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  1. We recently noticed a problem with our Pulseway notifications, on one of our Linux servers that is running Cassandra. The Cassandra service had been put into the following state: Active: active (excited), unfortunately we never received notification about the excited state. I did some testing and when I manually stop the service, it shows Active: inactive (dead), I do get notifications. I am at a lose as to why I get notifications when inactive (dead) but not when it is Active (excited). This is the current configuration: <Service Name="cassandra" DisplayName="cassandra" IsDaem
  2. I tried to find a way to monitor hp and dell servers. Ive been using other more complex system that is doing a great job by finding all hardware sensors automatically via snmp. Pulseway is much more simple to use and configure though but it really lacks in hardware monitoring for server administrators. What i did was i created two files for event log that you can try out and import into your servers. I wish Pulseway would either add support for hp and dell server into their hardware module or rework the snmp module so we can add snmp templates for autodiscovery of hardware devices, l
  3. Hello, we'd like to move our pcmonitor database from the current SQL Server (2014 Standard) in one Domain to another SQL Server (2016 Enterprise) in a different domain. The Pulseway Enterprise/Admin Server won't change and is already a member of the target domain. As far as I remember the process would be: Stop Pulseway Services Backup DB on old SQL Server Create SQL Login for the Service on the new SQL Server Restore DB on new SQL Server Edit the connectionstring in the Registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor Admin\DatabaseConnectionString)
  4. I recently installed the latest version of Pulseway on my Ubuntu 17.04 server. The service appears to be starting, and I'm not seeing any errors. However, the machine never shows up in the Pulseway app. I feel like I'm missing something simple here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a Linux server with two attached USB drives. In the monitor it has the correct paths for each respective drive. However they are both reporting the same total drive space and free drive space for just one of the drives. The other drive which is a different sized drive is not being reported correctly. This happened about the time that the one drive that is not being reported correctly had a disconnect from the Linux server. Do not know what happened but I rebooted the server and it found the drive no problem. No issues with paths changing or anything. But now the monitor has the w
  6. It would be great to be able to configure different notification email addresses based on alert type/source/severity. One example is that I'd want an email sent to our SMS page-out list for notifications of server outages or other mission critical events. I'm a new user to Pulseway -- maybe this is already an option? But from what I've gathered, emails can only be sent to the single email address in the account?
  7. Hi. I know that as RRAS module has been discussed earlier in this forum. But it would be really nice with a simple module to start with, og som ideas on how to set some monitoring up today. We have found the PowerShell Cmdlet "Get-RemoteAccessHealth" that returns the status for alle components. We would like to raise a notification if the HealtState on any components is different from Disabled or OK. Anny ideas? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved PS C:\> Get-RemoteAccessHealth Component RemoteAccessServer HealthState TimeStamp
  8. I would like to monitor Windows Azure, but I don't know where to add the generated certificate in the new Azure portal. In the Pulseway Manager it says: I think this description is deprecated, because it referes to the old Azure portal. Maybe the developer should update the description in the next version of the Pulseway Manager. Can anybody tell me where in the new portal I have to import the certificate? Thank you very much and best regards Markus Haslinger
  9. How do you restrict viewing of other client/customer data by end users when attempting to use "Security Roles" to allow them access to things such as the hardware assets and knowledge base views? We want to allow a client to view their hardware inventory (which we manage) from the portal, but they currently would be able to see data related to our other customers as well.
  10. Here is a pdf for setting up your synology nas with pulseway. PublicSNMPPulsewaySynology.pdf
  11. Hi All, I am trying to get some of the CRM features up and running and we seem to be falling at the first hurdle. When trying to update an opportunity and provide a quote we are not being shown any products? I am assuming that this is because the system is stating that we have nothing in stock, however I don't see why this wouldn't allow us to quote? I have tried resolving this temporarily with ad-hoc quotes, however this then brings up the issue of the VAT not showing, although I believe that we have this input correctly. I know that this is a little vague, however mo
  12. Hi there, Is there a way to change access/notification settings for multiple associated accounts at once (like a bulk select)? I know I can bulk select machines, but this is still done at an individual account level. When we have multiple users (set up for auditing purposes), whenever we add a new system we have to go through each account and grant them access to it. Thanks again guys for all your work!
