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  1. Good day Paul, This was as bright as day, thank you so much for the response!
  2. Hello and good day. Is there any way for Pulseway to notify me when the monitored system reaches a specific % threshold of RAM or CPU usage?
  3. Will do so then. Thank you so much for your time and sorry for flooding you with questions!
  4. Sorry for another follow up question. So only by making a .bat file? The Batch option, as shown in the screenshot, won't do?
  5. Hello Chris and thank you for replying to my question. Just a followup, since this is the first time I actually associate with scripts. This is a Windows PowerShell script, right? To clarify, I am running Pulseway on Windows 10.
  6. I want a program to always run on my computer. Is there a script that forces a program to restart after its process has been stopped? Thanks in advance
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