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  1. Server Side, Autotask Integration release date?
  2. It has not been working for 8 years, lol.
  3. What information will be passed to Autotask?
  4. Will the new integration pass hardware (device inventory) to Autotask? Or only ticket information.
  5. Depends on how nice you are. lol I have set pricing various ways until i realized I was too nice. I started by just offering it at my cost, then bumped it up a little to stay under current retail pricing. Currently I am around retail.
  6. I still have a few stuck at Installing and Uninstalling.
  7. I have a few devices this morning with a License expirerd error.
  8. Continue to use it. It is installed Pulseway see it uninstalling.
  9. I have one that says Uninstalling and is in fact installed. Restarting the service does not work. Ay other things to try.
  10. In the Pulseway Manager go to Notifications>Services. This is where you can uncheck the service. You will still be able to Start, Stop or Restart the service from your apps. You will stop getting notifications for the ones unchecked.
  11. Timeline for release. My agreement with Webroot is expiring at the end of the month.
  12. I am wanting to create a tag called server and assign it to all the servers I manage. It would be very helpful if Pulseway would show a count of how many devices have this tag. Better yet show a similar count like shown in the Groups tab. 29 online and 1 offline systems
  13. I have Webroot on most of my servers and workstations. Recently I have noticed a discrepancy in the WRSA process usage. If I look at the process in Pulseway, it will show the usage to be a lot higher than the process view on the device. Example: Pulseway will show webroot is using 1140 mb and on the device it shows 36 mb. I can kill the process in Pulseway and it then will mirror the device fora short time before it returns to the discrepancy. Has anyone noticed this?
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