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  1. Anyone? Apologies. Our paths got crossed. http://www.fixitscripts.xyz/55/How-Do-I-Remote-Stop-Monitoring-A-Service-In-Pulseway
  2. Apologies. Our paths got crossed. http://www.fixitscripts.xyz/55/How-Do-I-Remote-Stop-Monitoring-A-Service-In-Pulseway
  3. Could do with a One Time schedule. At the moment, you HAVE to choose a regular slot. I want to be able to schedule a task to run at 4am, and thats it.. Right now, I need to schedule it as a monthly task, and just remember to delete the task the next day.
  4. Tried that (Automatic (Delay)) on 2 machines. No affect.
  5. As my monitored machines are updating to the new Windows 10, the agent simply will not start automatically.. Any idea why?
  6. Aspect

    Need scripts?

    Hi. Admin, please remove if not allowed. I have a website where you can request scripts and help others by sharing scripts for everyday IT. http://FixItScripts.xyz I'm going to add a Pulseway section to it later.. Is total free.. Please check it out.
  7. Kaspersky has a module for Web Protection, that isn't installed by default.. You can go on to each machine individually and enable it. Would be nice to be able to do it remotely.
  8. Hi. By default, when adding Pulseway agent to a machine, and monitoring services, it monitor all Automatic services. Thats fine. Some services are Automatic, but not started, as they get started as an when needed. Then I have a manual task of unselecting the services that are on Auto, but not started on all machines, so that the Pulseway agent does not trigger an alert, for example, "Software Protection" Then a couple days later, I get an alert stating the service I asked PW kindly to stop monitoring, is now being monitored, and has stopped!! Grrr.
  9. Kaspersky Web Protection configuration via the WebApp would be great!
  10. I'm looking for the reverse.. I need one particular service UNmonitored on the whole estate..
  11. I was hoping there would be a script or method to blanket disable monitoring certain services.. PW automatically monitors automatic startup services, but not all services are actually started, so from the outset,, notifications are raised..
  12. It self rectified.. I'm guessing I was impatient.
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