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  1. Hi Chris. Thanks for the reply. The script is working right. In fact everything is working right. You nailed the issue in that I was not deleting the previous notifications, that's why the later notifications were not triggered. That makes sense, as that is the way we would use it normally. So all is good! Thanks!
  2. I have created a Windows cmd file to copy files nightly on one of my servers. If there is an error, the cmd file outputs the error to an error.txt file, thus updated the "Last Write" date on the file. My command file is working great, and outputs the errors to the error.txt, and the date stamp on the error.txt file is updated each time this happens. I configured the Pulseway Computer Settings via Notifications -> Storage -> Files. I added the error.txt and checked for notifications to be sent when the file last write date has changed. (see image) This works the first time, but the second, no notification is sent. Am I doing something wrong? Any pointers on how I can make this work consistently? Thanks!
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