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  1. @Paul - I can see that the Dashbord is updated at Juni 6th, but this bug is still not fixed. Is it planned?
  2. We already use the Win10 app, but it is totally outdated, so we cannot event send a plain email from the app. My guess was that the Win10-app would be dropped, when HTML5 has all features? Or will it eventually be updated to include newer features? The dashboard app already has a lot of features that are not needed on a public display screen, so I guess this would be the best place to go.
  3. Hi @Marius - what is the status?
  4. Hi @Paul I cannot find this notification setting, after 3rd part patching now has been released. Br, Martin.
  5. Hi @Chris. I know how it currently works, and that it is not usable for us. That's the reason for this feature request. Br, Martin.
  6. I think that you are missing, that the post was posted in 2015 Today it is indeed possible with scripts and tasks.
  7. Hi MMSOFT, I would like to share some improvement suggestions for the Dashboard app. They are mainly seen from a dispatcher point of view, and not for a monitoring display screen, so they are centralized about the "All Notifications" list. 1. Change (default) view to "All Notifications" list. As a dispatcher the focus is on the notifications, and not the systems. It would be nice to be able the change the main window to the "All Notifications" list, insted of getting a popup window. It could be from the view menu, or by a separate launch-parameter/shortcut. 2. Sort columns in "All Notifications" list. It is not possible to the sort the notification list by clicking column headers. That should be a very easy implementation, that brings value to the dispatcher. 3. Right-click actions on the notification list. A dispatcher doesn't only look at notification list. He also takes a notification. So it would be great with the possibility to run custom action, be right-clicking on notifications. It could be actions like "Assign notification", "Create Zendesk Ticket", "Send email", "Open system in webapp", "Write comment". It could be implemented by custom actions, like running executables or calling webservices. It could also be implemented by plugins. 4. Show (results of) executed actions in notification list If a custom action (above idea no. 3) has been executed on a notification it should be visible on the notification list. It could be by an icon column, or the line changing color. 5. Notification comments. It should be possible to put simple comments on a notification, both from the dashboard, and in all other apps. It should be easy the see that a notification has a comment on any notification list. You are welcome to contact me, if you need ideas to how it could be implemented.
  8. When I …. Open Dashboard app Open the All Notifications window View a notification Use the Previous and Next buttons .. only the text and date is changed, not the System name and Group name
  9. I want to create Zendesk tickets from notifications, from the notification list in your apps or the dashboard. And when a ticket is created I would like the ticket number to be saved on the notification. Ad-hoc creation of Zendesk tickets is not supported by you, so I might have to code our own notification list view from your API. Bu I cannot find any place to write the ticket number, so unfortunately I would have to provide our ovn SQL table containing relation between Notification ID and Zendesk Tickets. A writeable field, like comment or ticket id, on notifications would eliminate the use for a external table. Of course with API support. But a built in function to create Zendesk-tickets from notification lists in your apps or as a minimum in the dashboard app would be the best approach.
  10. What is the status @Paul We could really really need the option to cheate ad-hoc tickets from apps or the dashboard. We have a few times tried to enable Zendesk tickets, but we get floaded with ghost-notifications. We need to have notifications validated by human before we create the ticket. A simple comment-field on notifications, that has been implemented in dashboard and api, would be a convenient place to save the related ticket-number.
  11. Hi Pulseway, I would like the possibility to add monitoring for Public Ports. The Pulseway Agent could ask the Pulseway server to test for open ports at the Public IP. I would also like a boolean value, so we could decide if we want a notification, if the port is open or closed. --- Summed up, I would like to monitor if some critical ports are open from the public IP, like SSH, RDP, etc. and get notified if they are. Of course I could write a Plugin the is based on a webservice, but it would be more smooth, with a build in feature. --- Br, Matin.
  12. Aha, now I understand! The report does not execute the report, but just uses the last execution history. I don't think it is the best approach, because we should then double-schedule to create a report. But I now understand it works. Perhaps you should rename the template to "Last Task Execution Report", to be less misleading.
  13. +1 for Exchange Online, Azure AD, Azure SQL, etc. +1 for an updated Azure module. :-)
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