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  1. Sideloaded Webroot integration

    Unfortunately the agent cannot decide that the Webroot addon should load by itself (due to licensing reasons) so there can only be the server who takes this decision. I don't see any problem in exposing a method in our REST API to ask the Pulseway server to send the addon installation command for that particular machine. -Paul
  2. PC Monitor Config Plugin v1.1

    You install it using the Pulseway Manager in the Plugins tab then you can change some Pulseway settings from the mobile app (or from the webapp). It's really cool if change the agent configuration a lot as it saves you from running powershell queries. -Paul
  3. Windows update notifications

    Thanks for the screenshots. We'd like to have a better look at one of the affected systems via a remote session with one of our devs. Can you please send an email to support@pulseway.com and we'll get things started. -Paul
  4. Windows update notifications

    Thanks, what OS version and edition that is. Also can you attach a screenshot of what you see in the Windows Updates UI (on the updates list). Edit: Also add the output of: (New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.AgentInfo).GetInfo('ProductVersionString') -Paul
  5. Auto detect SNMP Settings form Device

    Hi there, I'm afraid that there is no progress on this yet. We're going to be introducing Agent Policies to centralize the configuration of Pulseway agents, this will greatly ease the process of pushing new configuration to agents and we will definitely be introducing templates for various use cases and SNMP might come up with templates at start then we will extend it to guess the device and automatically pick a template. -Paul
  6. PSA: Duplicate email notifications

    Glad I could help . -Paul
  7. Windows update notifications

    Hi Matt, Thanks for letting us know. Please send me a PM with the file generated by these powershell commands and we'll investigate the issue: $searcher = New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.Searcher $results = $searcher.search("Type='software' AND IsInstalled = 0 AND IsHidden = 0") ($results.Updates | select-object *) > c:\updates.txt -Paul
  8. File transfer within Pulseway RD is a confirmed feature and will be introduced at the same time when we will support P2P connections which will greatly increase the performance of your RD sessions. -Paul
  9. PSA: Duplicate email notifications

    Hi John, Make sure that you don't have a notification setup in the email parser and another one in the Admin -> Business Process -> Workflows. -Paul
  10. PatchManagement - Agent Status

    Hi, We are honouring the existing security system in place to prevent other users from controlling security critical features such as antivirus / os patch deployment status, scripts and tasks as changes might accidentally affect systems that you are not aware. There are plans on revamping the user security systems at Pulseway to introduce user groups and access levels which will allow you to provide full access to the entire Pulseway feature set for other users. -Paul
  11. Dashboard how to logout

    Hi Antoine, You can change your account credentials from the Settings dialog (hotkey F9). -Paul
  12. Repeat Notifications

    We don't send follow up notifications however we will consider this feature in the future. -Paul
  13. Improvement of Zendesk integration

    I'm afraid that they didn't get implemented yet. -Paul
  14. Can't log into the webapp?

    Hi @Kasper, Thank you for your report. We've resolved the issue and you should be able to login now. Thanks @Chris! -Paul
  15. Can't log into the webapp?

    Hi Kasper, Can you try with a different browser and see if that works? Also closing and opening the browser should work as well. -Paul
  16. Bug or bad report?

    That's a good point. Funny, it never crossed my mind to think of it as available disk space. I always asked "how much we use" rather than "how much we have left". -Paul
  17. Unattended installation for .msi

    You can import the settings of the probe (which is the default selection) but you can also change it to import the settings from any other online system or to come without any configuration at all (apart from the credentials of course). There is no option at the moment to prevent the creation of desktop shortcuts and to prevent it from registering as an installed application. You can prevent users from uninstalling the agents by downgrading their users to "limited users" so they don't have administrative rights on the local machine. -Paul
  18. Bug or bad report?

    Hi Gary, Welcome to Pulseway ! The category in the report indicates disk drive usage hence the percentage shows the utilisation and in parentheses we also show how much it's left. That's the same way Windows shows you the disk space utilisation, percentage used and how much disk space there's left. -Paul
  19. Unattended installation for .msi

    Hi Gary, You can install the agent without showing any shortcuts and without showing up in the list of programs by running the installer as a separate user on the client's machine and selecting at the installation to install for the current user only. Additionally you don't need to stop users from running the program because you can protect the configuration with a passcode by clicking on the "prevent configuration changes" (or similar text - can't remember the exact wording ) textual link from the bottom left corner of the agent. -Paul
  20. Eset Remote Administrator Connection Difficulties

    Hi Kevin, We're excited to let you know that we will continue to integrate with more antivirus products and ESET is very well regarded on our wish list. I'll update this thread when I have an update. -Paul
  21. Webroot Stuck at "Installing"

    Please send an email to support@pulseway.com so they can pull up your account and review it. We can't disclose license and billing information over the forums. -Paul
  22. Webroot Stuck at "Installing"

    Do you need it uninstalled or you want to continue using it on the machine? -Paul
  23. Webroot Stuck at "Installing"

    Hi Nathan, That's odd, try restarting the service by running the following PowerShell command: Restart-Service Pulseway -Paul
  24. Remote Desktop On Mac

    Hi there, Welcome to the Pulseway community! Unfortunately I can only provide ETAs for the entries on the Roadmap over here: -Paul
  25. Roadmap post is gone?

    Hi guys, The new roadmap system didn't work out so we've restored the forum post: -Paul