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  1. Hi Just running a ping -t command via terminal on a remote device using Pulseway. Normally to halt it I would do Cntl+C to stop it, locally. Can't see how to do this using the Pulseway app. Sorry - have just found the close session command which terminates the Terminal session. Problem solved!
  2. I am trying to a WR to one of my client pc's. I have purchased the licence from within the pulseway web app. Where do I find the licence key / number ? I all ready have one client installed so their is no option to select trial again...... Also their is no "Trial Site" in the WR console to correspond to my in app WR purchase?
  3. I am looking for a way to track windows user logins/logouts...but many users only lock/unlock their desktop rather than log out. Any other way to track this and receive notifications? If notifications are not possible, how about a report that would gather this info? Hoping to do this through Pulseway, but open to other options/apps as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am having trouble connecting to workstations via the dashboard, as well as the remote desktop application. Getting error "The agent failed to start the rd session."
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to select multiple alerts to delete them, without deleting all or deleting one at a time. Say someone forgets to turn on maintenance mode and Reboots 20 servers. Now there are 40 events one for shutting down and one for being online. Now they want to delete all theses events but keep the other ones that are pending. I would like to be able to go into the dashboard and hold CTRL and select them or select one and hold shift to select the ones in between that and another. Another improvement could be the ability to sort the columns in the Dashboard Notification view. Thanks!!!
  6. Hi, This might be related to this topic, but over the last week I'm seeing notifications for all updates, not just Windows Defender. If I delete the notification it comes back again, checking the server shows "26 optional updates are available" (note "optional") Pulseway setting: Notifications > Status > "Send a notification when critical or important updates are available with priority" = Automatic My notification on my mobile is reading "26 important updates are available..." Clicking into the mobile app and checking the Windows Updates it's reporting them as "important" when they aren't. For example the server itself lists KB2386667 as recommended but it's listed as important in Pulseway.
  7. Small Correction: The scheduled task can be run on demand, but by default it restarts the pulseway service once a day at 11am, which in theory, should force it to check for updates. So one of the problems I ran into with pulseway is, sometimes I would want to restart the service. Doesn't really matter why, could be to get it to check for new updates to the pulseway agent and get them on the latest version. The problem was that if I just setup a script to restart the service, say like this ReStart-Service "Pulseway" what would happen is that it would send the command in whatever user environment pulseway runs in, it would execute it, the service would stop, and thennnn.......... nothing! Because we stopped the service, it kills whatever user environment pulseway was using including the script and it never finishes the command. It's really weird. So I setup this wonderful little script that creates a scheduled task, that can be run on demand using another script. It keeps you from running a restart service task on all your end points and suddenly losing connection with them all.... not fun. So here is the first script you put in to pulseway. Read the comments and change the working directory, user account and password to match what you use. It also requires a universal user account on all your workstations that you want to use it on. # this script will create a scheduled task that runs a powershell script that restarts the pulseway service. # This line deletes the task if it already exists. That way if you make changes to the task it will create a fresh copy of it. schtasks /delete /F /tn "Restart Pulseway" # working directory path $workd = "c:\temp" # Check to see if working directory exists and create if it does not. If (!(Test-Path -Path $workd -PathType Container)) { New-Item -Path $workd -ItemType directory } # Create a variable with the entire contents of the XML file used to create the scheduled task $text = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <Task version="1.2" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2004/02/mit/task"> <RegistrationInfo> <Date>2017-04-24T12:50:26.5825569</Date> <Author>ECHO-FAMILYPC\Echo</Author> <Description>this will restart the pulseway service, forcing it to check for and implement any updates.