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    Spread the word

    Hi, Thank you, we will email you / post a banner. As for the features, the list is here: http://www.pulseway.com/pricing - press the "view more features" option.
  2. A critical notification is always sent when a system is offline. Your system will have to be offline for 10 minutes for that notification to be sent.
  3. There are no plans to create a Dashboard for Linux for now.
  4. It will be released in the next Enterprise Server update, around the 28th of January.
  5. It is possible, we will add this report to the Enterprise Server. Thank you.
  6. Thank you, will consider this for the next release.
  7. You are right Martin, it's management only for now. Great suggestions, we will implement them in a future SQL server module release. Best Regards, Marius
  8. Hi Martin, We are considering adding this in a future release. Best Regards, Marius
  9. Hi Juraj, Please send an email to support with your account and we will be able to help. Thanks.
  10. No updates on this just yet, We plan to further customise the alert levels, it's on our release schedule for 4.2.2
  11. Hi, Could you please contact support by email, we will need to investigate this. Thanks
  12. Marius


    Thanks, We have this on our list but no ETA yet. Marius
  13. We have the multi-monitor support request on our to do list and we will add support for this on a future release. The iOS app has a button at the top allowing you to refresh or send the screen by email.
  14. Hi, Could you please enable the diagnostic logging on that server from PC Monitor Manager - Settings? Then, make sure the service is started, wait 1 minute and send the trace.log file that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder to our support email address. Thanks.
  15. The mobile apps are free to use (and that includes the Windows 8 Modern app) but you cannot use the Dashboard application without a valid subscription.
  16. Thank you Tom, we are investigating this and will include a fix on the next release. Marius
  17. http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/941-manually-remove-service/
  18. Hi Tom, What is the OS? Marius
  19. Hi Ling, Could you please send us a screenshot (to the support email address) with the associated account share entry from the PC Monitor Admin? Thanks. Marius
  20. You will still be able monitor and control up to 5 systems for non-commercial use for free. http://www.pulseway.com/home/pricing
  21. PC Monitor runs on BlackBerry 10. http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/92856/?lang=en
  22. Please contact our support team by email, we will be able to help with this.
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