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  1. Paul

    Multi Factor Authentication

    Not a this time but since it's on our Roadmap, it's going to be added for sure. -Paul
  2. Paul

    Monitor bandwidth

    Hi Francis, The thing with bandwidth monitoring is that you have to perform speedtests every now and then which cause further bandwidth utilization and will chew up your data depending on how often you're using it. I am considering on writing a plugin for this as it's a commonly request feature too. -Paul
  3. Paul


    Thank you for your feedback. Containers are definitely the future so you can bet that you'll be able to use Pulseway to monitor them in the future . -Paul
  4. This is a great idea. We will consider it for a future release . Thank you! -Paul
  5. Paul

    6.1 Policies

    Hey Alex, Thank you for your feedback. I think it's more clear which policy will apply if you can only pick one otherwise you'd need a tool to figure which policy is controlling which setting. -Paul
  6. Paul

    More that one notification per plugin?

    There is an overload that includes the notificationIdentifier. If the notificationIdentifier it's passed it will tell you if you can send another notification with that non-repeating notification identifier: -Paul
  7. Paul

    SNMP to monitor network devices

    Here's a KB article that illustrates how to setup RAID monitoring through SNMP but it also shows how to enter OIDs in the Pulseway Manager: https://intercom.help/pulseway/features/snmp/how-to-configure-raid-monitoring-via-snmp. Let me know how it goes. -Paul
  8. Pulseway policy settings take precedence over the locally configured settings on each machine. -Paul
  9. Paul

    Smart Sizing By Default

    Hi Greg, The next release will remember your setting so you won't have to keep setting it for each session. -Paul
  10. Yes, Pulseway will run even if the shell is changed from explorer to a 3rd party application . -Paul
  11. Paul

    How to deal with lost communications to site

    Hi Greg, Right now this isn't possible to be done with Pulseway but we're considering on adding a notification rules that will allow you customize the way notifications are triggered and add additional conditions. It's still on consideration phase but we're overly excited about it already . -Paul
  12. Paul

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    I'm excited to let you know that we've hired two new developers that are working on the Remote Desktop application and we estimate that an update that resolves some bugs and improves the speed and connection reliability is due to be out next week. -Paul
  13. Paul

    VCenter Appliance

    Hi Davinder, Yes, you will need to install the Pulseway Linux agent on the appliance if you want it to show up as a separate entity. You will need to download the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server package and install it. -Paul
  14. Paul

    Scope of Task

    Glad to hear it works now. Enjoy using Pulseway ! -Paul
  15. Paul

    Scope of Task

    Hey Davinder, Thank you so much for your report. We've resolved the issue just now and you should be able to change the scope name now. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. -Paul
  16. Paul

    Two Way sync.

    This is scheduled to be out in early Q1 2019. -Paul
  17. Paul

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    We do have automated tests and our developers are testing each update before it gets pushed to the beta and production channels. That being said we support a wide variety of Android devices, we cannot test each device with each supported version so it's possible that a fix we're introducing may not apply to all the devices. Rest assured as we are taking software quality very seriously. -Paul
  18. Paul

    Two Way sync.

    Hi there, We're in the process of moving the Autotask integration from the agents to the server side so you will be able to centrally configure the integration and to automatically close Pulseway RMM alerts when the Autotask tickets are resolved. Can I say it's going to be super awesome ? -Paul
  19. Paul

    Run Reports Remotely?

    Hi Greg, While this is not yet available through our APIs I'd like to further understand what you're trying to achieve. You want to call an API method that runs a report template and overrides the scope and "email to" fields for that execution? -Paul
  20. Paul

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    Brilliant, thanks for letting me know. I'm excited to hear it works now . -Paul
  21. Paul

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    We've released another update (v6.0.1) that addresses the PUSH notification deliverability problems. Please update and check again the PUSH notifications. You need to launch the app at least once to get the device to register again. -Paul
  22. Paul

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    I have removed the Pixel device registration from your account. Please open the app again to have it register again, you will get an email to confirm that the device was added to your account and then you should trigger a notification to see if you get it. -Paul
  23. Paul

    Pulseway app isn't sending notifications

    But does it show a 'Yes' under the Push Notifications column? -Paul
  24. Paul

    High ram usage notification

    Hi there, Yes, you can configure this from the Pulseway Manager app in the Notifications -> Performance tabs. Let me know how it goes . -Paul
  25. Paul

    Using variables in scripts

    You could have multiple versions of the script (Shutdown in an hour, shutdown in a day, etc) until we add support for variables. You could also give a try to this plugin: -Paul