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  1. Hi @Aspect, We do allow you to configure the Web Antivirus from the Pulseway WebApp under the Antivirus -> Policies. Is this what you were looking for? -Paul
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately performance counter names are localized to the OS locale and they don't really have any unique identifier. Also reading all performance counters just to display the list on the dashboard is going to take a very long time however it's something that we are going to be supporting in the future when we will be introducing web based configuration for the agents . -Paul
  3. IT Glue Integration?

    @Martin_T, let me see what I can dig up. I'll come back on this soon. -Paul
  4. Normally it should install IIS itself and configure it. What OS did you use to install it on? -Paul
  5. Cant download modules

    This indicates that the IIS web service didn't connect to slv.pulseway.com as there is a firewall blocking the connection or it simply didn't manage to do it yet. Now that some time has passed, does it work? If not please create an archive of the c:\logs folder and send it to support [at] pulseway [dot] com. -Paul
  6. Hi @Aspect, Out of curiosity did you figure it out what happened with the installation? You've mentioned in a separate post that it didn't configure the IIS server. -Paul
  7. Hi there, You need to create a port forward for the UDP 9 port towards the static IP address of your computer. Additionally your computer needs to be connected to the network via an Ethernet cord. -Paul
  8. IT Glue Integration?

    Hi guys, The IT Glue integration is now released and it's already available for everyone. See blog post: https://www.itglue.com/blog/it-glue-announces-integration-with-pulseway-rmm -Paul
  9. Roadmap post is gone?

    Hi Clive, We removed it as we are transitioning to a new system where we can maintain the roadmap in an easier (and automated) way. -Paul
  10. Webroot Integration

    Hi Andre, We understand your excitement for the Webroot addon. Rest assured that we're doing all we can to push it out as soon as possible . PM me if you want I can add you to the early access list. -Paul
  11. Webroot Integration

    @chrisporosky We will support Webroot as an alternative to Kaspersky.
  12. Webroot Antivirus Process

    Hi, Sorry for the delay, can you rebuild the performance counters on the machine by running: lodctr /R See if this resolves the memory usage discrepancy. -Paul
  13. Local IP Address

    @chrisporosky You can see all internal IP addresses for the NICs you have monitored from the Pulseway apps in the Network section. If the system is offline you can run the IP Summary report to get the list of IPs. -Paul
  14. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    @Martin_T This issue was resolved and will be included in the 4.0.8 release coming up this weekend. -Paul
  15. Move Database - Required Connection String

    I'm glad to hear it works now . -Paul
  16. Move Database - Required Connection String

    Hi Johnny, Use IIS Crypto to set the same cipher suite from one server to another. The error says that the SQL Server has no matching SSL ciphers / protocols with the source machine. -Paul
  17. Edit font/sizes

    Hi Daniel, Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely consider this option . -Paul
  18. More that one notification per plugin?

    Hi Martin, This got released in yesterday's Windows Agent 5.3 release. Documentation is yet to be updated but you should find a new overload for the SendNotificationToAllDevices method with the new PCMonitorClient.dll. -Paul
  19. Starting to write a new plugin

    Hi Elliott, Sorry for the confusion and thanks for reporting the mistake. The correct file is PCMonitorClient.dll . -Paul
  20. Android App Filter Options

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for your feedback. This is not planned however we will consider supporting notification filters per device for each priority. This will allow you to set a device to receive only Critical notifications as PUSH and everything else as an email (if enabled). -Paul
  21. Email blocked by spamfiler

    Hi, Thank you for your report. Based on the headers you've kindly attached I see the following entries that contribute most to the spam score: 3.6 FS_REPLICA Subject says "replica" -> If the subject contains replica, it's most likely related to a replication notification which is normal, I don't see why this should be marked as spam. We will not change the notification title. 1.7 MIME_BASE64_TEXT RAW: Message text disguised using base64 encoding -> We send an email in both base64 and plain text for maximum compatibility on all email clients. It's a common practice used while sending emails. I think your best shot would be to add the IP address of our email server to your spam detection exclusions or the email address all together. -Paul
  22. More options for the maintenance mode.

    Hi Christian, Thank you so much for your feedback. I agree with all 4 and I love the idea for #4. I would also add #5 to support managing the maintenance rules on a centralized location and link scopes to it. This will all become possible when we move the agent configuration on the webapp. -Paul
  23. Pulseway Manager without agent

    Hi Andy, Unfortunately no, but you can use Pulseway Group Policies (see page 19 of the User Manual) however they are configured from the Pulseway Manager which brings us back to the original question. After you install the Pulseway agent on your computer, do not enter your credentials when Pulseway Manager pops up at the end of the installation and then open the command prompt as an administrator and type in this command: sc delete "PC Monitor" This will delete the Pulseway service registration and you will be able to use the Pulseway Manager without registering as a monitored system. -Paul
  24. Pulseway Manager without agent

    Hi Andy, A better option would be to use the Pulseway Dashboard (from the Downloads page, in the Desktop Apps tab) which can also change the configuration of remote PCs. -Paul
  25. Safe Mode Reboot With Networking

    At this time it's not a natively supported feature but you could do it from the terminal window in the meantime by following this guide. -Paul