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  1. Is it possible to exclude all the redirected printers that show up in a terminal server when looking at the printers? This can create a huge list of printers that one must look at.
  2. I use OPNsense now more than pfSense but they are both based on Freebsd. It would be amazing to be able to get an agent for OPNsense as this has been a big problem for more than 10 years that no one has something that can allow remotely monitoring the systems. Hopefully this can be revisited or possibly others can chime in that also use OPNsense of pfSense.
  3. If you want to keep this simple I would suggest a dashboard app for Android and IOS. This means you can use any LG or Sony TV (Android TV Built in) or use an android device or apple TV. This allows users to easily dedicate a monitor or TV without the need of additional expensive hardware. Sorry but doing this on Linux would be a waste of time as most users would go the route of an inexpensive Android TV appliance, Android TV built into a TV or an AppleTV. Remember. Keep it simple! Actually if you just add it to the existing app and can choose the option of this being the first screen to show upon launching the app that would be great. There are times when I am travelling and it would be great to take an old iphone or android phone and connect to hotel wifi and hdmi to the TV and now I have the ability to take my dashboard with me anywhere I go. Web based might be ok but I can see compatibility issues if trying to use built in browsers in smart TV's depending on browser requirements.
  4. I currently use Connectwise Control for remote and to push applications to client machines. Connectwise Control allows me to have a toolbox in which I can choose from programs which are downloaded to my Pulseway Server and push them to the client computer. This is very helpful for downloading apps to the machine rather than having to manually download each app by going to each website. This is great for programs like: Adobe Reader Malware Tools if the machine is unable to browse the web Additional tools I use for diagnostics and password recover like Nirsoft. I select the tool and then it automatically downloads it and runs it. I can also push without being remotely connected and if the end user has admin rights they can install. It can also store all the files so I can run them at a later date. I then run a bat file that deletes any files downloaded to the storage folder in case I want to remove the applications at the end.
  5. Any chance? They are one of the better Hyper-V backup solutions and they have a great API from what I have seen. This would be fantastic as I dread having to constantly log into the servers and check. 30 servers is alot! and email is a pain along with the other 100+ emails I have to read. :-)
  6. Hoping to see support for this in pulse way. I have about 30 deployments of hyper-v with Altaro and hyper-v and it would be great to be able to interact with Altaro via pulseway as Altaro has no mobile interface and requires logging into the computer to get any relevant info or to kick off a backup of VM's.
  7. I have been running the software in a hosted environment with a company called OVH out of canada. For $22 a month I get a Windows 2012 virtual 2 core, 4GB ram and 50GB HD, 100mbit and 5 TB of transfer. So far the solution has worked flawlessly. Much better than amazon. I have full IP KVM console access and actuall support people I can talk to. I now have moved all my hosted solutions to OVH.
  8. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/hh974476.aspx http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2012/SIA322 I would really like to be able to do password reset for customer email accounts! If customers do have have 2 servers to run dirsync with active directory you can only perform password resets via web interface. Since most of my customers are in office365 now this has become a huge pain in the @ss!
  9. Someone changed the windows password for the local administrator account on a stand alone machine and decided to not write it down!!! Luckily I had my fantastic PCMonitor installed! I tried doing this using dsmod and going crazy trying to find it then looked into powershell but both were very difficult to use to do this and did not work. Again this is a local account and not in AD. Then I tried the following at the command shell: net user administrator Password1 and the password was changed! It would be nice if we could have an interface to change user passwords though... :-)
  10. Had an issue come up today and would be great to be able to monitor it. Customer DNS went down. IP for name servers was still up but was unable to resolve A records or mx records. Being able to monitor this would be great to alert if DNS resolution was failing for a customers domain.
  11. A customer switched to a new IT company and I no longer have access to the server yet the PC monitor app is on it and I am concerned they will try to use an application to try and decode the asterisks that you see for the password in the app. Is there any way to remotely uninstall the app or delete the user account info used?
  12. I tried to add a detail but it did not format correctly and I cannot find a way to upload an image. :-(
  13. I am running an m1.small. I monitor about 50 or so machines. I prepaid for an entire year based on 365 day uptime. Total for the month is $38.96 including taxes Instance Family General Purpose Instance Type m1.small Processor Arch 32-bit or 64-bit vCPU 1 ECU 1 Memory (GiB) 1.7 Instance Storage (GB) 1 x 160 Network Performance low Details: https://picasaweb.google.com/marinhd/Amazon?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  14. Or use a free hosted license with Mobile PC monitor to monitor your machine?
  15. So there are several reasons why one would want a backup monitor. I forgot to renew the SSL certs and all of a sudden I could not access the application! Possibly using one hosted account from mobile PC monitor would be good.
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