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  1. There were some delays but we're looking good for the next week's release, we're currently in the QA phase. -Paul
  2. Hi there, We're releasing new software titles on the 26th of April and then mid May another batch. We aim to have a new batch of software titles every 2-3 weeks. -Paul
  3. Paul

    Older Version

    Hey everyone, Thank you for your patience. We've reached out to Microsoft in an attempt to see if they have made any unannounced changes internally on how they handle login providers however we've received no response as of now. Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce the issues on any of our tests machines but we've seen an alarmingly high amount of support emails reporting that users cannot login into their computers after a recent Windows feature update which has prompted us to take immediate action to prevent us from interfering with the operating system. Until we figure out what exactly is happening with the operating system while it's loading our login providers it's risky to reintroduce this feature. If there is anyone who was affected by the login provider issue and would like to help us on reintroducing the feature please drop me a PM and I'll send you some instructions on how to collect diagnostic information crucial to understanding and reproducing the issue. -Paul
  4. Thanks David. Looking at the logs it appears that we're reporting incorrectly to the server that the application is not supported when in fact there was no action to be performed as the product is either not installed or it's already on the latest version. We will correct this on the next release. -Paul
  5. Hi Roland, The key is the same. Keep in mind that PreventChanges and PreventChangesPassword are registry values and not subkeys. -Paul
  6. Yes, I've corrected the post as well. Good catch! -Paul
  7. It's not yet possible, why don't you setup a policy instead, this will apply to all the systems in the org/site/agent group that it's assigned to. KB: https://intercom.help/pulseway/windows-agent-configuration/manage-systems/how-to-configure-pulseway-group-policies -Paul
  8. @David Can you please send me a pm with the scan_results and logs folders archived from the c:\program files\pulseway\patch directory? I'll look it right away. @UTS Brian We're going to be adding an additional 9 software titles early next week and we're working on even more software titles as we speak. -Paul
  9. Hey Martin, Just to confirm, you want to be able to comment on notifications and have those comments available on the mobile apps, webapp and dashboard app? -Paul
  10. Paul

    Publish system

    Hey Mitch, Curl is an application that can make HTTP requests. You can download it from here: https://curl.haxx.se/windows. The Publish method of the REST API allows you to register applications as Pulseway instances based on the JSON content you're sending. So if you'd like your web console statistics and status information to be pushed to Pulseway then you'd have to talk to the developers of that application and ask them to make these requests every now and then adding in the required information. For instance you could write a script that runs backup jobs every day and you can use this API to let Pulseway know what's the status of the backup job and send notifications when the backup fails. -Paul
  11. Paul

    contact number

    Thanks for the update Debby. Glad to hear you've managed to get the issue resolved. -Paul
  12. Hi Fred, We require the first few posts to be approved by a staff member to prevent forum staff. Your posts are approved and viewable by anyone. You can check it out by yourself if you open the topic in an incognito browser window. -Paul
  13. Hi Fred, Thank you so much for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. I'll make sure that this reaches the PSA development team. -Paul
  14. I'd just copy the NotificationBridge.dll file from the archive into the Pulseway installation folder and use it from there. You cannot use the notification bridge application without Pulseway installed (including the plugin configured) on the local machine. -Paul
  15. Hi Mathieu, Unfortunately it's not possible to run legacy reports on a schedule. We'll be adding the Windows Server Backup template on the new reporting engine in a future release so this will definitely become possible then. -Paul
  16. Hi there, Use the following command to start the Pulseway service on newer distributions: -Paul
  17. Paul

    This is not 2FA

    Hi there, We were forced to push it due to other features / issues that were more pressing. Here's our current roadmap: -Paul
  18. Hi Chris, Yes, I'm sorry but this is still on our backlog. There are a few features that are still missing from the WebApp compared to the mobile apps but rest assured that we're planning on having the apps in sync functionality-wise. -Paul
  19. Hi Josh, Just to confirm it's the same issue, does the CPU usage increase for the PCMonitorSrv.exe or for pcmontask.exe? -Paul
  20. Hi Andrew, You can already monitor Carbonite job results using the event log filter feature. Here's the list of event ids that Carbonite writes: https://support.carbonite.com/articles/Server-Windows-List-of-Windows-Events-Created-by-Carbonite-Server-Backup. -Paul
  21. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hey guys, Following up on this, we're cycled all our remote desktop servers and tested all now, can you try again now? -Paul
  22. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hi Robert, I've just tried to start a RD session and it worked for me. I am curious to find out if it's just on that machine or it's happening on other systems too. -Paul
  23. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hey everyone, We've had to pull up some backups to get everything back online as GigeNET did not respond to us at all. Reports and custom logo were also stored on the shared storage and we're waiting for the SAN to be brought back online but in the meantime all instances are now operational. -Paul
  24. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hi there, While most of our servers are back online the one SAN is still not online which keeps one of the SQL clusters from starting. We're on the phone with GigeNET right now. -Paul
  25. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Everything seems to be coming back online now. Thank you for your patience. -Paul
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