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  1. Update: This issue is now fixed and the fix will be included in the next release. Thank you!
  2. We're allowing 1 minute after the PC Monitor service starts before checking for not-started services. You can set PC Monitor as delayed start, it should fix the issue for now. Thanks Marius
  3. We'll consider this for a future release, it's a good addition. Best Regards, Marius
  4. Hi Brian, We have sent you an email with instructions, can you please let us know if everything is working well? Thanks, Marius
  5. Version 4.3.3 has been released today and the .msi files now support the a UNC configuration file to be loaded. Pulseway_xNN.msi /qn config=FFF configpassword=PPP where: FFF - The UNC path for the configuration file (required) PPP - The password for the configuration file
  6. Marius

    Windows RT

    No, it won't work.
  7. Hi, 443 OUT only for the PC Monitor agent. Regards, Marius
  8. Hi, Can you please enable the Diagnostic Logging in PC Monitor Manager Settings then restart the PC Monitor Service? Then, try to access the VMware module from your mobile device and email our support the trace.log file from the PC Monitor installation folder. Thanks! Marius
  9. Thank you, we can schedule access but before we do this could you please try the following: - In PC Monitor Manager - Settings tab - enabled diagnostic logging - Restart the PC Monitor service and leave it running for 1-2 minutes - Email support the trace.log file that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder - Disable diagnostic logging. This will allow us to understand the issue. Thank you!
  10. Do you need to set up a proxy in the PC Monitor Manager I wonder?
  11. Try opening this Url on a Web Browser on that computer: https://ws1.pulseway.com/server.svc What is the result?
  12. check the date time on the second server. Also, make sure the connection is not blocked by firewall.
  13. This was not an issue to begin with. For the Enterprise Server version It was related to the way the DNS resolved the server address. Can you please email support with the error message, we will try to assist. Thank you!
  14. If you use the Enterprise Server you can create a monitoring account and multiple user accounts. You can than "share" a subset of monitored systems (with or without notifications) with each user account.
  15. Hi, You are right, we received your email and replied but I guess it never arrived. We tested with a Gmail account and the delivery was successful. It looks like the emails are blocked if you have a domain account with them. I would suggest using a different email address for now. Also, please send me a PM if you would like to change the registered email address and disable the two-step authentication until the change goes through. Regards, Marius
  16. We do not recommend using a self-signed certificate as it can lead to a lot of connection problems.
  17. You're welcome, glad it works now.
  18. "Movie" and "Broker" have nothing to do with the PC Monitor API. Could you please give us some more details about what jar are you using? Are you using some plugins as well?
  19. We have this planned for a future release (looks like it will be in v4.5).
  20. Hi Robbin, We have sent you an updated agent version that fixes the issue. Please let us know if everything is OK. Thanks. Marius
  21. Thank you, We are looking into this. Marius
  22. Hi Robbin, We are investigating this and will release an update soon. Update: We have released an update that fixes this issue. Please let us know if everything is working well. Thanks! Regards, Marius
  23. Not yet but we are working on a MySQL server module.
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