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  1. I added a "round trip ping time" to one of my machines, with ping time to the gateway of our remote office. I am going to do the same to other offices, and therefore monitor the latency to remote offices. The iOS app and WebApp should show where is that round trip time to: It is not shown in devices main screen or in the graph. That additional information would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have 2 Mac computers with 2 and 3 monitors, respectively. One of them has 2 identical monitors and when you ask to see screen for monitor 1 or monitor 2 (they are both shown as Dell E2210), I get the same image. The other one as 2 identical displays (shown as Philco) and a Panasonic Display. When I ask to seek the Panasonic screen, it displays correctly, but the images either Philco screen is identical. Hope this helps.
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