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  1. Hello, suddenly I am unable to uninstall KAV from some of the computers (they both are in the same group) as in the RMM the uninstall option along with change policy are greyed out with notification "disabled by policy". Not really sure what that should mean as I do not recall any changes in AV policy being changed lately. Also uninstall from within the Windows is not possible, greyed out too. What gives? Thanks
  2. Hello Paul, an (honest) update to this topic. I had a conference call with the technician and it was pointed out to me that the (only?) part where you actually tie the devices to the used licenses is when you generate a separate report through REPORTING - TEMPLATES - PULSEWAY ANTIVIRUS. As said, this is the part where you get ALL the devices that have or have not installed licenses on them, in the header you get the same USED vs. UNUSED pie chart of total AV licenses and then you can manually count and check if the actual installs tie up to that info. To be honest, it was a mistake from my side (thinking that there were licenses charged that are not in use) but I believe it was a honest one - figure this: if you go to the ANTIVIRUS - AGENT STATUS and then the only place where you see numbers is on the big blue buttons at the bottom. What I did is that I selected ALL statuses in the STATUS segment and it showed to me two sets of numbers "INSTALL XX" and "UNINSTALL YY". As it was pointed out to me this represents ONLY ONLINE SYSTEMS that actually can be manipulated either way with them buttons. And IT DOES MAKE SENSE NOW, but also I believe someone else might do the same - count X + Y and see a difference of Z systems that are "missing". You can count INSTALLED systems manually on the scroll page shown in the same section or (WRONG) just "count" the numbers underneath as I did and make a mistake. As said, the buttons only represent ONLINE systems (to install or uninstall AV) Not sure if you guys could do anything regarding this (not needing to generate an actual report to see ALL of the systems that are using the AV licenses and not only the ONLINE ones) but I believe someone else might find this an issue too. Hopefully that person will find this tread before reaching out and bothering you guys. Anyhow, thanks to the whole bunch that reached out and helped, great people with a great product (that might be a bit confusing at times). Cheers!
  3. Hello Paul, thanks for getting back to me. See, this is the issue. At this point our dashboard shows that there are 83 of total 90 licences in use but, when I go to the ANTIVIRUS - AGENT STATUS it shows total of 27 installed AV licences... so 56 licences are occupied by non-existent devices since they were already removed from the ACCONT - MANAGE SYSTEMS. So this does not work regarding your suggestion: Thanks
  4. Hey guys, we had an issue for quite a while now regarding installed KAV licenses on devices that we are not able to access anymore - either the client removed the device from support before we were able to uninstall the Pulseway agent+KAV license or the device has malfunctioned and rendered obsolete. We do realize the proper procedure would be to uninstall the PWY agent and with it the KAV license goes too, but there are cases when it just isn't possible. Regarding the agent, it is possible to remove the device from within the ACCOUNT - MANAGE SYSTEMS - REMOVE SYSTEM part of the dashboard, but no such feature is available for the AV licenses. At this point it's costing us 100s of EUR and the support just gave us vague suggestions that do not work and at the end they just ditched us with "our developers have something more important do to at this point and eventually, we'll get back to you" but let us first charge you for something that you're not using. Has anyone encountered a solution to this issue (provided someone had this issue at all...) Thanks in advance.
  5. We are using Crystaldiskinfo mainly for the failing disk discovery as it is the only app that shows the possibility of a failing drive early enough - we saved a lot of systems by replacing the drive early on when the data was still reachable. I was searching for a way to integrate its' report to Pulseway notifications, perhaps you guys should check it out.
  6. Thumbs up for the Storagecraft SPX integration as soon as possible! This was one of the core reasons we have considered Pulseway just to find out it does not work. Cheers!
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