</Description> <URI>\Restart Pulseway</URI> </RegistrationInfo> <Triggers> <CalendarTrigger> <StartBoundary>2017-04-24T11:00:00</StartBoundary> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <ScheduleByDay> <DaysInterval>1</DaysInterval> </ScheduleByDay> </CalendarTrigger> </Triggers> <Principals> <Principal id="Author"> <UserId>S-1-5-21-3275926025-1642913270-681481828-1006</UserId> <LogonType>Password</LogonType> <RunLevel>HighestAvailable</RunLevel> </Principal> </Principals> <Settings> <MultipleInstancesPolicy>IgnoreNew</MultipleInstancesPolicy> <DisallowStartIfOnBatteries>true</DisallowStartIfOnBatteries> <StopIfGoingOnBatteries>true</StopIfGoingOnBatteries> <AllowHardTerminate>true</AllowHardTerminate> <StartWhenAvailable>true</StartWhenAvailable> <RunOnlyIfNetworkAvailable>false</RunOnlyIfNetworkAvailable> <IdleSettings> <StopOnIdleEnd>true</StopOnIdleEnd> <RestartOnIdle>false</RestartOnIdle> </IdleSettings> <AllowStartOnDemand>true</AllowStartOnDemand> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <Hidden>false</Hidden> <RunOnlyIfIdle>false</RunOnlyIfIdle> <WakeToRun>true</WakeToRun> <ExecutionTimeLimit>PT72H</ExecutionTimeLimit> <Priority>7</Priority> </Settings> <Actions Context="Author"> <Exec> <Command>Powershell.exe</Command> <Arguments>-ExecutionPolicy Bypass '+$workd+'\rstrtPulse.ps1</Arguments> </Exec> </Actions> </Task> ' # Create a variable containing the entire contents of the powershell script that will restart the pulseway service. $text2 = 'ReStart-Service "Pulseway"' # Pump the contents of the two variables into the actuall files to be used $text | Set-Content $workd\rstrtPulse.xml $text2 | Set-Content $workd\rstrtPulse.ps1 # Command that actually creates the scheduled task. You will need to change UserName and Password to the universal admin creds that you may use. schtasks.exe /create /xml "$workd\rstrtPulse.xml" /tn "Restart Pulseway" /ru UserName /rp Password #Wait a couple seconds Start-Sleep -s 2 # Delete the files when done. Dont need anyone knowing my secrets! del $workd\rstrtPulse.xml del $workd\rstrtPulse.ps1 Here is the second script that you will use to execute the scheduled task schtasks /run /tn 'Restart Pulseway' Have fun, stay safe, always test your scripts!
  8. Is there anyway in the web or the mobile apps when viewing the screen to have it auto refresh? Sometimes I have to few the screen for extended periods of time and I'm constantly hitting refresh. It would be nice if it auto refreshed every 15 or 30 seconds while the screen view was active
  9. Is it possible to change the date format for Notifications in the Windows 10 app to UK (currently set to US)
  10. Hello, since some days my hard disk drives don't spin down anymore while not in use. I tracked the problem down with process monitor and found out that the PCMonitor Service is accessing the drives every minute through the WMI Provider Host Service (wmiprvse.exe). I disabled in Pulseway the storage notification of local disk space on all drives but it did not help. As soon as I disable the Puleway service, the disks spin down after the configured laps of time as they should do. I'am using Pulseway since some years, but the problem occured recently and was not there before. Thanks for your help. Michael
  11. JDE

    GPU Monitoring

    This is a very nice App for my phone. Thank you for creating it. Is there a way to monitor GPUs temperature similar to the CPU?
  12. I am new at Pulseway and while I love the functionality that I have on my mobile phone the remote and webapp is limited of what I considered basics. So I will talk about what I miss from a Remote Desktop just coming from Solarwinds and Atera 1. File Transfer - sometimes we need to transfer files from our computers to the client computers, this has to be a plus feature. Specially that I am installing your product on my customers is more than annoying having to login to my OneDrive to download the files I need when I can just transfer them from my computer directly to the customer station. 2. Chatting - Customers are used to chat with me over the remote session and while I know Pulseway have the Chat icon, this icon is hidden plus this chat opens a ticket which I don't need, sometimes all I need is to let them know that I am connected and I am working on their system. Chat is a tool that the basic free remote support program have, I don't understand why this is not implemented yet. 3. Copy and Paste - I just found this tiday and prompted me to open this topic, I cannot copy and paste from the remote workstation to mine or viseversa. This is very useful on copying configurations or settings. 3. Correction, it seems I can Copy and Paste from my computer to the remote but not from the remote to my computer.
