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  1. We will run maintenance tasks and apply updates to the Pulseway PSA servers on each Friday from 8AM until 9AM Irish Standard Time. -Paul
  2. Paul

    File Transfer

    Hey guys, We're almost ready for a closed beta and guess what, both of you are on the list to get early access . -Paul
  3. Paul

    [C#] 3CX Windows Plugin to Open Ticket in PSA

    Thanks Max for sharing this with everyone . -Paul
  4. Paul

    Repeat Notifications

    No updates yet I'm afraid. -Paul
  5. Paul

    Not running under Ubuntu 18.04

    Simply rename the old symbolic link using the: command then create a new symbolic link using this command: -Paul
  6. Hi everyone, Use this plugin to open up a local WCF using net pipes so that a console application can use it to sent notifications to Pulseway. Using this solution you can easily send Pulseway notifications from your scripts. Version 1.2 =Installation= Add the NotificationBridgePlugin.dll plugin into Pulseway Manager -> Plugins. Configure your scripts to call NotificationBridge console application. =Usage= NotificationBridge.exe -p 1 -t "message" or NotificationBridge.exe -p 2 -f "C:\log.txt" Exit Codes: 0 - Notification was successfully forwarded to Pulseway 1 - Notification was rejected by Pulseway (Maintenance mode, Old notification was not deleted, Pulseway is stopped. As always my plugin is open-source bound by no license. You may claim it your own. Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/paulcsiki/notification-bridge-plugin/src Download Link: Click Paul.
  7. Paul

    Notification Bridge

    It's possible that you've setup powershell impersonation in the Pulseway Manager -> Settings -> Runtime and the user you're impersonating the scripts is not part of the local Administrators group. -Paul
  8. Paul

    Webroot Help Please .....

    Hey David, The activation of your Webroot licenses is instant but you may need to convert your trial sites into "full" sites per this KB: https://intercom.help/pulseway/antivirus-and-endpoint-protection/activate-webroot-trial-sites-into-full-sites. -Paul
  9. Paul

    Not running under Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi there, You need to change the symbolic link to point to the 1.0.0 versions instead of the 1.1 versions. -Paul
  10. Paul

    4.0.11, Thank you

    Hi Gary, Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very excited to hear that you like the token feature - we love it too . -Paul
  11. Hi there, The main reason why we enforce an eight character username restriction is to make the life harder of someone using a bruteforce attack to gain access to your server instance. We do protect you against such attacks by blocking the IP address after a couple of failed logins and eventually we even lock out the account. To reduce the risk of having your account locked out for a while we've added a minimum character policy to the usernames and this drastically reduced the number of locked accounts every day. I understand that it's very inconvenient for certain persons as their first and last names do not meet the 8 character criteria so I have filed an internal issue about this to discuss the possibility of changing this policy for the Team plan. -Paul
  12. Paul

    Custom Report Templates

    Well you can now hide certain elements from a report but having a report designer in the WebApp is something we want to have in the future. -Paul
  13. Paul

    Group Policies (Web App)

    Hi Gary, Also if you could archive the c:\logs folder from the Pulseway server and include that in your email it would be very helpful. -Paul
  14. Hey everyone, We've released an agent update that will remove the icon unless the User Support Request feature is turned on. -Paul
  15. Hi guys, Thank you very much for your reports, we're looking into this right now. -Paul
  16. Paul

    Linux Mint 18.3 agent deployment

    Hi David, Do you get anything written in the syslog when you try to start the Pulseway service? -Paul
  17. Paul

    Not running under Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi there, Can you check the syslog to see if there's anything logged that's relevant to the Pulseway daemon? -Paul
  18. Paul

    Void - Sales Order

    Hey Gary, We cannot undo a voided sales order but you can always create a new one. -Paul
  19. Paul

    PSA - Ad-Hoc Reports broken

    Hi Gary, We've looked into the issue yesterday and it seems that there was a problem with the reporting service which the SaaS OPS team has resolved. Sorry for the delayed reply. -Paul
  20. Paul

    Support Desktop Icon Shortcut

    Hi there, You can do that now, create a shortcut to pcmontask and add a 'support' (without quotes) argument. -Paul
  21. Paul

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Thanks for the update. I'll get the PSA development team to look into this. -Paul
  22. Paul

    Migrating from another RMM

    Hi there, Have you tried our Discovery and Deployment feature? -Paul
  23. Paul

    Asset Info of Offline Computers

    Hi Kelsier, You can view that information from the mobile apps while the system is offline from the legacy reports. Can you check? -Paul
  24. Paul

    Deploy on Connect

    Hi Kelsier, We'll definitely consider adding this option in the future. -Paul
  25. Paul

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Try adding the [%Ticket Number%] tag to the email template to see if this resolves the issue. We'll consider adding a header that includes the ticket number so you don't have to keep the ticket number in the email subject. -Paul