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  1. Hi PSA users, We just found an issue with the QuickBooks export utility. Confirm your data exports. - We use time sheet rounding of 15 Min per ticket. So, if we charge 11 Min on a ticket for tech work, the system rounds it up to 15 min for invoicing. (Perfect just what we wanted.) - The actual data in the ticket for time is 11 Min. The PSA invoice to the client is 15 Min. - When we export our data into QuickBooks using the PSA QuickBooks desktop utility, the data exported to QuickBooks is 11 Min (Actual not Invoiced) * So if you are using time rounding, the PSA to send your invoices and QuickBooks for your accounting confirm your data. * Yes I have notified support.
  2. Hi All, Does anyone else have an issue with Assigning a ticket and the status staying "New". I asked support a while ago, and they said maybe some users still wanted the status to stay as new when it is assigned. Well with that logic, when I resolve a ticket, maybe is should stay as "Assigned" and not "completed". The issue I am having is when I have NEW tickets, I like to assign a "Group or Batch" of tickets to one tech. From the Service Desk "Dashboard" you can see the "New" tickets. From there I batch assign tickets to a tech, but they stay as 'New" tickets. Well now I have to go into each ticket and change from New to Assigned. Sorry, but if we "Assign" a ticket is it no longer "New" it is "Assigned" status. Just like "Resolved" tickets. They are 'Completed" not other statuses. What am I missing? Gary
  3. I think it is fantastic that Pulseway is finally doing something with automation. But why remove our only option to automate something before you release the new feature. No wonder I am not getting my backup notices any more. I thought they were just working better. Now I need to go look again and find a new way to automate the task. (Back to Zabbix to monitor our backups.) One step forward, 3 backward. Well, on the plus side, if I did not see this post I would have missed our backup issues for clients.
  4. Ya, the completed tickets do not need to show here. You can use the search button on the ticket view, and select only the ticket status you want to see. But you have to do this every time. Makes this feature hard to use. Needs a bit of work IMO.
  5. Hi Sean, Here are my suggestions. (Yes contracts need some work.IMO) I agree. But I just set an end date of Dec 31, 2099 Again, just set 2099 Just bill every 2 weeks then. The system will keep track of what is billed and what is not. Under Finance, Billing review, Labor hours, just choose the time you want to bill and post the items for billing (i.e. Jan 1 to Jan 15) We use T&M for our clients. We do the same thing, bill clients 'POST" work. The reason we use T&M is some clients are a different hourly rate for different roles. (i.e. We charge clients for onsite work hourly rate. Then remote work at $ 0.00 as we charge a flat rate per computer. And then some clients we charge hourly for remote work.) All our time is billed on 15 Min intervals. It takes time to enter a ticket, time to do the work, time to close the ticket. 1. Set your minimum billing time under Admin, My Company, company settings, timesheet 2. Set your normal hourly rate per role. Admin, finance setup roles. 3. Now setup contracts (IF NEEDED) for clients that have a different rate other than your normal hourly rate setup in admin, finance. (Watch that you set "Default contract for Servicedesk). 4. Do your work in tickets, then bill every 2 weeks as needed. The system will keep track of which work is billed and which is not. (i.e. you can bill some clients every 2 weeks, and some monthly. Up to you). Hope that helps. If I am missing something, let me know. Gary
  6. Matt, I thought I said +1 to this also. I agree 100%, we need Azure MFA.
  7. Hi Paul, what about just monitoring the network card bandwidth (Local System), collect info every X min and pass it back to Pulseway. Francis, We use Zabbix for monitoring bandwidth on systems (and other monitoring) that we can map and chart for clients (bandwidth, disk usage, logins, CPU Usage, Memory load, etc). And it takes far less traffic back to our server than Pulseway does. We have set the system to keep 1 year of info so we can chart it any time for clients. We find it very useful when reporting back to clients. Just a thought.
  8. I agree 100% also. This is the only program we use that "hides" information of offline systems. If Pulseway would just say the system is "Off-Line" when looking at the data, then I think we are smart enough to know some information may not be valid any more.
  9. Hi, In V4.0.17 the following was added to the release notes. Time Zone and Date/Time format for the Client Portal can now be configured via new fields on Account Location. (BMS-5337) (Tine Zone and Date and Time formats) I do now see Time Zone under CRM - Location for all of my clients, but it is blank. Is there a bulk way to change this for clients, or do I have to go into each client and make the change manually? If it is manual, can I suggest in the future when items are added that we can be given a way to bulk change information. I have way too many client locations to click and change the Time Zone info. Gary
  10. Hi, In the PSA Dashboards, you can select different items by set date ranges (Service desk "Tickets by Status", Finance "Revenue By Client", and others). You normally only have Month, Quarter, and Year as your selections. Is it possible to give us a date range we can select by? -OR- at Minimum, can you give us "Last" month, "Last" Quarter and "Last" year as choices also. I do use the Dashboards, but at the end of a month, the numbers change. I would like to: On a new month, look at what the numbers were for last month Compare last month to how we are doing this month Maybe (new feature again) set a goal and see where we are at this point, or at the end of the month how we did. "Last" month choice again. Gary
  11. Hi, In the PSA, can you add a "Notes" tab to Service Quotes. There is a Notes tab for Product quotes that is nice to have for internal notes when working on Quotes. It would be nice to see the same Tab on Service quotes so we can also keep internal notes. Gary
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