  13. This script will download the small online installer, generate the silent install cfg file and run the installer. The timer near the end is set for 3 minutes as it has to download the full installer first and Java takes a while to install anyway. If you want to get the latest version just go to https://java.com/en/download/win10.jsp and copy the link from the button that says "Agree and start free download". Then past this link into the $source variable. I find that this installer works on both windows 7 and windows 10. # Download and silent install Java Runtime Environement # working directory path $workd = "c:\temp" # Check if work directory exists if not create it If (!(Test-Path -Path $workd -PathType Container)) { New-Item -Path $workd -ItemType directory } #create config file for silent install $text = ' INSTALL_SILENT=Enable AUTO_UPDATE=Enable SPONSORS=Disable REMOVEOUTOFDATEJRES=1 ' $text | Set-Content "$workd\jreinstall.cfg" #download executable, this is the small online installer $source = "http://javadl.oracle.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=230511_2f38c3b165be4555a1fa6e98c45e0808" $destination = "$workd\jreInstall.exe" $client = New-Object System.Net.WebClient $client.DownloadFile($source, $destination) #install silently Start-Process -FilePath "$workd\jreInstall.exe" -ArgumentList INSTALLCFG="$workd\jreinstall.cfg" # Wait 120 Seconds for the installation to finish Start-Sleep -s 180 # Remove the installer rm -Force $workd\jre*
  14. This will download and install or upgrade veeam and install a license if you have one, finally it will import a config file if one is available. I use Dropbox and a shared link. When using Dropbox be sure and change the zero at the end to 1 to download. You if course would have to update the dl links. Any questions let me know. VeeamInstall.ps1 ## $workdir = "c:\installer\" $LicenseFile = "$workdir\Veeamlicense.lic" $ConfigFile = "$workdir\config.xml" [Object[]]$List = @( New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = "$workdir\Veeam2.exe"; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/Veeamexedl=1"} New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = $LicenseFile; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/licensefile?dl=1"} New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{"File" = $ConfigFile; "URL" = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/Configfiledl=1"} ) $VeeamInstallDir = "C:\Program Files\Veeam\Endpoint Backup" # Check if work directory exists if not create it If (Test-Path -Path $workdir -PathType Container) { Write-Host "$workdir\ already exists" -ForegroundColor Red} ELSE { New-Item -Path $workdir -ItemType directory } # Check if Invoke-Webrequest exists otherwise execute WebClient $List | ForEach-Object { if (Get-Command 'Invoke-Webrequest') { Invoke-WebRequest $_.URL -OutFile $_.File } else { $WebClient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient $webclient.DownloadFile($_.URL, $_.File) } } # Start the installation Start-Process -FilePath "$workdir\Veeam2.exe" -ArgumentList "/silent /accepteula" # Wait XX Seconds for the installation to finish Start-Sleep -s 45 #Stops Tray Process Stop-Process -Name "Veeam.EndPoint.Tray" -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue #Imports License File Set-Location $VeeamInstallDir Start-Process Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -ArgumentList "-license /f:'$LicenseFile'" Start-Process Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe -ArgumentList "-import /f:'$ConfigFile'" Start-Process "$VeeamInstallDir\Veeam.EndPoint.Tray.exe"
  15. When we install Webroot from the "Agent Status" tab in the Pulseway WebApp, it continuously says that it is installing Webroot when in fact it is installed. I can't run any actions until this issue is resolved. What could cause this?