  13. Hey guys, I'm fresh to Pulseway, and I must say this stuff is an eye opener to our current remote access tool!! I do have a few questions that I would like to ask before converting our 100+ devices to Pulseway. We have a satelite PC's and laptops that we want to install Pulseway on (which we would do unattended for the majority of).. Without having to go into each and every config afterwards and password protect the config with 'click here to prevent changes' and lock it down - is there a global change option that we can do for this? - the issue I have is with leaving this open
  14. Network Discovery and Automatic Deployment Is it possible to find a network appartment with the discovery tool? What's more in the planning for this feature? Is it possible to customize the IP address? Probe
  15. We get notifications of systems going off line and they generate a ticket in the Pulseway PSA ticketing system. But if that system comes back on-line and shows a normal status, it does not automatically complete or close the ticket out. Right now we have to manually go in to each ticket and close these tickets. Is there a way that the system can automatically close these tickets when their status changes to normal?
  16. Hello, I have reinstalled my server. When logging in I get the following error: There was no endpoint listening at https://xxxxxxxxxx/WebApp.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. What can be the reason? Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL Express 2012
  17. Hello, I have reinstalled my server. If I want to change something in the Pulseway Server Administrator, I get the following error: „The request failed with http status 404: Not Found.“ Can someone help me? Best regards Nikolaj Kinas
  18. I've installed the self hosted RMM on a server with configuration: Windows server 2012 R2 MSSQL Express 2016 Domain joined server Trial license Now I'd like to add some Active Directory users. What would be totally awesome is if I could just create and AD group, say 'RMM Admins' and have all members of that group be an admin on the RMM platform. I haven't seen this feature in the manual or in the Pulseway Enterprise Manager. Am I missing something ?
  19. Hi, it seems that the Notifications -> Event Log -> Event Log Filter is one of the usefullst things for me. Now I need to know, if I can use wildcards. For example: I use Altaro VM Backup for my backups. I searched with EventLogSourcesView for all possible sources on my system. In the moment I use this list: "Altaro Offsite Server, Altaro VM Backup, Altaro VM Backup Controller, Altaro VM Backup Engine, Altaro VM Backup Hyper-V Host Agent, Altaro.HyperV.WAN.RemoteService". It would be easier, if I could just say "Altaro*", but I don't know if this would work. Thanks
  20. I looked at another MST product last week that had the option to set up the time zone when setting up a client. I live in Thailand but my clients are mostly in the US. I'm getting notifications with my time zone, but not theirs. I need a way for the system to differentiate the times of various clients. In the agent, I can set the time or times that I want the computers to be in maintenance mode. But when the time zone changes, there is no modify it according to the time zone itself.
  21. Is it possible to set notifications remotely after pulseway has been installed? I have been looking over the manual and forums and have not found anything.
  22. Hey Forum, We have a lot of notification pairs that are hardly relevant because they are pairs. E.g.: a ping doesn't respond for ten minutes and than it comes back again. Personally I don't mind these because it gives me a better understanding of what's going on in my networks, but my employer heard from the reseller that a simple script can delete the notifications when a pair forms. I do have to admit that it would be nice if rebooting a server wouldn't make such a mess of these notifications. I was told to look into implementing it, but I can't quite find it. Does anybody have any sugg
  23. Hi I run Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi and have this successfully being monitored by Pulseway. I am now also using the BA-Bridge software which runs as a java process. Can anyone tell me how to configure Pulseway to monitor this and be able to re-start it if it should fail? The process is started by having /etc/rc.local call a script that does this: nohup java -jar -Dserver.port=8090 -Dconfig.file=/home/pi/habridge/habridge.config /home/pi/habridge/ha-bridge-3.5.1.jar > /home/pi/habridge/habridge-log.txt 2>&1 & Thanks
  24. Hi guys, I have a linux server with Openfire Installed. Recently we have a problem where the Openfire service stops and has to be restarted. I am trying to configure pulseway on this server to monitor the service. At this point, the server shows up on my Pulseway Dashboard. However, when the openfire service is stopped, i do not get any notification. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a copy of my current configuration. <!--Monitored Services--> <MonitoredServices> <!--Service - Name: "openfire" - D
  25. Hey we are chasing an problem in our SQL setup and in that quest we come across some heavy requests called often by the pulseway client the querylooks llike this This comes in at 1 place and 3 and 4 place in top most CPU consumin queries We are running an "large" SQL db (600GB) with 850 users online... so a lot queries are running alle the time... Any ideas ? Use [master]; SELECT TOP 100 L.request_session_id AS SPID, DB_NAME(L.resource_database_id) AS DatabaseName, O.Name AS LockedObjectName, P.object_id AS LockedObjec
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