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  1. kavaa

    Repeat Notifications

    Hi @Paul, Any news on this. Since it would be very usefull to have notifications repeat at wanted intervals. This so that we can make sure we don't miss any alerts etc. And if we are in a meeting or what ever and get messages every 1-5 min or so than we know its serious. Now we only get one ofcource and than need to open the Pluseway app to look back..
  2. kavaa

    Acronis Backup Support

    +1 for Acronis Cloud Backup Support
  3. kavaa

    Auto detect SNMP Settings form Device

    Yeah, with that I think that you can create a "global" MIB libary with all features etc.
  4. kavaa

    Auto detect SNMP Settings form Device

    @PulsewayTeam any news on this? We we can get some graphs out of pulseway and detailed info like uptime or graphs for network speeds for Routers / Devices etc.
  5. kavaa

    Repeat Notifications

    Is there anyone that has an answer to this? Using Pulseway MSP (Hosted) Please let me know. @Paul @Chris
  6. kavaa

    Can I use PSWindowsUpdate over Pulseway

    You should be good to go with putting: For Autoreboot: Get-WUInstall –MicrosoftUpdate –AcceptAll –AutoReboot Without Autoreboot: Get-WUInstall –MicrosoftUpdate –AcceptAll Knowing that you have the PSWindowsUpdate Installed of course. And also make sure your client have at least Powershell 5.1
  7. kavaa

    Monitor Disk Space Linux

    Found it: In the config.xml Change the percentage and path to your needs. Also change false to enabled. <LowHDDSpace> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/" Priority="0" Enabled="true"/> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/home" Priority="1" Enabled="true"/> <Hdd Percentage="10" Path="/mnt/media" Priority="1" Enabled="true"/> </LowHDDSpace>
  8. kavaa

    Product Branding

    But how are you doing it now. Are you create separate certificates for each Trial / Demo Account an production account? Let's Encrypt an option maybe? Free, Easy to mange?
  9. kavaa

    Product Branding

    Depends on how it's setup and managed depends on the setup, its possible for sure.
  10. kavaa

    Product Branding

    Not really in that way. More like Domain Pointers / CNAMES So no seperate instances of Pulseway MSP. But like: ictwebsolution.pulseway.com < Main MSP URL Customer 1 with Group X under the main account, customer has Access but the customer wants his own name to connect to. For example: monitoring.companynameX.com > points to > ictwebsolution.pulseway.com as an alias. So the customer does not know anything of ictwebsolution.pulseway.com only his own URL. So that its even more Whitelabel than only a Logo and changes in Emails.
  11. kavaa

    Unattended installation with Remote Desktop module

    @Chris Do you have the powershell script that can enable the Remote Desktop Feature form Pulseway?
  12. kavaa

    Product Branding

    We are on the MSP model. And the website says White Labeling the only thing missing in that is the URL scheme;) Please add this as a priority in the next update.
  13. kavaa

    Product Branding

    We would like to offer our clients a white label monitoring solution. Of course the pluseway app is not white label. But we have now a URL company.pulseway.com for example. It would be nice if we could add multiple for multiple clients. Can this be done? Maybe not trough the web app but by contacting support so they can add the alias? Also the url for the endpoint server in the pulseway clients needs to be unique for the client then.