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  1. I know it's hard to believe but this is not a Pulseway app issue - and surely it's not under our control or we would have done something about it to fix it. Try to take your Windows 8 device outside your network and see if it connects. From our experience, and we had about 3 or 4 cases, it was always about the network settings. Also, edit your Windows 8 hosts file and manually add the IP / name there and try. Hope this helps. Marius
  2. Hi Gary, This looks to be like a Windows Management Interface (WMI) service problem. Please check to see that the WMI service is up and running. To find more information about WMI root problems use Microsoft's WMI Diag script from here: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=62562. Marius
  3. Can you please post some screenshots to get a better understanding of the issue? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your report. We have replied to your requests via email.
  5. There was absolutely no problem with ws10. It might have been related to a route or something local but our servers had no issues.
  6. Hi, There are no issues at our end. Please contact our support by email for further assistance.
  7. We got your email, thanks! A support agent will get in touch in the next 15 minutes.
  8. Title is used for push notifications and email subject only. Please use the message field as well for a more detailed description of the notification. This is the one that will appear on the Dashboard.
  9. Try refreshing the web page, we've just updated the documentation.
  10. You cannot send HTML tags - this is a push notification(s) limit and cannot be changed.
  11. An offline notification will be sent, please set the notify_when_offline to true as specified here: http://www.pulseway.com/restapi/#publish Once the instance goes offline it could take up to 15 minutes for the notification to be fired. Marius
  12. Hi, Could you please contact our support by email with your account username? We will do our best to help. Thanks! Marius
  13. Hi, For now this is not possible with a subscription - but we are working to add support for it. The only way to achieve this now is to host your own Enterprise server and have multiple accounts. Then, you will be able to share computers with different user accounts as read-only. Marius
  14. Hi, for 1) - we will consider this for a future release. and 2) - this is planned for the next REST API release. Thanks
  15. Hey, Have you enabled the diagnostic logging setting in the Manager app? If yes, can you please start the service and see if the log gets created in the Pulseway installation folder? Also, it's worth checking if the account user/pass is valid. Please open the Manager and press the "Validate Account" button; what is the result? Thanks. Marius
  16. Thank you Michael, Yes, the notification inbox size was limited to 100 - this might have caused the issue. As new notifications are added the old ones are removed automatically. We have now extended the limit to 500. Thanks again for your help Michael. Regards, Marius
  17. Hi William, Can you please contact support by email, we will try to help. Marius
  18. Hi Michael, Could you please check in Event Log that the backup notifications have fired? Also, how many notifications will you have active at any one time? Regards, Marius
  19. Hello Cuco, This is something we plan to implement in a future release, there is no ETA just yet. Thank you Marius
  20. Hi, We are planning to add Improvement 1 in the next release and will consider the other ones for a future release. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. Regards, Marius
  21. Specifying the ping interval is not supported just yet, we hope to implement it soon.
  22. The whole Linux agent has been rewritten and we'll be bringing back all the features. The next update due to be released soon will add the service monitoring. Marius
  23. We are working on this, unfortunately there is no ETA just yet - aiming at Q3.
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