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  1. We've greatly reduced the amount of time required to start remote control sessions from the WebApp allowing you to get to the endpoints without delay.
  2. Deploy BitDefender antivirus to your endpoints with just the level of protection you need, all with one click. Additional In app support for Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Full Disk Encryption further strengthens your security.
  3. Hello @Mark G38, I just DM'd you. Please take a look.
  4. I understand your concern, will forward your request with our team.
  5. Thanks for your contribution Mark, have you mentioned this request in our feature roadmap?
  6. Hey @WYE, you can check the release details here along with the history. I will pass your feedback with our team, appreciate sharing it here.
  7. Hi @ictnetworksolutions, our team is looking into this, will update the details shortly.
  8. Our dev team is doing their best to meet the user requests. Appreciate your understanding.
  9. Thanks for being helpful @Mark G38, we are grateful to have you with us.
  10. Ya Mark, it must have been rolling out by then. Hi @GlobalTSS LLC, here you can check the roadmap we have, we are expecting some interesting additions before the end of this year.
  11. It is already out and should be available for you now.
  12. It is already out and should be available for you Mark.
  13. Thanks for your valuable feedback, I have shared your post with our dev team.
  14. Simplify the way you manage scripts with the addition of search and move.
  15. We have redesigned the Group Policies page to make it easier for you to exploit the full power of Pulseway policies. With a clean simplified navigation design and the addition of an integrated search functionality, you can find any group policy setting with just a few clicks.
  16. Hey there, If in case you are not able to uninstall Kaspersky (or the action button is greyed out), then it is evident that the antivirus policy is being applied over an organization/site/Agent group level from the Pulseway WebApp->Server Admin-> configuration->Select the organization/site/agent group to which the endpoint belongs to-> Check and change to No Policy. For function greyed out - Remove the Kaspersky Antivirus policy from the configuration tab for that system. Let us know if this works.
  17. Hello guys, can you please mail me at jamie.taylor@pulseway.com with your issue, email id and name?
  18. Please tick the checkbox saying, "I don't have an Instance Name" while logging in. Once you do that, this should work.
  19. This version is developed and ready. It will be probably be deployed in the next 2 releases.
  20. Current design of our product does not provide to set the session timeout for not more than 2 hours. Please submit a feature request so our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this option into our future releases.
  21. For this issue, we need logs from your affected system to get the syslog. Please run this command in the terminal: grep -i pulseway /var/log/syslog or cat /var/log/syslog | grep pulseway
  22. Hey Abel, Pulseway can monitor thin client.
  23. Glad this was resolved. Please feel free to comment back if you have any other queries.
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