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  1. In that case we'll reach out to the team that maintains the project to add support for it. Thank you! -Paul
  2. Hey Tim, I've got exciting news. We're starting to roll out 6.3.3 today which includes... *drum roll* support for generating CSV reports . Adding the ability of getting similar information through the REST API is also a great idea, we'll consider it for a future release. -Paul
  3. You are right, that was my mistake. We're still testing the Dropbox package. -Paul
  4. Hey Jeremy, I'd recommend that you build another service that does the monitoring bits, I'll refer to that system as "Heartbeat" in the rest of the post. The Heartbeat service will be configured to make the RPC calls to the services in it's configuration and will register as a dedicated Pulseway monitored system using the Cloud API. This allows you to send real-time information about your services to the mobile apps and webapp whenever you are looking at that system, send commands from those clients back to the Heartbeat service and have the possibility of sending notifications through the Pulseway ecosystem. Keep in mind that while the Heartbeat service will become a single point of failure unless you build a master-slave system which identifies which instance is currently master using a witness. If you don't really care about it being a single point of failure you can still know when something is not working as expected by informing the Pulseway server that you want to be informed when the Heartbeat instance is offline, similarly how you receive offline notifications for the rest of your monitored systems. You do so when you call the Configure method (last bool parameter). -Paul
  5. Thanks Alex. FileZilla was released in the last batch and FileZilla, Citrix Workspace, Citrix Receiver and GoToMeeting are coming for sure in the next batch. I've added iTunes, WinSCP and WebEX to the list . -Paul
  6. Hey Brian, We're going to release tomorrow another batch of titles, namely: 7-zip (64-bit) Evernote FileZilla LibreOffice Skype for Business Also new versions for the following products: Adobe Reader DC CCleaner Mozilla Firefox Notepad++ PdfCreator PuTTy VMware Workstation Player VMware Workstation Pro WinRAR I've added your suggestions to our list . PS: Dropbox and 7-zip are already supported. VLC is coming in the batch after the one that's released tomorrow. -Paul
  7. Paul


    Most likely the file is still there then. Open Folder Options and make sure you're set to see hidden files. -Paul
  8. Paul


    Hi there, The watchdog.bat script gets created whenever the Pulseway service starts, I assume your son might have deleted it as well. One way to prevent your son from terminating processes would be to change his account type to a limited user however that would prevent him from installing and uninstall applications too. There are also ways of preventing users from opening the task manager through policies (but that wouldn't stop him from using a command line interface or a 3rd party tool to do it) but it all depends on the determination level of your kid. PS: This reminds me of how I've been concocting to gain access to the home computer to play games (I usually won). Best of luck, -Paul
  9. Hey SOL, Can you please download OpenHarwareMonitor (link: https://openhardwaremonitor.org/files/openhardwaremonitor-v0.8.0-beta.zip) to see if it detects your CPU? -Paul
  10. Hi there, The next batch of software titles will be coming out early next week. -Paul
  11. Hi Wi-Fi and welcome to the Pulseway community, Pulseway can definitely help you with your monitoring and management needs. We do have integrations with major virtualization providers, SNMP monitoring. I am not sure what control level you require for IP PDUs and ISP monitoring is kind of a hard because if it's down, how would you notify that it's down unless you have a backup line? Feel free to start a free trial over here, I'm sure you'll have a great time with Pulseway: https://www.pulseway.com/enterprise/evaluation -Paul
  12. Hey @Ue Khaung, The screenshot you've attached doesn't show any screen from the Pulseway app. Are you sure you're running the correct app? You can download the Pulseway app from here. Additionally, create your account from this page. -Paul
  13. Hey Karen, Try installing wget using this command: sudo yum install wget While wget is not embedded into RHEL based distributions, that doesn't make it a Debian command. It's just a simple free Linux application used to download files. It works perfectly fine on RHEL based distributions too. -Paul
  14. Hey Xander, Thank you for your report. I will be able to investigate this as soon as it happens again, can you leave the notification in your "Notification Inbox" and then drop me a PM. -Paul
  15. Hey Brian, Thanks for the update. Glad to hear it works now . We are having internal talks about OpenJDK, most likely we will be adding it to our catalog. In the meantime we will continue to provide update for the latest version of Oracle JDK 11. -Paul
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