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  1. All of my computers (and Servers) use the FQDN as the "Server Address:" without any issue. I have also tried the IP address for the "Server Address" without any luck. User ID and Password are know to be correct. I have tested with Firewalls disabled still no joy. Do I need to setup any rights to use the Windows 8 interface?
  2. Yes, I have entered the FQDN and the User ID and Password are correct. The windows 8 computer is on the same subnet as the PCMonitor Enterprise Server.
  3. When attempting log login to the windows 8 app I see this message: "Sign In Error one or more errors occurred". I have checked Windows Event Viewer -> Custom Views -> ServerRoles -> Administrative Events and found not events related to this logon attempt. I do have an Enterprise License. Both the PCMonitor Server and the Windows 8 computer are on the same subnet.
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