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  1. Hi Marius, Thanks for the help, this fix works great for u!
  2. Hi Guys, We noticed something strange when het Print Spooler Service hangs on a windows server the PC Monitor agent blings offline in the Dashboard even if it's not. When we log in into that specific server and go to the Print Spooler Service it's state is "Running" but when we restart the service it takes quite a while an than it crashes and the agent turns out to be online again. If we start the Spooler service again than there is no problem anymore. It looks like the Print Spooler Service blocks a port or something that PC Monitor uses. Are there any ways to avoid this form happening? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Since the new update 4.3.2 of the PCM Dashboard, The Dashboad jumps to page 1 (we got 12) right after a refresh even when it's on pause. The is a problem beause we never reach page 12 and we are missing notifications this way. Can you please fix this? Greetz, Robbin Schut
  4. Hi Paul, Sorry for my late response.. Yes it works if there is no user logged in and also when there are users logged (they will get a dialog with a countdown)
  5. This is what i've checked / set on all my main accounts: At default we have 7 associated account attached to each main account.
  6. I've checked the options: Associated Accounts Can Clear Notifications Clear notifications From All Associated Accounts for all the main agent accounts were i'm linked to as associated account, when I receive a notifiaction on my associated account and delete that it sometimes doesn't remove the notification from the other associated account because it is not removed from the main account (that is the bug).
  7. Hi guys, Lately I've noticed that the notifications are not in sync, with the associated accounts. If i delete a notification (as an associated account) it most of the time it will not be delete from all the other associated accounts. Then i'm forced to delete the not. per account.. Do i have to change some settings in the enterprise server or is it because of the amount of associated accounts?
  8. I thought also but if I change the value "DisplayVersion" on the regkey: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Microsoft Exchange v14" the version number is changed in "Programs and Features", in the PC Monitor App it stays the same, and in the PC Monitor Database on the table "ComputerStatistics" it is changed.
  9. Hi Paul, I've just taken a look at the appwiz.cpl but the build number also is'nt correct there. If i take a look under the installed updates I can see that the rollups are installed (1 till 7 for Exchange 2010 sp2) so the build number should be: 14.2.375.0 Is there a way to fix this and where is the current displayed build number in the PC Monitor Exchange Feature based on? I found this powershell script the returns the right version number: script
  10. Thanks, it doesn't force the shutdown or restart for now. It executes the command: "ShutDown.exe (-s or -r) -t 20" so you have 20 seconds to possibly stop the shutdown or restart. It is a good idea to set this a an option .
  11. I was listing the build numbers of all the Exchange servers with help of the Installed Applications feature, and noticed that the build number is not correct. It only shows the build number of the exchange server without any update rollups. According to this table: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/240.exchange-server-and-update-rollups-build-numbers.aspx the build number should change whenever a update rollup is installed. Is there a way to get the correct current build number of the Exchange server?
  12. Hi All, Do you want to shutdown or restart your computer on a certain day and time? no problem! With the Shutdown Scheduler plugin you can set what you want todo (shutdown or restart) and when it needs to happen. When the time is there you will receive a notification that the computer is going to shutdown or restart. Good luck with it! ShutdownScheduler.zip
  13. Currently i have to change the group name of about 50 workstations.. It would be very useful if you can change the group name of a set of computers in batch.
  14. you already got a status update for this?
  15. Thanks Marius! I also got a little things for the Associated Accounts property window: selecting username, It would be much more easyer to select a Account Username from a list/selectbox rather than typ in the full username... One other thing that could be handy is creating Account Groups so you can put Users in Groups, and add them as Associated Account Group with rights I know we allready talked about this but for us this is a must have, and it makes the accountslist much more clearer Thanks again
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