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  1. No values when things are fine. 0 documentation on what might show up if there is an error. So I need to know if any value shows up. For other notifications, I need it to alert me if a value is below 5. I do not see a less than option. NM on the less than thing. I see I can make it an integer.
  2. I want to setup a SNMP notification for my canon printer. The "printer status" OID will show nothing when the printer is working and show a number if there is an error. I have no idea what each and every error might show up as. Is it possible to set the notification to alert me if that SNMP option changed from null to some number? Right now if I leave "value" blank I cannot click ok to finish.
  3. I would like something like this as well. Maybe something where the notifications are sent quietly. My issue is that a lot of things happen on my servers at night. If something errors out I would like to know but most everything can wait and be addressed in the morning. So a list of notifications in the morning would be great. I just don't want to hear every notification.
  4. I want this too. I do not need alerts on all my devices for Low Priority events. I want to log these events but do not need all my devices getting notified.
  5. unfeomateo

    Group Email

    Is it possible to send notifications to multiple email accounts? or do I just need to setup forwarding rules in Gmail? Thanks
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