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  1. Thanks Gary, We will consider this. I wonder about account credentials, you don't want to store them on the server, right? Marius
  2. Pulseway email sender will use SSL or TLS - The "Use SSL" label in Pulseway Manager is confusing - we will change it to "Use SSL / TLS". For a in depth explanation, please read this article: https://luxsci.com/blog/ssl-versus-tls-whats-the-difference.html
  3. You are very welcome Barry! Thanks for your support.
  4. Hi, we are planning to deploy this feature in the next release (v4.6). Marius
  5. Hi, You can get rid of the info line on notifications if you are hosting your own Enterprise Server. Marius
  6. No updates, we are still working on this. For now, please disable the "Collect historical data for charts" option.
  7. Update: This feature is now being rolled our to our SaaS servers. The Enterprise server update will be available next week.
  8. we plan to add a notification when the server is back online soon.
  9. Thanks Ross, Will consider this. Marius
  10. Not yet but this server module is planned for a future release.
  11. Marius


    1. 100 2. You won't be able to use the server software. 3. Not at the moment. Marius
  12. Thank you all again for your feedback - we will implement the alert trigger after X number of days. Also, failed update notifications.
  13. Hi, This might help: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/657-ninite-plugin-v11/
  14. Arch packages are now available.
  15. Please have a look at: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1250-windows-server-2003-could-not-establish-trust-relationship-for-the-ssltls-secure-channel-with-authority-error/#entry5049
  16. Hi Thomas, Welcome to Pulseway! This feature is not available. We might consider adding it in a future release. Marius
  17. Marius

    Remote Desktop (Beta)

    Thanks for the update Matt, we really appreciate your help.
  18. We've seen this issue a few times with Windows phones. Sometimes, turning off WiFi and opening the app with only the cellular connection enabled will solve this.
  19. Your account has only one registered mobile device - a Windows Phone. It looks like that device did not receive any push notification token from the Microsoft push servers. When we cannot send a push notification to any of the registered devices we send an email. This is the case here.
  20. This feature is not supported at this time. You could do this by setting up an Event Log notification based on events written in the log on those conditions. Marius
  21. This is already supported by the latest Dashboard - please check the app settings. Marius
  22. The fix is for 2003 and the change we've made should not affect 2008 R2. Please contact our support by email and we'll be glad to assist with this issue. Thanks
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