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  1. ArrowNM

    PSA Time Update Bulk Actions

    Another idea would be to add under the Bulk Operation the option to select: From Templates
  2. ArrowNM

    Remote Desktop

    Hi @Chris end of Q3 2018. What is the status of a Remote Desktop Application for Apple Users? Fantastic work on the new Pulseway 6.0 BTW.
  3. Another great feature to have would be the possibility to view a Network Topology Map. This would be a great addition to Pulseway. It can be located in a tab under the client's group and part the reporting features. Something similar to vCenter Server Map.
  4. ArrowNM

    PSA Time Update Bulk Actions

    Hi Chris, What would be nice to have is the Bulk Operation functionality the ability to Add Time: Time Spent (hrs) Being able to add let's say for example 0.50 hrs for a whole set of tickets at once, instead of going into each tickets and adding it could be time consuming.
  5. Will be able to see in the next release an option to update time on a bulk action for multiple tickets?
  6. ArrowNM

    Workstations Appears Offline

    Several agents in different groups are showing offline. During the day (Production Time) they are online then goes offline. We can confirm the workstations are physically online. Power settings are all set to never sleep. Any ideas why they are offline?
  7. ArrowNM

    Record Remote Control Sessions

    +1 This would be a great feature for activity auditing and training purposes.
  8. ArrowNM

    File Transfer

    In my personal experience when it comes to Remote Desktop, ConnectWise Control (Screen Connect) is by far the best one out there. Would be great to have this integration as it works well on all platforms Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Winblows... https://www.connectwise.com/software/control/remote-support/compatibility
  9. ArrowNM

    IT Documentation

    This may be asking for much, however, it would be nice to have a documentation tab to store info for each client as an MSP this is gold.
  10. ArrowNM

    File Transfer

    Thank you Chris
  11. ArrowNM

    Remote Desktop

    Awesome thank you, for looking forward to it!
  12. ArrowNM

    Please replace the horrible dashboard

    +1 Would be great to access the Dashboard from a Browser.
  13. ArrowNM

    File Transfer

    Being able to browse all folders is great! Would be a nice addition if there were some capabilities to transfer files in both ways. Like an FTP solution on all endpoints.
  14. ArrowNM

    Remote Desktop

    I am waiting for the Mac version. Currently running a VM. It would be nice to have a Remote Desktop Access using the browser.