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  1. All the best to developers of PW at all extent, that's least what they deserve. I really love it very much, that PW idea is not dead, love to see development taking places and things going forward into new dimensions. BUT I also love to criticize what bothers me. And this time it is that flat, anemic, Windows 10-like design, which got rid of colors, titles are all of the sudden not bigger and bolder, but smaller and barely seen, my eye cannot rely on blazing fast brain functionality to distinguish between different colors, because colors are gone, so I need to read what each icon means, e
  2. Hi, On new Gallaxy S10 with Android 9 Pulseway app ignores Do Not Disturb schedule. So audible alarms wake up me all night long. Settings on phone are the same, Do Not Disturb schedule is set to mute everything, except alarms, favourites and repetitive calls. It is the same setting on my old Samsung s2 Note and s7 edge. But only on newest S10 Pulseway rings at night, while older android devices are mute. I guess Android 9 must somehow diferently clasify alarms, and pulseway tones are then wrongfully clasified as alarms, thus ignoring DoNotDisturb rules.
  3. One year later I came along to see if this feature is already built into Pulseway.
  4. Hi Chris, did you ever resolve this issue? I have dozen of servers with same symptoms - Pulseway service is top disk I/O Reader: Typically I have NO plugins installed, and under settings on all servers selected those features: SYSTEM --> NETWORK --> Display Ping Response from some IP SYSTEM --> SERVICES --> Selected to manage all Auto-start services SYSTEM --> FILE BROWSER Enabled SYSTEM --> REMOTE DESKTOP Enabled MODULES --> MANAGE --> Active Directory MODULES --> MANAGE --> Exchange MODULES -->
  5. I had a similar idea to split NOTIFICATIONS from STATUS indicator. As of now they are both the same, bu I would find it more handy to have STATUS icon be based on curent status instead of upon past read/unread notifications. So when alert condition would go away, server status would change back to green, while you could steel see notifications history under notificstions. Maybe notifications display could be rearanged so that cleared notification would be a subset of alert notification, like a tree branch to easier see, which green cleared which alert.
  6. Hi Chris, Thank you. I assumed that was so. Maybe the request on feature to auto clear notifications upon reverse info will make it less intrusive.
  7. Hi, I am not sure whether this is a bug or somehow failed design, but it's annoying to me: "The user account XY has been locked on domain ABC on server ZZZ" This warning keeps popping up every 15-30 minutes on my Android device, filling Notification logs and making me un-sensitive for possible NEW warnings. Is it somehow possible to let it warn ONCE, not repeating all the time?
  8. Hi, not that I am aware of. Same for plugins. BTW...when I look at momentary I/O impact, PCMonitorSrv.exe is NOT consuming a lot of I/O at the moment. But as counter is so big, I guess it is using intensive I/O at some other times, maybe at night.
  9. Hi, is it normal that PCMonitorSrv is hanging on so much DISK READ I/O? It consumes 90% of all disk I/O reads on Windows Server, where all Windows services, Exchange and Oracle DB do not consume alltogether the rest 10% disk I/O:
  10. Additional explanation of my idea about NOTIFICATIONS: I think, notifications should be more in a LOG fashion, so I could see the history of events. But the STATUS should be not bind to notifications, but rather to current status. Also NOTIFICATIONS should also just switch between unread/read status, but should not be able to delete (due to my LOG approach mentioned above). I think such an approach would make Pulseway more usable, with better overview of past events and easier monitoring of current status. What do you think?
  11. Hi, first off, congrats for new HTML5 PC version of dashboard - excellent & thank you! Now, critics and suggestions: (ENH): in BOTH, mobile and PC version (HTML5 and Flash), I think the status icon for servers (none/yellow/red) should reflect current status, and not status of read notifications. For example, server was reboot to apply updates, notification about shutdown and offline was triggered, then server comes back up....but icon status still showing RED. By my logic, it should show green, because it's now online, not red due to not having time to read notification.(ENH):Under REPORTS
  12. Labsy

    [BUG] Remote Desktop

    Hi Calin, I was not able to reproduce the above mentioned bug again, but I can give you more info: my control computer (viewer) is Windows 8.1, 64-bit, i7 CPU with 8 cores @ 3,4GHz and 20GB RAMremote computer is Windows Server 2012R2, 4-core Xeon with 8GB RAM
  13. Hi, with Remote Desktop version 4.7.6 I noticed some bugs: When Remote Desktop is opened for some time, the Num Lock on my local keyboard gets set to whatever is set on remote machine and cannot be changed as long as Remote window is opened.Also typing into local programs is not possible if remote window is frozen (which seem to happen after leaving remote window active for few hours). Closing Remote window helps.ALT+TAB does not work in remote window, neither inside it, nor out of it (I expect it would switch windows either inside remote session, or to switch off of remote window, but nothing
  14. Hi, upon first-time configuration on new server I spend a lot of time to configure MONITORED SERVICES, one by one, having another window with SERVICES.MSC open and comparing services one by one, if it is running and whether to check it or not. I'd suggest better approach here: Improvement 1 would be to have a button under SERVICES tab, saying "Select all running services". Improvement 2 would be to have "Service status" shown under SERVICES tab Improvement 3 would be some sort of "Collective intelligence", where you'd have a button to "Select most common services", where in
  15. Ome more thing regarding notifications: When viewing notifications, beside "delete all" there should be an option to "Acknowlidge all", so they would be all marked as read, but would not vanish from notifications view. Seems reasonable and quite easy to implement to me.
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