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  1. We used to be able to see how long a system has been offline, what version of Pulseway was installed, etc. Those are gone now...Is this permanent?
  2. Our technical support AD credentials have changed passwords and now we are getting hundreds of machines trying to login with the configured AD account PowerShell User Impersonation credentials…locking the technician accounts. These machines are spread out at 19 separate locations and over 600 miles, at remote locations. How do we remotely modify the Runtime PowerShell user credentials on those machines? I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling, but it absorbs the previous configuration…including the former PowerShell User credentials….I also tried calling tech support but was sent to voicemail. Help! Local Setings where credentials were entered: Remote Settings, no ability to enter or modify PowerShell User:
  3. Having a way to search computers by users would be an amazing feature add. This way, when larger clients call into helpdesk, we could search by that caller and expedite the process. Add to that, the ability to search for all computers that a specific user is logged into.
  4. I currently use Splashtop in junction with Pulseway..for my mobile phone and as a backup to Pulseway's desktop remote, so I know remote works on iPhone
  5. Heck, even a report for endpoints with downtime parameters. I have 500 desktops on Pulseway..it'd be nice to sort those that have been offline for "X" days.
  6. Even an onboarding guide would be amazing.
  7. Is there a way to combine tickets...say for updates or similar tickets issued for same problem?
  8. Maybe someone can shed some light on this. Using the PSA system, I have gone several times now into the Service Desk module, selected hardware assets and assigned them to their respective clients. Every 24 hours or so, as I am entering in tickets and trying to assign a hardware asset to those tickets, I am finding that a bulk of the hardware assets are reverting back to my company as the client asignee. I have have to repeatedly go back and re-assign those hardware assets back to the clients. Besides the colosal waste of time, it makes me wonder if any other information is not being retained in the databse. Any clue? Shawn
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