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  1. Quote Templates (Services)

    HI, Is there a way to change the quote template for service quotes to add the period field. When creating the quote, you end up with services, and the period (monthly, yearly, other). But when you print the quote, the "Period" filed is not printed. So, if you have a mix of items (Monthly and Yearly) there is no way of knowing in the quote. Gary
  2. Quotes and Inventory Items

    Hi Chris, Now when working on Opportunities, the "Distribution" and "Whole Sale" items show up again under Price Level even though they are disabled. Opportunities...Quote Tab...Choose or create new quote from here...Add or edit a product item...Click on Price Level and you get all the price levels again.
  3. Import Invoices into QuickBooks

    Thank you Chris. But, when you do a Product Quote, and do not have inventory items, you can click on the "Items" tab and input items from there " Add/Edit SO Free Item ". You can give it a name, QTY, price, etc. But you can not attach it to an Expense or Income account. Then when you push the Quote to a Sales Order, Post and Invoice all works well. But you can not import that invoice into Quickbooks as the items do not have income accounts associated to them. I was wondering if there is a way to set a default Income and Expense account that will catch these items so the QuickBooks import will work. Gary
  4. Can we link our 3CX phones into the PSA for calls and logs

    Thank you Chris. I will look at this some day when I have time. I was just hoping your PSA was build on some other CRM that 3CX already has support for that would make this connection quicker. Gary
  5. Change formatting of quotes/orders/invoicing.

    I vote +1 for this. I would really like to edit my forms also.
  6. PSA Messages and emails re time approval

    Bug with Time Approval message in PSA App. We have setup a notice to let me know when time needs to be approved in the PSA. The email I get in my Outlook in box, has a link that shows "Click Here" that brings me to the timesheet to be approved. There is also a message in my Messages - Inbox in the PSA. This message in the PSA has a broken link for the "Click Here". The URL reads.... "https://psa.pulseway.com/Dashboard/psa.pulseway.com//Dashboard/TimesheetEdit.aspx?.............................." Gary
  7. Edit group name of multiple clients

    Thank you for sharing this. Just what we have been looking for. Gary
  8. PSA Ship Date

    The PSA ship date (CRM ... Sales Order) has 8 days per week in the calendar. Never mind....Thats the weeks in the year. OOPS Gary
  9. Import Invoices into QuickBooks

    Hi, I created a quote, and followed the process to importing the final invoice into QUickbooks and I get the following error. 2/3/2018 6:17:41 PM-Invoice# Inv_3 - Failed to Add Line Item (3-Port Hubble wall plate) - Missing Income Account Reference - Check your Billing Configuration. The issue is that I did not use the Inventory to create the quote at first. I just used Items and filled parts and prices there. I noticed I can not add Income or Expense accounts to the items I enter under "Items" in the quote. My question. How to I set a default Income and Expense account for "Items" in a quote so I can import the invoice into Quickbooks? Or did I miss how to tell the PSA what Income / Expense accounts to? Gary
  10. Adding Inventory Frustration

    OK, I found out what is wrong. The accounts in the inventory only work if you start typing the account code. Some of our accounts do not have codes, and only names. The field here in the inventory is account code and account name. If you try to type in the field, you have to start typing the account code not the name. We have pulled our accounts from Quickbooks and some accounts do not have codes. Gary
  11. Close ticket from RMM Script

    Thank you Chris, We will look at this feature and work from there. it may give us part functionality for now.
  12. Quotes and Inventory Items

    Chris, thank you, It is now fixed, not sure just when. In the Price Levels, we only have Retail enabled and it used to have Distribution and Whole Sale showing up blank and Distribution (blank) was always default. Now it only shows Retail and it is Default.
  13. New Patch Management - Schedule and menu

    Thank you Chris, Looks like it keeps my timezone now. Gary
  14. Android app 5.4 update

    Hi Chris, Samsung, Android 7 When I updated the app, the login settings came across properly. The PIN code I set in the app did not continue to work. Name and User Chat name (I think) also reset to my phone name and not what I set them to. I have been able to reset the PIN now and it is working. I will reset my name and chat name also. Gary P.S. The PIN code is good, but only a GRAY background. It does not 'HIDE' the app totally. If someone gets my phone, and opens the app, they see what is in the background where I left the app last. Good that they can not do anything, but they can see some information. Maybe consider totally blacking out the screen for full security.
  15. Share settings in RMM

    Thank you Chris, We will use our SharePoint site to share scripts for now. As we grow, this will become more and more important in the management of Techs and Clients.