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  1. 2FA should be a minimum sign in requirement and an administrator should be able to FORCE all users to use 2FA Another option for 2FA would be to build it into the Pulseway App as a push notification which would allow usme to accept or deny the access, this is the same process used by Microsoft and requires a Fingerprint or Passcode on the mobile device which is independent of Pulseway. This should be at the top of the development list and treated as a priority development.
  2. This is such a shame, along with not being able to remotely control from the Mobile App, Pulseway is billed as Mobile-First but yet mobile comes last! Please someone go back to your roots and deploy features and management that are designed with Mobile First and web second in your development cycle and give us the tools we need to do our job or we will need to start looking at other solutions which will be a shame!
  3. Hi, A USP of Pulseway is the RMM built for Mobiles but yet we can’t remote control from a Mobile device! We still have to use our ScreenConnect or TeamViewer for remote control! Paul
  4. Hi, With the recent recommendation from NCSC not to use Russian AV as this could result in a Data Breach which under GDPR could be expensive for us and or customers! What is Pulseway’s stance on this, will you be removing support for Kaspersky? Maybe replace it with ESET or BitDefender? Paul
  5. If the raid controller supports SNMP then I would suggest monitoring the arrays by SNMP. additionally on a windows machine you may wish to monitor the system event log for the following event ID's 7 = Bad sectors, good sign of pending disk errors if received frequently 11 = Controller Erros 15 = SCSI port error 52 = disk about to fail
  6. Thanks Chris, the script works fine, I can add some output to them, but it seems they require running manually? Is there a way to have scripts run at the same interval as other test, at the very least I would need to check hourly? it would be great if this could be added in a similar format to the SSL so that multiple folders could be added with Alert times from 1 minute, happy to discus this offline. I could do an automation script but there is not an option less than daily. Many Thanks
  7. Hi, I would like to have a folder monitor, basically I have a folder (or several folders) that I need to monitor that the files in the folder and receive alerts for the following. - files are older than X days - over X number of files in the folder Please advise if this is possible currently of if this will require development, if this can be accomplished with a script then some pointers would be useful, ideally this would run at the same rate as other aspects of the system, but it could also be a daily/hourly check as I understand it could consume time processing!
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