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after server reboot problems

Aaron Trujillo

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After installing some new software (not related to Pulseway) a reboot was required.  As it happens, the server went down and no notifications were sent out.  Looking at the Pulseway manager it looked like it was monitoring the server, however i got NO notifications about the downed server.  When i ran a service pulseway restart... i quickly got a notification that the server was on-line.  That seemed to resolve the problem.

My question is why does Pulseway not automatically do a restart when the machine is rebooted?  Is this something i need to do every time a server is rebooted?  I use Jenkins when i need to run mass jobs on our servers.  Should i create a job that restarts the Pulseway service daily to avoid this from happening again?  The only downfall with that is i don't want daily notifications that the server us up and running like it would send with the restart.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe he's referring to the Linux agent. Did you enable the offline notification in the /etc/pulseway/config.xml ? Please note that the offline notification will be fired after 10-15 minutes of agent inactivity. If you have an Enterprise server this interval can be customized.


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