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  1. Snmp mikrotik devices error

    This seems to be resolved now. Thanks
  2. SNMP Template Synology NAS

    Here is a pdf for setting up your synology nas with pulseway. PublicSNMPPulsewaySynology.pdf
  3. Snmp mikrotik devices error

    I tested against a CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+ with version 6.39 installed.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin

    Sorry i only tried on my computer and there it worked. I will try it in pulseway as a script as well.
  5. Snmp mikrotik devices error

    When trying to crawl a mikrotik device we get this error: truncation error for 32-bit integer coding. This device is ok when we are crawling it with other software though..
  6. Empty Recycle Bin

    Powershell try: Clear-RecycleBin -force
  7. Event log hp and dell hdd logging

    I tried to find a way to monitor hp and dell servers. Ive been using other more complex system that is doing a great job by finding all hardware sensors automatically via snmp. Pulseway is much more simple to use and configure though but it really lacks in hardware monitoring for server administrators. What i did was i created two files for event log that you can try out and import into your servers. I wish Pulseway would either add support for hp and dell server into their hardware module or rework the snmp module so we can add snmp templates for autodiscovery of hardware devices, like check_mk, nagios... Update my files didnt work that well i just tried them out on a hp server. I made a new one that i will try out some more and post here next week.
  8. Product Branding

    +1 to the original topic (Self brand the agent software)
  9. Hello everyone im trying out Pulseway right now but i wanted to give you a nice idea how you can push software to clients in an easy way. You could use chocolatey and then just open a powershell session and type for example choco upgrade all -y to upgrade all applications installed to latest version. You can type choco install 7zip -y to install 7-zip. and so on. You can read more at chocolatey website. You can also set up your own repo for software and updates. Im using proget to host my internal choco server. Just my two cents