settings -> Security -> "Reduce 2FA Prompts on the Remote Control app". -Paul
  8. Hi everyone, We're rolling out the update with the custom titles support for third party patch management. It's awesome!! -Paul
  9. Hi there, I do apologise, when I have activated your trial subscription I have forgotten to remove the free account flag. Can you please try again now? I have also reset your trial period. -Paul
  10. You'll find the trace.log file in the Pulseway installation directory. -Paul
  11. Hi there, That's very concerning indeed. Can you please enable diagnostic logging from the Pulseway Manager -> Settings -> Diagnostics then set the patch policy again and force it to run once. If you notice it goes into a restart loop again remove the policy and PM me the trace.log file. I'll investigate it right away. Thanks, -Paul
  12. Hi there, I don't think that this event is caused by the Pulseway service itself. Try stopping the service and see if the events stop. -Paul
  13. Hi @morganc, When you remove a system from Pulseway it's identifier gets blocked for a while. To get it registered again simply delete the ComputerIdentifier registry value from HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor and restart the Pulseway service. -Paul
  14. Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. I concur that our mechanism of informing users of upcoming reboots is rudimentary however we'll definitely work on improving it. -Paul
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