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  1. Home Testing

    Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. You can create an account over here: https://www.pulseway.com/account/register. -Paul
  2. Chat Notification

    Hi Phil, I totally agree with you. It happened to us a couple of times to miss replies from the customer, we will add a notification if you're no longer on the Chat page so you will know that the customer replied. -Paul
  3. Edit group name of multiple clients

    Hi Paul, I'm afraid that the project is still in planning stage. -Paul
  4. Service not starting on reboot

    There is a built-in script called "Increase Windows Service Timeout at Startup" that performs this change. -Paul
  5. Hi Christian, There is also a built-in script that will double the service timeout time called 'Increase Windows Service Timeout at Startup'. We've seen this happening on systems that are running low on resources during boot and it's .NET Framework that fails to initialize on time thus Service Control Manager kills the whole service. -Paul
  6. Kaspersky Startup Failed Error Box

    Hi Pablo, You need to delete the failed startup report from the C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Labs. -Paul
  7. Network Discovery across VLANs

    I'd also like to add that you either change the subnet of a NIC as @Chris pointed out to include the other networks or you can simply add additional IP addresses in the other networks on the same NIC just for the duration of the agent deployment procedure. We will consider adding support for manually inputting which networks to scan. -Paul
  8. UPS Monitoring

    Hi Matt, For the UPS devices that are network attached you should use SNMP to monitor their status (send me the model and I"ll look up the MIB file for you) and for the ones that are USB attached you can try to use the APC UPS Daemon (http://www.apcupsd.org). -Paul
  9. Network Discovery across VLANs

    Hi Darrell, We scan all the local (and public if configured) networks that are assigned to your NICs. We take each IP address and subnet mask to calculate which networks we need to scan. If you provide access to other networks via static routes these networks will not be included in your network discovery. -Paul
  10. Hi Sacha, Under the WebApp -> Automation -> Tasks you will find a task called "Enable TLS 1.2 in .NET Framework 4.0". You can edit the system scope on which the automation task will run to only target the systems you need to. Alternatively you can run the "Enable TLS 1.2 in .NET Framework 4.0" built-in script individually on a system by going to the "Scripts" section of the system details from the WebApp or mobile apps under the Built-in categories. -Paul
  11. Can I use PSWindowsUpdate over Pulseway

    Hi Christian, I don't see why it wouldn't work. For that particular script is a little annoying as it relies on a module that you will have to embed in each script that you want to use that module. You could tinker with it a little to extract just the functions that you need if you got the time. -Paul
  12. Impoved Microsoft Windows Update

    Hi Christian, It's called 'Check and Install Updates'. -Paul
  13. Impoved Microsoft Windows Update

    Hi Christian, Group Windows Update command doesn't support installing optional updates as they contain driver updates which may leave your system in a broken state. You could make use of the built-in script that checks for updates, installs them and restarts the computer and have that script in a task that runs against a scope. You'll need to modify the update search filter by removing the AutoSelectOnWebsite = 1 from the filter thus including all non-installed updates. At the end of the script you should see a commented line that says that if you want to restart the computer after installing the updates you should remove the comment. Remove the comment for that line. -Paul
  14. Configure Powershell Impersonation remotely

    Apparently it doesn't... Try using the built-in administrator account. With Windows 10 "Administrator" accounts don't have the same access level as the built-in administrator account. -Paul
  15. Adding services to monitor

    We generally refrain from doing any sort of configuration from the mobile apps as it's not very comfortable. In this particular case you'd like to add a process stopped notification? -Paul