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  1. Hi, In the PSA Dashboards, you can select different items by set date ranges (Service desk "Tickets by Status", Finance "Revenue By Client", and others). You normally only have Month, Quarter, and Year as your selections. Is it possible to give us a date range we can select by? -OR- at Minimum, can you give us "Last" month, "Last" Quarter and "Last" year as choices also. I do use the Dashboards, but at the end of a month, the numbers change. I would like to: On a new month, look at what the numbers were for last month Compare last month to how we are doing this month Maybe (new feature again) set a goal and see where we are at this point, or at the end of the month how we did. "Last" month choice again. Gary
  2. Gary Haberl

    Product and Service Quotes (Request)

    Hi, In the PSA, can you add a "Notes" tab to Service Quotes. There is a Notes tab for Product quotes that is nice to have for internal notes when working on Quotes. It would be nice to see the same Tab on Service quotes so we can also keep internal notes. Gary
  3. Gary Haberl

    Roadmap update

    Fantastic to hear. Can we still get a more updated roadmap. I am with Matt an would love to see more of the direction and plans. I know a lot of time is spent on a few of the features and bug fixes, but there has to be more than that in the works.
  4. Gary Haberl

    Ad-hoc reports on Pulseway

  5. Gary Haberl

    PSA - Ad-Hoc Reports broken

    many reports and all Ad-Hoc reports stopped working again. Can someone please fix this so I can go back to work.
  6. Gary Haberl

    Ad-hoc reports: trouble with grouping

    EndzoneHero Tried to import your report, but there are a few places it is looking for a field that does not exist in my database. Just wondering if you maybe created some custom fields. Looks like warranty.date type of field.?? If you want help, you can contact me at gary@lions.com and I will see what I can do to help. All the best.
  7. Gary Haberl

    Exclude tag from scope

    +1 here
  8. Gary Haberl

    PSA Time Update Bulk Actions

    Nice idea ArrowNM, you would also need to add the same 'notes' to each ticket time per client. The only issue I see is lazy techs adding a lot of time at the end of a day to catch up and make it look like they were busy. (Maybe that's just an admin thing) Still a good idea. The bulk actions for tickets needs more options.
  9. Gary Haberl


    +1 ... I would also love to see this. We currently use Dell servers, and with Openmanage we are able to watch S.M.A.R.T for all drives. We then push error info to event logs and track drives that way. Would love to see a S.M.A.R.T section in the RMM.
  10. Gary Haberl

    RMM assets not appearing in PSA

    +1 I would also love to see systems automatically added to the PSA as soon as the RMM is setup.
  11. Gary Haberl

    PSA Product Quote

    Thank you Chris. Any update? Is this correct, only add inventory items once to product quotes?
  12. Gary Haberl

    PSA Product Quote

    Hi, In the PSA Product Quote, I can only add a hardware item once to a quote. So if I have a "Generic" item i want to use in a quote, and change the description, I can only add it once. So, If I am using Generic items in quotes (Product Items) and I want to put it in the quote more than once, I have to do it as a Service Quote. Can it be changed so we can add a product item more than once in a product quote. Then I don't need to use service quotes to send out product quotes.
  13. Gary Haberl

    Reports Not Working! - Reboot Service Please.

    Thank you, Yes the reports work now.
  14. Gary Haberl

    Feature Request - Various

    Good ideas Tim.