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  1. Gary Haberl

    Groups question

    Hi Paul, We create groups the same way Max does. We also setup a separate user name and password for each client in the RMM for the agent deploy. We do not use the same user/password between clients. There are issues on what you can edit in Pulseway between clients within the agent with the same user.
  2. Gary Haberl

    changing colors of the monitored devices?

    BUMP.... Has this changed yet? Is there a way to change the colors of different alerts.
  3. Gary Haberl

    Hardware Assets management

    Good question. Here is what we used to do with other helpdesk(s) we used. - We only inventoried items of value we wanted to track. If you want to trace all cable locks, keyboards, etc, then you need to inventory them. (We found this a lot of work as we did each item, not groups, and tagged them.) - One of the other programs we used had a check out of items for inventory so we knew who had the product, when it was taken and when we expected it back. I do not see that option in Pulseway. - The second help desk we moved to, also did not have this option. SO, what we did was start a ticket, assigned it to the user taking the product, and itemized everything (asset tags) in the ticket. We used the DUE date as the expected return date. We also started a custom ticket type "Loaner Equipment". Resolve the ticket when items are returned. Sorry, probably not the best, but that's what we used to do. (We don't manage our clients loaner equipment any more.) Gary
  4. Gary Haberl

    Note replies syntax and issues

    We found the same Matt. Finally figured out the proper formatting of email templates for this to work. Easy once you know, but documentation is ...
  5. Gary Haberl

    Pulseway Dashboard

    In the Pulseway Dashboard (V 5.4.1) we are noticing servers showing as Offline and then they go back online in 1 or 2 min. The issue is, the server is not offline. First, we setup Pulseway to show servers RED when they go offline, and more important, I'm connected to the server working on it. Then a few other servers show offline, and then go back online in 1 or 2 min. and this keeps cycling through our screen saying servers are offline at random. Anyone else seeing this.....Very weird.
  6. Gary Haberl

    Multi Factor Authentication

    Would you consider Microsoft Azure MFA? Some of us use O365 accounts with MFA already for email and other.
  7. I vote +1 for this. (Or give us a way to create our own invoice templates in the PSA).
  8. Gary Haberl

    Huge Ticket Titles from RMM Events

    I couldn't agree more Max. It feels like the RMM is putting all the info for a ticket in the title and description of the ticket. The title of the ticket needs to be short. Our Techs have complained about this many times, and again in our meeting today. Gary
  9. Gary Haberl

    Timesheet time rounding

    I agree Chris, One of the techs said it 'was' rounding his time for a few days, when entering time. It used to round time when I was doing the billing review, now it is not rounding anywhere. I think something is broken, or someone is changing the code as to how the rounding works. Gary
  10. Gary Haberl

    PSA Ad-Hoc Reports

    Bump.. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Gary Haberl

    File Transfer

    ArrowNM, I agree with you about Screen Connect. We have been using it for years hosted out of our own DC. We also use the Remote Desktop in Pulseway, but it is limited in features, but for a quick connect to a system, it works well.
  12. Gary Haberl

    PSA - Default Contract

    BUMP... Anyone else seeing this?
  13. Gary Haberl

    PSA - Default Contract

    Hi, I think this is since the last update. When the RMM starts a ticket for a client, it does not include the Default Contract when starting the ticket. If I start a ticket manually for a client, it does pick the default contract. This is a large issue as I am having to go back the full month, find any ticket created by the RMM and edit the tickets to add the contract rate. Gary
  14. Gary Haberl

    PSA Ad-Hoc Reports

    Hi, In our time sheets, we us words like Wasn't which show up properly in the PSA program. But when I create our own report, this is changed to "Wasn't" Is there a way to display this properly in our own reports?
  15. Gary Haberl

    [C#] 3CX Windows Plugin to Open Ticket in PSA

    FANTISTIC. Yes we use 3CX, and will look at this. Thank you.