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  1. Chris, that would be nice if customers only sent to support@ for example but most of us know that in reality customers send to our own personal email addresses. My current ticketing system allows me to send the original email, using Forward as an attachment, and the ticket is allocated correctly. Some ticketing systems will check the original emails even if forwarded and allocate to the correct customer. Pulseway PSA needs to address this in one form or another.
  2. Hi. I've been trying to remove an agent from my account because my client replaced their PC. I have removed it from the Configuration section in the Web App and tried from the Dashboard but when my client switched their old PC back on the agent then registers itself and I get the warning email that I have too many Systems on my account. Apart from trying when the PC is switched on, is there a way to remove from my account? Regards, Andy
  3. Hi Getting used to, and liking, version 6. It's good to be able to apply policys to systems within Groups. However, as a lot of my clients are small, I have lots of small Groups. Is there a way to apply a policy, or individual setting to machines in more than one group e.g. applying to a scope for instance. At the moment it's time consuming to make a change in each group. Sorry - think this may have gone to wrong section...I'm not using Enterprise Server.
  4. The Uptime Report seems a little odd. I run it and everything comes back as 100%. Some of my clients, particularly those with laptops are not running all the time. I've probably missed something I guess!
  5. Hi. I would like to start sending my clients a report to show that monitoring is taking place and updates applied etc. Does anyone have recommendations on what to send. I'd imagine most of my clients are not concerned with the technical aspects of a report but just need assurance that something is happening! Regards, Andy
  6. The Groups are now known as Organisations. Look under "Server Admin" on left hand column and Configuration. Add an organisation and it will appear as a Group in the Systems section
  7. Agreed with previous comments but then just noticed that on the Agent Group section, where the Systems are listed, at the bottom left hand side of the page there is an Edit link. Click this and then you can moveout the device (System) and then choose where to move it to.
  8. Hi Just running a ping -t command via terminal on a remote device using Pulseway. Normally to halt it I would do Cntl+C to stop it, locally. Can't see how to do this using the Pulseway app. Sorry - have just found the close session command which terminates the Terminal session. Problem solved!
  9. I'm seeing 02/21/2018 in a Notification in the App but my machine is set to UK region and date format.
  10. Is it possible to change the date format for Notifications in the Windows 10 app to UK (currently set to US)
  11. Hi From your PSA overview video I see you have the philosophy of moving away from device applications and concentrating on HTML only for the PSA platform. However, one of the advantages of, for example, a CRM app on my android phone, is that I can call up a contact and I am able to launch my sat nav application with the contacts details already filled in. I don't see a way to do this with the PSA. I'm currently undecided as to the practicalities of using psa instead of other integrated platforms, other than cost, as someone who is not always in the office and uses a phablet whilst mobile... Looking at the number of posts here I suspect there hasn't been a great takeup of PSA?
  12. Testing later but think I have found the answer. There is a command line option to bypass the prompt a set number of times so a Pulseway script should take care of that.
  13. Hi Just taken on a client with laptops that have encrypted hard drives. They need a password when starting up so does anyone have experience/ideas with regards to remote support and monitoring. I use Pulseway to apply Updates, for example, in an evening but with many needing restarts I'm then unable to check all is well before the start of the next working day. Cheers, Andy
  14. Hi Currently having big problems whereby a lot of DNS records have been changed at my hosting company. I know there are third party tools that can monitor DNS changes but is there any way we could incorporate into Pukseway for clients' domains. Regards, Andy
  15. Thanks Paul, that's brilliant. I will give it a go.
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