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  1. Paul

    Linux Mint 18.3 agent deployment

    Hi David, Do you get anything written in the syslog when you try to start the Pulseway service? -Paul
  2. Paul

    Not running under Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi there, Can you check the syslog to see if there's anything logged that's relevant to the Pulseway daemon? -Paul
  3. Paul

    Void - Sales Order

    Hey Gary, We cannot undo a voided sales order but you can always create a new one. -Paul
  4. Paul

    PSA - Ad-Hoc Reports broken

    Hi Gary, We've looked into the issue yesterday and it seems that there was a problem with the reporting service which the SaaS OPS team has resolved. Sorry for the delayed reply. -Paul
  5. Paul

    Support Desktop Icon Shortcut

    Hi there, You can do that now, create a shortcut to pcmontask and add a 'support' (without quotes) argument. -Paul
  6. Paul

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Thanks for the update. I'll get the PSA development team to look into this. -Paul
  7. Paul

    Migrating from another RMM

    Hi there, Have you tried our Discovery and Deployment feature? -Paul
  8. Paul

    Asset Info of Offline Computers

    Hi Kelsier, You can view that information from the mobile apps while the system is offline from the legacy reports. Can you check? -Paul
  9. Paul

    Deploy on Connect

    Hi Kelsier, We'll definitely consider adding this option in the future. -Paul
  10. Paul

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Try adding the [%Ticket Number%] tag to the email template to see if this resolves the issue. We'll consider adding a header that includes the ticket number so you don't have to keep the ticket number in the email subject. -Paul
  11. Paul

    Quick Agent Install

    You can configure a single workstations on the customer's site and then deploy using the discovery and deployment feature. You can definitely export the configuration of the Pulseway Windows Agent and import it post installation. -Paul
  12. Paul

    App version 5.4, Pixel XL, stock ROM

    Hi Jim, First of all the Pulseway app doesn't need to be started for you to receive PUSH notifications. The fact that you're not getting any PUSH notifications after you close the app is not intended and we're going to be investigating this issue and come back at you as soon as I get an update. -Paul
  13. Paul

    White Labeled Agent Settings

    This is going to be added in today's release. You'll be able to display your own logo and support contact information in the User Chat, Request Support and About windows of the User Agent. Remote Desktop session list rebranding is coming up next week. -Paul
  14. Paul

    PSA: Bulk Edit Hardware Assets

    Hi Martin, We can help you write a script that will update your hardware assets using the REST API: https://psa.pulseway.com/api#hardware-assets-put-hardware-asset. What sort of changes would you like to perform? -Paul
  15. Paul

    Pulseway Backup?

    I cannot disclose much about the project ahead of it's announcement but it does include local and cloud backup and that it's going to be amazing . -Paul