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  1. One of the things I like from a competitor N-able is that I can choose to restart the endpoint NOW or on Schedule. If I select, schedule a window pop up asking at what time I want the endpoint to restart. Very handy when you know a server for example is running a backup and you don't want to restart or you need to restart the server after hours but You cannot do it manually or is later in the night. Specially later in the night this option will be great, to be able to restart an endpoint at a certain time. Another way I use this feature is when I already arrange with the client that the server or the workstations will restart at certain time. The user gets a notification that the endpoint will start and there is no "let me finish this job" everything restart on schedule. Please include in the Restart option or create a new Option Restart On Schedule or call it Schedule Restart.
  2. This was promised to be fixed long time ago and is still isn't. Every time I switch users on Windows 10, I get the reconnecting screen and never reconnect back, I have to close the Remote Session and Reconnect again. If I log out the user, I get the Reconnecting screen and never reconnects back, I have to close the remote session and reconnect again. If I restart the computer it doesn't reconnect back either. When will this be fixed for good?
  3. Good update, but again weak delivery. The Dashboard Policy and the Local Policy is confusing and not trustful. Why, because you can never tell which policy takes priority. For example, you can setup in the Dashboard Policy that hard drive will notify you if the spaces goes below 25%, but when you go to the EndPoint directly you don't see this applied you only see what you manually applied. So you don't know which policy the endpoint is following, the dashboard or the local policy. Again I've been with Pulseway for years and I've been telling them about this. What is the purpose of creating a Template Policy to be manage on the Dashboard if you can still alter the same policy locally, and the only solution they could come up with was a 'check mark", "hyphen" and "empty box" that should tell you if is dashboard or local or disabled, very brilliant. But useless because right now I cleared the box for Ping Performance so it can clear on every server but when I go back to the Dashboard I see the hyphen, which means servers are overwriting dashboard. Solution, make the Dashboard overwrite the local settings and on the endpoint made those sections grey out or maybe with a message "these settings are managed by the administrator" or something like that.
  4. This support feature is one of the worst. When the client click on the icon, they only have two boxes to fill out. Title and Message, so is obvious that the client details their problem in the message box, for example " My outlook for some reason is asking me for a password and I don't know the password can you please help, thank you" Well guess what, when you have the Pulseway Agent integrated with the PSA, the Message becomes the Ticket Title. Reported for years, still no solution.
  5. I think you may have overlook, but is right below it. Send a notification when an application was installed with priority LowNormalElevatedCritical Send a notification when an application was uninstalled with priority
  6. While the system tray is a good idea to allow the customer to communicate with the tech without calling and just opening a ticket, is something that it has fall behind in development and features. Compared to other competitors I don't understand why this section of the Pulseway hasn't been improved in years. 1. The system tray has no customization other than the logo. 2. The system tray support request is very limited to just "Message" and "Priority" 3. When the customer fill up the box called "Message" is obvious that this is to type the message or explain the problem they are experiencing and the reason for the ticket. Well, when the PSA receive this ticket the entire SUBJECT is the message. I don't know who in development though this was a good idea. 4. The Integration of the System Tray and the RMM should be separated. Because inside the RMM I will like to for the Agent to create a ticket regardless of the Priority, because the customer will choose the priority, but by doing so, the PSA create a ticket for every single Priority, which of course makes it counter productive and a huge mess. Here is what developers should do. 1. More customization. Allow us to create templates or design the content of the systray for example: - Contact Information - Open a New Ticket - Take a Screenshot and Open a ticket - Useful Links that we can add for the customer to click (for example a knowledge on our website) - Allow real chat with the customer, initiated by the customer. We can get notification on our phone. All these features should be enabled based on a policy, for example I may don't want ALL the customers be able to chat with me, only those who are in a high SLA. Everyone else need to open a ticket. So it will be good that I can create maybe one policy for my SLA customer and one for my regular customers. 2. When the customer request support, this should open their email application, this makes them fill more comfortable typing the SUBJECT and the Description of the problem, in addition some may want to add attachments, copy other emails or forward other emails, or attach screenshots. They may also want to CC other people in the office that may be having the same issue, instead of us receiving 5 emails for the same issue. One person can report for all. 3. Separate the system tray support request from the RMM ticket creation. I only want Critical or High tickets created from Servers only, I don't need normal or Low, but if a customer send a Normal or Low request we should get it as a ticket. If the development team need help on making this better, let me know cause this is way overdue.
  7. Posted since 2019 and not a response. I just came from a competitor and their report is so simple, you pick up the report you want to print, select the customer and done. Here you have to create a report for every single customer.
  8. And like most other topics, a few basic and needed request, lost in the abyss. I'm going to say +1 as well but I don't think no one will notice.
  9. I also requested this, I chat with them and told them that the app shows all tickets including the completed ones in my case, since I have them by status. I don't need to see old tickets or completed tickets. Another issue I have with the tickets in the app is that sometimes customers open tickets for the same problem so I merge them in order to keep track of one single problem but when when you go to the app, all the tickets are separated. I don't understand why development don't see what you have in one side and replicate it on another side, is like 2 completely teams not talking to each other.
  10. This simple feature request has been asked for years since I've been with Pulseway and is completely ignore, every year. I wouldn't hold my breath on this. I have to manually add the username manually on each computer in order to be identify who is sitting on that workstation but then it started becoming a problem when the business switch computers or the user move to another computer. Then you have to repeat the process again. Sometimes I have occasion where the user just move temporarily into another computer and ask for support and then you don't know where that user is sitting because the name doesn't match. I know this can be possible by Pulseway, they just don't want to do it because when you click on the computer and click on Users, it tells you who is current login, but when you have 50 computers you have to click one at a time in order to find the user that called.
  11. When this is going to be fixed. I had to upgrade to SPX because new functionality, HyperV and better backup management and now is no longer a promised feature by Pulseway.
  12. I also agree, the system needs to split the reports by customer and we only have to work with the template report. Managing each report individually per customer is time consuming and is open for mistakes and errors.
  13. PSA is an abandoned child from Pulseway. You don't know how many simple request I had made including this one and it just get into deaf ears, well not really, all I get is the same answer "we will add it into our suggestion list". The only reason I am using PSA is for tickets and because is free but is missing so many simple functionalities that is not even funny how they advertise it on their site and the real functionality.
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