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  1. I think you may have overlook, but is right below it. Send a notification when an application was installed with priority LowNormalElevatedCritical Send a notification when an application was uninstalled with priority
  2. While the system tray is a good idea to allow the customer to communicate with the tech without calling and just opening a ticket, is something that it has fall behind in development and features. Compared to other competitors I don't understand why this section of the Pulseway hasn't been improved in years. 1. The system tray has no customization other than the logo. 2. The system tray support request is very limited to just "Message" and "Priority" 3. When the customer fill up the box called "Message" is obvious that this is to type the message or explain the problem they are
  3. Posted since 2019 and not a response. I just came from a competitor and their report is so simple, you pick up the report you want to print, select the customer and done. Here you have to create a report for every single customer.
  4. And like most other topics, a few basic and needed request, lost in the abyss. I'm going to say +1 as well but I don't think no one will notice.
  5. I also requested this, I chat with them and told them that the app shows all tickets including the completed ones in my case, since I have them by status. I don't need to see old tickets or completed tickets. Another issue I have with the tickets in the app is that sometimes customers open tickets for the same problem so I merge them in order to keep track of one single problem but when when you go to the app, all the tickets are separated. I don't understand why development don't see what you have in one side and replicate it on another side, is like 2 completely teams not talking to eac
  6. This simple feature request has been asked for years since I've been with Pulseway and is completely ignore, every year. I wouldn't hold my breath on this. I have to manually add the username manually on each computer in order to be identify who is sitting on that workstation but then it started becoming a problem when the business switch computers or the user move to another computer. Then you have to repeat the process again. Sometimes I have occasion where the user just move temporarily into another computer and ask for support and then you don't know where that user is sitting because the
  7. When this is going to be fixed. I had to upgrade to SPX because new functionality, HyperV and better backup management and now is no longer a promised feature by Pulseway.
  8. I also agree, the system needs to split the reports by customer and we only have to work with the template report. Managing each report individually per customer is time consuming and is open for mistakes and errors.
  9. PSA is an abandoned child from Pulseway. You don't know how many simple request I had made including this one and it just get into deaf ears, well not really, all I get is the same answer "we will add it into our suggestion list". The only reason I am using PSA is for tickets and because is free but is missing so many simple functionalities that is not even funny how they advertise it on their site and the real functionality.
  10. I like the feature that you can upload attachments to Tickets, but I think a good feature will be to have attachment for contracts and agreements with customers. Other than just view the details of the Contract, it will be nice to have a place where the customer can see what they signed up for as well.
  11. Mine is not working, it would have been great to know what you did to fix it.
  12. I am trying to figure it out how the contract will work for my business. My Block of Hours Contracts are opened, meaning that a customer pay me for 10 hours and they will get billed as soon as the hours are used up, meaning it can be in a weekend, in one week, one month or 6 months, depending how often call for services. PSA bills on a recurring basis, so if the customer haven't use the hours in a month the system will create another set of 10 hours the next month for example. I setup the cycle to be Contract Length and use a 1 year date, but then my question is, how do I generate another
  13. I am new at Pulseway and while I love the functionality that I have on my mobile phone the remote and webapp is limited of what I considered basics. So I will talk about what I miss from a Remote Desktop just coming from Solarwinds and Atera 1. File Transfer - sometimes we need to transfer files from our computers to the client computers, this has to be a plus feature. Specially that I am installing your product on my customers is more than annoying having to login to my OneDrive to download the files I need when I can just transfer them from my computer directly to the customer station.
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