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  1. Hi Jamie, How does the remote app deal with Security when a tech logs in then? We have users that we do not allow Admin or Power User rights to, so I am a little worried about security here.
  2. Hi Matt, Well, I don't think you the only one with this issue. I have not had RMM issues and answers, but the PSA is a different story. Yes, talk to your sales rep for help with this. Gary
  3. Yes you can. We are even using this feature to assign tickets to our self if we sent in an email to the system. That way another tech does not pickup the ticket and start working on it. Gary
  4. Hi, We had the same question (Mainly for end of month). All I did was ask our Techs to 'submit' their timesheets on every Friday night. (We changed our week start on Sat.) If you want to go through approval before you pay, maybe you can ask for timesheets to be submitted, then approve time, then reject the time sheet so they can enter more time for the next few days. Not sure if this works or not, maybe give it a try first. Gary
  5. Any more news on this feature. Still waiting for RMM to PSA asset integration.
  6. Hi Alan, I was working with one of my techs yesterday. He said Pulseway PSA was slow for him, mine was 4 times faster. The only difference is he is no longer runing NoSctipt. Well, he has now started using it again. Instant faster Pulseway PSA. Yes I agree, we need a way to turn this off.
  7. Hi Eric, I too would love to see more automation for issues built into Pulseway or the PSA. I think this is one thing missing for a busy IT team.
  8. Hi Alan, I agree, and got so frustrated with it I am now running "NoScript" in my browser and have disabled this from showing up. It is just annoying and getting in the way.
  9. I agree, But this is the 'real' world we live in. everyone is going to mobile apps. We don't all carry Surface computers, tablets or other during emergencies.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to search tickets by Ticket Time entries (Notes) or by just Notes in a ticket. We are trying to find tickets that have specific notes in them and can only find a way to search by Title or Details. We are wanting to search by work done to find tech notes on resolutions.
  11. It would be nice to know the costs of this.
  12. Arrow, The only thing Pulseway pulls into the PSA for inventory is the name of the system, Physical Location Info (Pulseway grouping) and the OS which is called Manufacture in the PSA. I agree this need a lot of work. Pulseway has a lot of the info that can be pulled into the PSA, but it is not at this time. I 'THINK' I have seen something in the Forums that it "may" be in the work. The other issue I have with this is the "Account" info. Every time new hardware is pull/push into the PSA from Pulseway, it sets the Account to my company. They need a way to have the account set correct,. I hope this is added real soon.....
  13. BUMP! Is there any movement for a Mobile App for the PSA. Using the "Web" version of the PSA on a cell phone just does not work. There is way too much on the screen to help manage your tickets or put in your notes and time. Minimum, it would be nice to see custom web pages just for the Support Desk so Techs can manage their tickets on the road. Pulseway is way behind other products on this. I am finding techs just wait to get back to a computer to enter time, so they are missing notes and sometimes time entries. What are others doing for traveling Techs? How are you dealing with notes and time in tickets?
  14. Hi Tyson, We have been using the PSA for more than a year now, and I have asked the same question a few times. We are still looking for a way to handle "Packages" we build for our clients almost exactly what you described above. The other item I am looking for is how to pay for the items in a package we put together for our clients. (i.e. Package includes Pulseway, AV and backups.) Some items we pay monthly and some yearly. We currently use Excel to track which clients have which packages, and then pay our monthly and yearly fees from there. I am with you. This is exactly the type of work the PSA should do for us. If I forget to add a contract in the PSA, I am not charging for the services, or if I forget to add the contract to the Excel sheet, I am not paying for the licenses. Now lets add a new employee changing a contract and not changing the Excel. I am not billing or I am in trouble with someone for not paying for a license. (Starting to become unmanageable). So, I am starting to look at Reports and "Custom Fields" for the contracts. I am hoping for a report that shows what contracts were billed, and then what "Parts" are used to makeup the contract. I will then deal with hours after that. Tyson, if you find a better way to deal with this (or anyone else), please PING me. Gary
  15. Hi Chris I will try this. Also...Am I missing something. Shouldnt a ticket be assigned if we click on the "Assign" button and assign a ticket to a tech. Is there a reason it stays as a NEW ticket. What am I missing? Gray
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