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  1. Hey Guys, Not sure if this is going to be in the next update already however, it'd be great if we could create Categories under tasks just like under scripts to help organize them better. Cheers, Quenten
  2. Hey @Martin Stevnhoved I might be missing something however regarding the registry push, you can kind of do this now with Powershell, by creating script then a task and assigning it to a scope of machines. Granted its not going to apply to HKCU but it could be a start. Happy to try and help work out the issue if you want to create a new topic. Cheers, Quenten
  3. +1 to all of these, 6,7,8 could be resolved if it was a real time session based shell with output logged into a per session log, kind of like a HTML5 remote desktop session but just for command line shell session. Cheers, Quenten
  4. Hey Guys, It would be great if we had some integration with https://chocolatey.org for windows package management, its basically like apt-get or yum for windows which seems a lot better IMHO then ninite type solutions. Having its own tab under group policy for example to install selected apps across multiple machines and keep them updated within patch windows for example. This would be a huge benefit for Pulseway if done well. https://chocolatey.org/about https://chocolatey.org/pricing at only $3/year per machine its pretty competitive pricing. Cheers, Quenten
  5. Hey Fellow PW users, I've created a script which allows the system to change its name to %computername%-Current logged on username, which makes life a little easier when trying to remote to their computers on the remote control tool/Webapp. To get started, create your script in the script editor, in my example, Name: Update Computer Name with Logged on Username Windows/Powershell Code: $pwqusers = quser | Select-Object -skip 1 $pwquserfmt = $pwqusers.substring(1,22).Trim() -join "," Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -V
  6. Hi, I'd like to submit a feature request to be able to disable items which are not being used such as NOC, Setup, Slack Integrations, Backup Plugin for example. maybe under server admin -> settings -> option under here for example? Cheers, Quenten
  7. Hi, So as I start to get used to Pulseway, here's quick script I've made up to change the *Nix/Win computer group on the fly. I haven't yet found an easier way to do it yet. This seems to work for me so hopefully it helps someone else. I've just created a Script Category and added a version of this script per customer/group in this folder. So create your script edit the Group below to suite your requirements. Linux/Bash Tab #!/bin/bash if [ -f /bin/sed ] then cp /etc/pulseway/config.xml /etc/pulseway/config.xml.backup /bin/sed -i '/<ComputerInformation Name="" Group="/c\
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