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  1. Gary Haberl

    PSA - Ad-Hoc Reports broken

    Thank you, I was able to get back into Ad-Hoc reports. They were a little slow and still issues for a short term, but they seam to be working well now.
  2. Gary Haberl

    Void - Sales Order

    That is what I thought. Thank you Hi Paul, I am guessing I now need to copy this quote or create a new one, so I can create a new sales order and invoice. There is no option on the current quote to create a new Sales Order. All I see is the Voided order link in this quote. Gary
  3. Gary Haberl

    PSA - Ad-Hoc Reports broken

    Anyone else having issues with Ad-Hoc reports. They were working earlier today, and now they just do not finish. Gary
  4. Gary Haberl

    Void - Sales Order

    OOps, I hit void on a sales order and did not mean to. Is there a way to unvoid a sales order. Gary
  5. Gary Haberl

    Pulseway update 5.4.4

    I will keep an eye on this on the next system reboots. Thank you,
  6. Gary Haberl

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    I think Pulseway should roll this fix into a new feature of adding more than one person to outgoing ticket emails. If a ticket comes in, they need to capture all CCd emails and add them to ticket email correspondence instead of the one person adding the ticket. Then we could add more than one person to each ticket for notice emails.
  7. Gary Haberl

    Ticket Batch Actions

    Thanks Martin, that is what I did. I wish they would add this feature to the Batch actions. I had to reopen completed tickets to make the change and the close them again. This sent out emails to users and techs again.
  8. Gary Haberl

    PSA: Bulk Edit Hardware Assets

    +100 here. There has to be a way to automatically associated hardware with the proper company name. I am also tired of editing hardware all the time. In the PSA, maybe add another tab in the customers (next to Email Domains) that asks for "RMM Groups".
  9. Gary Haberl

    Pulseway update 5.4.4

    Yup, happening again. I am finding that pulseway client on some systems does not restart after the system updates (windows updates) and reboots. I have an old Windows 2008 R2 system that Pulseway does not restart, and I have a new Windows 10 Pro that is doing the same thing. Not sure about other systems yet.
  10. Gary Haberl

    PSA: Ticket quick find

    Hi John, Until they create this type of feature, you can do what I do. I have multiple tabs open for tickets. One sorted one way, and another sorted another. Not sure if this solves the issue of finding the ticket you want, but it would stop you from having to change your sort view all the time. Another idea one of our techs uses: He has created a few views so he can switch fast between searches. Not sure if this helps for now or not. Gary
  11. Gary Haberl

    Pulseway update 5.4.4

    Hi all, During the 5.4.4 update, I have seen a few systems that have not restarted the Pulseway service. I thought the systems were offline, but it was only the Pulseway service not running. Has anyone else seen this?
  12. Gary Haberl

    Ticket Batch Actions

    Hi, In the tickets, Batch Actions, I do not see Update "Contract" for Tickets. Is there a way to change tickets already in the system so they use the Contracts we setup "after" we started adding tickets? Gary
  13. Gary Haberl

    Pulseway Ad-Hoc Reports

    Hi all, In the Ad-Hoc reports, I ask the user for a date range for the report (Filter). Does anyone know how to capture the dates (Between) and display them on the report? Gary
  14. Gary Haberl


    Hi, In our RMM, the alerts do not automatically resolve if an issue is fixed. BUT, they do clear if you are also using the PSA Help Desk. When the RMM starts a help desk ticket, and you resolve the ticket, the RMM issue is then resolved when you resolve the ticket. This is the way our RMM and PSA are setup together.
  15. Gary Haberl

    Windows update notifications

    Hi Paul, It may be OK now. Our Techs have updated everything over the last 2 weeks, and have left me with no issues in the RMM. If I see the issue again, I will post it here. Maybe the system I noticed the error on had not updated it's client.?? Thanks.