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  1. We are having some issues regarding offline notifications. The problem is that when the servers are rebooted for whatever reason, this does not generate a offline notification. It will only trigger if the server has been down for at least 5 minutes. For Windows servers the notification "Send a notification when the computer is shutting down" is working great, only this does not seem to function on Linux machines. Is there another way to track when a server gets a reboot and is back online within that 5 minute period?
  2. Hello Paul, Any update regarding this? I can still see that this is on the roadmap, but the initial idea was to implement this early Q1 2019. I think you missed that line a little bit. Kind regards, Alex
  3. Hello Paul, On the roadmap we can see that this is currently "in design". Is there already a bit of information you can share, for example what PSA partners are being considered?
  4. We have arrived in the 4th quarter of 2019. Is there any update on how this will function, or when this is scheduled for release?
  5. Hello Paul, Is there any update to this request? the first quarter is almost over.
  6. Experiencing the same issue. Happens with old as well as new notifications. Kind Regards,
  7. Hello fellow forum readers! The new policies setting within Pulseway seems like a good step forward, great job on that! Now on to the request part of the post; It seems silly to just be able to assign a single policy to a customer. A better solution would be to allow multiple policy settings to a single Agent Group. This way you can specify a default policy for all customers, and finetune the policy for specific solutions. In the customer only policy it would be possible to filter out specific errors, which are a known feature for the particular Agent Group. Looking forward to a response, Alex Grolleman
  8. Hi Paul, Thanks for the quick reply! Is there any time frame planned for the release of this feature?
  9. Requesting a Two-Way sync between Autotask's PSA and Pulseway. (And possible more ticketing / PSA systems). I would like to see when a ticket gets resolved that the Pulseway resolves / deletes the notification. I tried to get something going with the API, only the Ticket ID is not being sent over to Autotask. This could be a quick workaround. P.S. Why is under every ticket the text: "Sent from Pulseway (www.pulseway.com)." being added? I already paid for the product .
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