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  1. speaking of opportunities, it would be good to be able to change the Account listed on an opportunity. We use QuoteWerks to create our quotes. We have had issues where someone creates a quote and it adds another Account instead of using one that already exists. Being able to change the Account on the opportunity and then delete the duplicate Account would be great.
  2. "I had entered all the Contracts for our clients for Managed and Recurring Charges. However, I’m disappointed that the engineers/help desk have to go to the Finance tab to see it. Why can’t they see the contracts in the CRM Accounts view? Why can’t a list of the contracts for a client show up like the Opportunities do?"
  3. We have need to be able to create a time entry related to administrative or etc items that do not have an associated task or project and do not wnat to have to create and or leave a task/project open indefinitely for administrative or etc processes, but would like to be able to track that time.
  4. Create Tasks unrelated to a project and allow them to be picked up/assigned direct through tasks in all tasks view.
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