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  1. Instead of working on the API for this, I just installed the 3CX browser extension "3CX Click2Call". Not perfect, but it dials my phone from the PSA links. Just watch out what the extension thinks are phone numbers.
  2. BUMP... Has anyone integrated a 3CX system with their PSA? Do you want to share your 3CX CRM Template? Gary
  3. Hi Kerry, I have been asking for this for years. It is something that is missing in the PSA but needed.
  4. Thank you Jamie, I did add my 2 suggestions to that site, and now I can not find them. Is there a process I need to go through to be authorized to post to this site, or is there a way to search for my requests. I did use the search and cant find them. Gary
  5. We would like to see the last few tickets for a client when entering a new ticket. When a client calls, we ask if they have a ticket, we start a new ticket and help the client. We find that we end up with multiple duplicate tickets for the same issue. (ie. Client sends in a ticket via email, then calls the service desk as they are in a rush.) In other ticket systems we have used, when entering a ticket, we get a popup showing the last X (normally 5) tickets for that company and user. Ie. We enter the company name, the popup (side bar) shows the last 5 tickets for this company. Ie. Then when we choose the user we are working with, the popup (side bar) filters the company showing only the tickets for this specific user.
  6. Need to search ticket to find work done that is posted in tech notes. We are having issues finding work performed for clients in the PSA search. The issue is that the ticket “Title” and “Details” do not always include the data you are searching for. (ie. When working with a supplier, we get info from them (ticket numbers or data) that we put in a ticket and can not search for.) It would be nice to also search the “Time Logs” – Notes and Internal Notes fields for key words to find data.
  7. Hi Jamie, How does the remote app deal with Security when a tech logs in then? We have users that we do not allow Admin or Power User rights to, so I am a little worried about security here.
  8. Hi Matt, Well, I don't think you the only one with this issue. I have not had RMM issues and answers, but the PSA is a different story. Yes, talk to your sales rep for help with this. Gary
  9. Yes you can. We are even using this feature to assign tickets to our self if we sent in an email to the system. That way another tech does not pickup the ticket and start working on it. Gary
  10. Hi, We had the same question (Mainly for end of month). All I did was ask our Techs to 'submit' their timesheets on every Friday night. (We changed our week start on Sat.) If you want to go through approval before you pay, maybe you can ask for timesheets to be submitted, then approve time, then reject the time sheet so they can enter more time for the next few days. Not sure if this works or not, maybe give it a try first. Gary
  11. Any more news on this feature. Still waiting for RMM to PSA asset integration.
  12. Hi Alan, I was working with one of my techs yesterday. He said Pulseway PSA was slow for him, mine was 4 times faster. The only difference is he is no longer runing NoSctipt. Well, he has now started using it again. Instant faster Pulseway PSA. Yes I agree, we need a way to turn this off.
  13. Hi Eric, I too would love to see more automation for issues built into Pulseway or the PSA. I think this is one thing missing for a busy IT team.
  14. Hi Alan, I agree, and got so frustrated with it I am now running "NoScript" in my browser and have disabled this from showing up. It is just annoying and getting in the way.
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