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  1. Hi! I noticed this first on my iPhone after the iOS 14 update, but since then i can't start my computers with either phone or now the windows app. Am i the only one? If so the problem must be at my end. Please let me know it drives me crazy. ToddeSwe
  2. Got a new update yesterday and now i can at least shut of the computers but not start them.
  3. Hi Since i updated my iPhone to iOS 14 i can't remote my systems at home. Why is that and how can i fix it? Todde
  4. I've got a son who is addicted to games and i want to block internet for him at certan times so he will stay awake at school. BUT at the same time i want to see him with PC monitor. Is it port 53 for DNS queries? Did not notice the SPOILER until today. I think he will find out and remove this firewall settings. But thanks anyway! ToddeSwe
  5. God idea But i can't find where i can turn of just one pc or two with MAC or internal ip in the lan.
  6. Still i don't know how to, when choosing https i block 443 and that i don't want to do, i want to block ALL other but 443.
  7. Hi and thanks but: I don't know much about networking so i feel i must ask. Look at the picture and tell me if you can find which to use in the pull down menu. Thanks in advanced
  8. Hi! Which ports are PC monitor using? I'm blocking ports in my router because my son as addicted to games. But i blocked the pc monitor ports as well. And that is not god! So which ports should i exclude? ToddeSwe
  9. I've removed and installed again and now it seems to be working.
  10. Something is wrong! I will try to install it again and see what happens. Be back later with something i hope...
  11. Hi It says "service is not started" or something and do you want to start it? And when i start the service it works. Rebooted the computer and it worked fine but it did the same yesterday and today it failed to start. Lets see tomorrow how it behaves and will be back with an answer. If it fails i will try to reinstall it and see if that works. ToddeSwe
  12. Hi! Is there a way while booting the computer to bypass the start of pc monitor service? I'm using pc monitor to keep track of one of my kids usage of the pc but all of a sudden it has stoped working so maybe someone have found a way to bypass it while booting or just end the autostart of the service?! Please help ToddeSwe
  13. But why is the one i start from metro startmenu work? To use the desktop version you have to PAY?!
  14. Dashboard does not work unless it has a valid subscription. (See picture) And the same with the Web App. The only one that's working is the Windows 8 metro app.
  15. Hi I can't use the dashboard since i don't have a paied account just a free one. And i can start the agent. but the software that lets me see all my connected computers does not start. I think it's called C:\Program Files\PC Monitor\pcmontask.exe Right? When i try to start it nothing happens... Am i lost or something?
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