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  1. We will make this change and will be included in the next release. Thank you!
  2. You can still use it for up to 5 systems. Please email us with your account username and we will be happy to extend the trial.
  3. Could you please upgrade to version 4.3 released on the 22nd of April? Please uninstall the current agent, download the latest Mac agent and test again. Let us know if it works. Thank you.
  4. Hi Matt, A new update is now available in the Windows Store that fixes this issue. http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/pc-monitor/9efc1d1c-6816-48bc-8de7-d4b21a5b3589 Thank you! Marius
  5. Thanks Scotty, Please send the log to our support email when you have it. Regards, Marius
  6. Thank you William, The group policies are supported - if you define a group policy in PC Monitor Manager when a computer is being setup with a specific group name the group policy for that group name will be applied.
  7. We are considering adding this in a future release. Thank you
  8. Thanks Martin, We will add a setting in the next Dashboard release to hide the mouse pointer in full screen. Marius
  9. Hi Larry, Can you please email us the screenshot with the error to our support email address? Thank you
  10. Hi Davorin, This is being build for the Enterprise Server version, we expect to have it within 2-3 months. Regards, Marius
  11. This is now scheduled for v4.4 release.
  12. We will add a new argument to the .msi file config="<UNC path>" allowing you to deploy the agent and load a configuration file as well. This will be supported in ver. 4.4
  13. Thank you Barry, This is on our to do list for a future release.
  14. Thank you Scotty, Once you have access to that laptop please contact us, we will investigate the webcam issue further by enabling the diagnostic logging on that system. Regards, Marius
  15. Hi Scotty, On the Webcam issue could you please enable the diagnostic logging in the PC Monitor Manager app and then contact us for more details? As for the screen, please launch the PC Monitor Manager on that computer - it will start the user process again - that process was stopped as we issued an update. It starts automatically after a user login but I suspect there's was no login since. Hope this helps. Marius
  16. Thank you! It's constructive feedback and we're glad to receive it.
  17. The Mac agent has the same priority for us as the Windows and Linux agents. We just completed version 4.3 of Mac agent with a new monitoring engine and we plan to release it in 2-3 weeks. As for server modules, we have no plans to add Microsoft IIS, Exchange, AD and the rest for the Mac.
  18. Zendesk integration will be moved to the server side soon so there will be no need for any agent configuration. As for server modules, so far we have no plans for adding any of them to the Mac agent. Regards, Marius
  19. Hi, Please contact our support (support at mobilepcmonitor dot com) or send me a PM, we will help you with the configuration and solving this issue. Thanks
  20. Yes, the Mac agent will be getting new improvements.
  21. Thanks Gary, We have designed the Maintenance Mode so it will block any notifications allowing IT Admins to perform maintenance tasks without being interrupted by false positive alerts. As for storing the notifications while a system is in maintenance mode, we do not see any other place for storing them other than the notification tray and this can be confusing. Regards, Marius
  22. Hi Matt, Thank you for this - the issue is already fixed and will be in the next release. Regards, Marius
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