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  1. hi can we have plugins install upon specific systems when rolling out the software rather than having to manually install them / update them?
  2. we use three plug ins, open / shutdown plugin allows remote reset / shutdown and pc monitor config which allows denial of all sorts of things from the mobile app. there are two different shutdown plugins we use, hence three of them. MobilePCMonitorConfigurator.dll PaulCsiki.ShutdownPlugin.dll ShutdownScheduler.dll I too would like the ability of installing these automatically rather than manually.
  3. Hi Pulseway was setup by someone who has now left and I have installed the client upon multiple computers and servers which all appear within Pulseway manager / Manage systems and in the pulseway dashboard but none appear within the mobile app nor within the webapp. I have obviously missed something, but what? Answers on a postcard to the usual address...
  4. You can change the inputs from any other client though Sorry but what application should i be using to be able to do this? There does not appear to be any additional functionality to achieve this through the Pulseway Dashboard. Sorry should have checked the mobile app
  5. Hi I have loaded the plugin on to a Windows 2012 Server and it appears in the webapp as shutdown plugin but i am unable to set the time, change the action or interval. Same thing on a 2008 server also Is there something i am missing?
  6. hi, it was me with the wrong server name, as soon as you posted above I could see it should have been pulseway.domain.,co.uk
  7. Hi within pulseway manager if I click on validate account it shows an error - there was no listening endpoint at... this was working fine until recently , any idea what may be causing this?
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