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  1. Experiencing the same issue. Happens with old as well as new notifications. Kind Regards,
  2. Hello fellow forum readers! The new policies setting within Pulseway seems like a good step forward, great job on that! Now on to the request part of the post; It seems silly to just be able to assign a single policy to a customer. A better solution would be to allow multiple policy settings to a single Agent Group. This way you can specify a default policy for all customers, and finetune the policy for specific solutions. In the customer only policy it would be possible to filter out specific errors, which are a known feature for the particular Agent Group. Looking forward to a response, Alex Grolleman
  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for the quick reply! Is there any time frame planned for the release of this feature?
  4. Requesting a Two-Way sync between Autotask's PSA and Pulseway. (And possible more ticketing / PSA systems). I would like to see when a ticket gets resolved that the Pulseway resolves / deletes the notification. I tried to get something going with the API, only the Ticket ID is not being sent over to Autotask. This could be a quick workaround. P.S. Why is under every ticket the text: "Sent from Pulseway (www.pulseway.com)." being added? I already paid for the product .
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