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  1. Network Discovery and Automatic Deployment Is it possible to find a network appartment with the discovery tool? What's more in the planning for this feature? Is it possible to customize the IP address? Probe
  2. I would like to monitor the following SSD'S 1: SSD 850 EVO 0120GB (MSATA3 2: SSD 850 EVO 0250GB (2.5 inch / SATA3 / 6GB/S / MLC)
  3. Which windows logs in to monitoring be interesting?
  4. Someone SNMP Settings for QNAP NAS?
  5. Good morning, I like to see this function also appear in Pulseway, is above all that confesses that feature comes in Pulseway?
  6. Good morning, Being a satisfied user of Pulseway, I still have a few questions: How do I monitor the Ashay Backup (version 6)? I’d like to know whether the backup succeeded or failed. Is it possible to monitor the internet speed? How do I configure that? Is it possible to monitor Backup exec? How do I configure that?
  7. Does ESET Era 6.5 already pulseway?
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