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  1. Yes, I can remove it once and reboot and log in, but the software puts it back so it does not work the next time the system is rebooted. The only way to allow for consistent login is to remove Pulseway. John
  2. I am having issues with pulsewaycredentialprovider.dll stopping the Windows login screen from loading on Windows 10 1809. I have submitted a ticket to support at support@pulseway.com as well. The issue is that with Pulseway software installed and the credential provider loading the system boots to the displayed screen but will go no further. I am able to run terminal and PowerShell commands from the web interface (prior to software uninstall) but can never log in. Pulseway remote does not work either. This is happening on two Windows 10 1809 DELL Optiplex computers with fresh Windows 10 PRO installations. RIght now our only solution is to leave Pulseway uninstalled. Any information or solution helpful. Thanks. John
  3. Martin Stevnhoved is definitely on to something here!! With our client's, encryption is becoming almost a necessity due to compliance requirements here in the US. Being able to retrieve, store and report on BitLocker would be a game changer and a real differentiator for the product. Please consider! +1 Thanks.
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