  16. I made a install script for MalwareBytes to do a Silent install. UPDATED VERSION 2 With auto detect if Invoke-WebRequest exists Improvements are welcome! Change the version if needed in the Source URL: https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer- # Silent Install MalwareBytes # Download URL: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ # Path for the workdir $workdir = "c:\installer\" # Check if work directory exists if not create it If (Test-Path -Path $workdir -PathType Container) { Write-Host "$workdir already exists" -ForegroundColor Red} ELSE { New-Item -Path $workdir -ItemType directory } # Download the installer $source = "https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer-" $destination = "$workdir\mbam.exe" Invoke-WebRequest $source -OutFile $destination # Start the installation Start-Process -FilePath "$workdir\mbam.exe" -ArgumentList "/NOCANCEL /NORESTART /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES" # Wait XX Seconds for the installation to finish Start-Sleep -s 35 # Remove the installer rm -Force $workdir\mbam* For Windows 7 please change $source = "https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer-" $destination = "$workdir\mbam.exe" Invoke-WebRequest $source -OutFile $destination To $WebClient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient $WebClient.DownloadFile("https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer-","$workdir\mbam.exe") Since Powershell in Windows 7 does not support the Invoke-WebRequest
  17. Hi, I recently installed Pulseway Dashboard 5.1.2 version on my Windows 10 Pro computer but now I want to logout my account. I don't see any button to do that. Best regards,
  18. Dear all, I've been trying to connect to my costumer but I had to resort to teamviewer (Ugh) because everytime I try to take over a computer I'm greeted with this error: The eventlog's are clean, the agent has been configured to allow remote desktop (downloaded additional components), the computer shows as online in my Pulseway Remote desktop manager. I tried this from both my laptop and my desktop, both are running Pulseway Remote desktop Version 5.0.0 build 124 Server is running 5.0.1 build 203 release 221 with a nice SHA2 certificate. Clients are also running 5.0.0 build 124 The error occurs when trying to connect to whichever computer. Does it at least blurt out the exact error message anywhere in a log file or so ? This tells me absolutely nothing... Can you guys help ?
  19. Hello! It seems that i cannt log in on the my.pulseway.com ? Dont know why but when i press login it just reloads the site and then nothing happens! How can i solve this? Thanks!
  20. Hi Just taken on a client with laptops that have encrypted hard drives. They need a password when starting up so does anyone have experience/ideas with regards to remote support and monitoring. I use Pulseway to apply Updates, for example, in an evening but with many needing restarts I'm then unable to check all is well before the start of the next working day. Cheers, Andy
  21. Is there a graceful method that Pulseway has to deploy plugins to endpoints? There are a couple of plugins I would like to use for all of our monitored Windows machines, but manually downloading the plugin, installing it, and configuring it on each individual machine won't be worth the time. We have a Pulseway Enterprise Server; is there a way we can load the plugins into that, so we can deploy them to monitored endpoints?
  22. As my monitored machines are updating to the new Windows 10, the agent simply will not start automatically.. Any idea why?
  23. I am attempting to simply change the name of a client workstation form "Steve Doe" to "Brandon Doe" and it has so far been unsuccessful. I have tried from the client side, and from the dashboard manager. So far all attempts have not worked. When I attempt to do it from the client side, the client goes offline, and comes back up ~ 3 minutes later (it doesn't actually turn off, pulseway just detects it as offline). Doing it locally freezes application and forces it to be stuck at "Loading Scheduled Tasks...". I have ran into this before. I fear uninstalling will prevent a re installation. The only thing that solved it in the past was a reinstall of windows. Any help appreciated.
  24. Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been requested before so apologies in advance if it has. I had a customer with a slow PC and wanted to add the Disk Queue Length performance counter to see if that was causing the slowness however didn't want to have to log into her machine. Normally I would go via the Dashboard -> Edit Computer Settings and make whatever changes were necessary. However Performance Counters can't seem to be added this way as there is no Add button: Is this a bug or missing feature? If it's missing, it would be handy to have as you can pretty much do everything else from here and it's not always convenient having to log into the users machine Cheers
  25. Aspect

    Need scripts?

    Hi. Admin, please remove if not allowed. I have a website where you can request scripts and help others by sharing scripts for everyday IT. http://FixItScripts.xyz I'm going to add a Pulseway section to it later.. Is total free.. Please check it out.
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