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  1. Update: The database server has finished loading all the databases and the service is now restored. -Paul
  2. We do have a DR plan, the problem with it is that the DNS TTL is set to 24 hours. We're still evaluating our options. -Paul Update: The storage gateway is now online and our database cluster is starting up. -Paul
  3. Nobody likes such situations but everyone's frustration is warranted. We keep asking our hosting provider for an ETA but we haven't received any so far. Our DR committee is evaluating the time it would take to restore the service in a failover DC. -Paul
  4. Some more context for this situation: The hosting provider has rebuilt their storage gateway and they are having stability issues with it. Right now they are working on restoring it. -Paul
  5. Locking this thread, please use this thread instead as it has more context: -Paul
  6. We're in contact with the hosting provider, the initial estimate is that it should be less than half an hour left. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, it seems that something didn't go as planned with their maintenance. -Paul Please reach out to your account manager for all billing questions. -Paul
  7. Hi there, Apologies for this. Our hosting provider is running overtime on their scheduled maintenance. I'll post another update when the service is back up. -Paul
  8. The service is now restored. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. -Paul
  9. Hi Dan, For the past hour we've been working on resolving a storage issue with our hosting provider, please check out this announcement post over here: We will post updates as we have them. We appreciate your understanding. -Paul
  10. Hi Alec, Apologies for that. We've installed an update to the EAP server and that went wrong. Everything should go right now. -Paul
  11. Hi Tyler, Thank you for the report. We've managed to identify the issue and we're working on a fix as we speak. -Paul
  12. You should see the same screen in Pulseway for Bitdefender, can you attach a screenshot of what you see? -Paul
  13. Hey @DJB, Try running the commands in this KB article and let me know if that did the trick: https://intercom.help/pulseway/en/articles/964192-error-1001-the-specified-service-already-exists -Paul
  14. Hi Darien, Yes. That would be the cause of the database server finally starting up. Apologies for the inconvenience. Databases are still starting, will post another update when all services are completely back up. Update: 7:10PM: All services are now fully operational. -Paul
  15. We're providing updates in this thread: -Paul
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