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  1. dpbklyn

    launch EXE files with pulseway

    Hello, Is there a way (using pulseway) to move executables to the remote machines so we can run them locally?
  2. dpbklyn

    7-Day Monitor Workflow

    Hello and TYIA~ I am trying to put together a work flow that will hold a ticket for 7-days once we believe it is complete. Once assigned to a particular status, I would like the ticket to stay open for 7-days, then if there are no further updates, close itself. Does anyone have anything like this they wouldn't mind sharing?
  3. dpbklyn

    Best practice for updating Pulseway windows agent remotely

    I have a batch of systems that are not taking the updates automatically. What is the best way to force them out? The Agent 6.0 isn't updating automatically
  4. dpbklyn

    Combine Tickets?

    It would be great to be able to merge tickets.
  5. dpbklyn

    Deploy Baseline Monitoring

    Yes. thank you! Since I am a newbie, I have been tweaking our baseline and I'd like to apply it to agents that are already deployed. It sounds like EX/Import will be what I need.
  6. dpbklyn

    Deploy Baseline Monitoring

    Hello and Thank you in advance. What is the best way to setup monitoring on an agent and then push that agent out to all desktops? Would doing an EXPORT/IMPORT on Group Policies accomplish this? Thank you, dp
  7. dpbklyn

    Pulseway Manager Password Lock Out

    Is there a way to lock out access to make changes from the WebApp? Thank you, dp