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  1. Will you than update / close suggestions that are already in the product? Many things are open since 2020 and not closed and or still in development
  2. Hi, Sometimes we see that our clients have issues with their onedrive status that files are not synced etc. Users are not checking that often so their files may be at risk. It would be nice if we could monitor this with pulseway in a native way. See: https://call4cloud.nl/2020/09/lost-in-monitoring-onedrive/ For more info.
  3. Hi, Any news on this @Marius Its been 4+ Years...
  4. @Paul Can you explain more about how to fill custom fields i've send you a DM. Cannot find any documentation that we can use. Thanks!
  5. Its very frustrating if you want to add newly added apps to the Third Party patch management section that you need to check what apps you already have in the list; See screenshot. It would be better to remove items from the dropdown list if they already are in a rule. I understand that you will be able to have multiple rules (1 for install and 1 for update) But you would be able to make a Checkbox or some other solution to get this done. Or put a Checkbox in the dropdown list or whatever to quickly see what is already added to a rule. That way its easier to keep the list up to date since you are adding apps all the time.
  6. Don't know if its allready in Pulseway (Was not able to find it) We would like to make Tags or Something based on Asset info. Like; All Dell Systems (Desktop/Laptops) All HP Systems (Desktops / Laptops) So we match on; Asset info: Manufacturer and OS Tag that should be made; Dell Systems with Windows 10 for example Filter: Manufacturer = Dell Inc. and OS = Windows 10
  7. Would be Way easier to just see it at a glance for all systems :-) I need to know it once I click on a system.Or better in the list after Windows 10 Pro (<BuildNumber>)
  8. Any news on this? This would really be handy to see if the Windows (Build) is recent @Paul Can we expect this in an upcoming release?
  9. @Paul When will that feature be released?
  10. Hi, It would be nice to have an Section in the overview page of a System what Windows Version / Patch / Update is installed. Like Windows 10 Pro 1909 for example. So we know on what build / CU they are.
  11. Check, when will it be possible? Those versions are all ready out for some time now.
  12. Hi, Pulseway still does not supportt SQL Server versions 2016, 2017 and 2019. When will this support been added? We really need this om 12 servers...
  13. Don't know if its asked before but here we go. Please add the option to move systems between user accounts. This would be awesome to make everything more organised. The way this can be done now is to execute a command on the system to change the settings. But it would be better if this is possible in the WebApp And or make an option [Selectable] to move it to a completely different server this could be handy when you move from cloud -> Own server or the server address will change for some reason.
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