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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, we will integrate it in a future release. Marius
  2. Hi Andreas, This feature is in development for the Enterprise Server. Regards, Marius
  3. Hi, Can you please email the trace.log to support at pulseway dot com? Thanks
  4. Hi, Can you please enable the Diagnostic Logging in the Pulseway Manager on that server, perform the same steps to reproduce the issue and then email our support the trace.log file that can be found in the Pulseway folder? This will help up understand the issue and we will be able to help. Thank you!
  5. We will consider adding a filter in the Android app.
  6. Hi Ben, Please contact our support by email and we'll try to help you diagnose the issue. Thanks Marius
  7. We will consider this for a future release.
  8. Marius

    CPU temp wrong

    Thank you, we are looking into this.
  9. We have tested here and all the VM details are coming back correctly. I suspect it could be an issue connecting to Azure, can you try again now? Marius
  10. You are welcome! The 4.4.2 agent update has now been released and includes the Azure change. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, Thank you, we have updated our Azure server module to reflect the changes made by Microsoft on their API. An updated agent will be released soon. Marius
  12. Hi, Looks like the connection is blocked by a proxy or firewall. What happens when you open the https://ws15.pulseway.com/Server.svc on a Web Browser? Please contact our support by email and we will assist further with this. Marius
  13. In my view it would be better to reduce the amount of low priority notifications - why generate them if you are trying to filter them out altogether? The same goes for "Delete all notifications" and "Mark all as read" ... if those notifications are generated just to be ignored it is much better to just not generate them at all.
  14. Hello, Please check out this post: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/941-manually-remove-service/?hl=1001
  15. we don't have a release date just yet for this.
  16. Hi Drian, 1. this is not supported just yet 2. the audit report will be added to the Linux agent soon Marius
  17. Marius

    auto update

    Thank you. Your Enterprise server should download the updates and distribute them to all the agents - can you please contact support and we will check to see where the problem is?
  18. Marius

    auto update

    Do you have a subscription or an Enterprise Server?
  19. Thank you. We have fixed this and will be available in the next update expected in a few days. Marius
  20. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, we will consider this for future releases. We do plan to add more controlling features into the dashboard soon. Regards, Marius
  21. Hi, A full restore should bring back the associated accounts and linked devices. Marius
  22. Hi, Can you please contact our support team by email as we will need to investigate this further. Thanks. Marius
  23. Hi Martin, Thank you, we are considering this for a future release. Best Regards, Marius
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