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  1. I do not think this feature was ever implemented. Any news on will it be.
  2. Not seeing where to active the Remote Login feature. I have checked the Login box on m y policy and locally, but it does not show.
  3. Windows 11 is tagged with 21H2. I added a Global Policy to Hide and Not Install any updates with 21H2 in the Name or Description. It seem to be random its this rule works or not. I have some computers with the Patch policy and it will install anyway.
  4. Will this chat feature take the place of the current chat in the device features. It would be nice to chat from the mobile app.
  5. Correct. I know where that is in the Agent configuration. I am talking about in the Workflows in the WebUI. Se Attached. I and trying to kill some of the install and uninstall alerts for standard apps like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  6. Maybe I am missing something, I would like to see an Application uninstalled trigger in workflows. You have an Application installed trigger so it should not be that hard. David
  7. Any timeline on file transfer?
  8. Any update on support for Apples Magic Keyboard?
  9. lol. I know that very well. I just need the ability to start a remote session from a Mac.
  10. You can also just rename the Pulseway folder in Program Files.
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