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  1. The Pulseway Manager app will not show settings overridden by the endpoint policy but they settings do take effect in the monitoring service. Sorry for the confusion caused. -Paul
  2. Excellent, glad to hear you've managed to get it installed. -Paul
  3. It looks like the Pulseway agent isn't even installed. That's odd. Your best bet would be to copy the Pulseway folder from another computer and then manually register the service. Alternatively try using a tool such as CCleaner to remove the Pulseway app registration from the registry. -Paul
  4. Hi there, Try running the following command as an administrator and then restart the Pulseway Manager app: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\InstallUtil.exe "C:\Program Files\Pulseway\PCMonitorSrv.exe" -Paul
  5. Hi there, You'd keep the double quotes in the script. -Paul
  6. Hi there, If you have configured the Autotask integration from the Integrations page in the WebApp, you do not need to configure it again within endpoint policies. You get to pick which RMM Organizations, Sites and Agent Groups will forward notifications into tickets from the integration page. -Paul
  7. Hey @TimStark, Please PM me the details and I'll work with you on getting it done. We do not provide any way of removing archived notifications within the product but we can organize an once-off exception for you to permanently delete the data but we'll need to go through a couple of steps, including identity verification. -Paul
  8. Can you try to run it within a command prompt running as an administrator using this command? This will also generate an installation log file, please send us the log file in the event that the installation still errors out. Replace the Pulseway_x64.msi with the file name of the MSI. msiexec /i Pulseway_x64.msi /l*v install.log -Paul
  9. Hi there, Can you look under the Account -> Manage Systems (there you should see all 3 systems and also have the ability of removing one of them). -Paul
  10. Hi Evan, winget is an msix (Windows Store Component, source) that must run in a per-user sandbox which is not available when running from the machine account (SYSTEM). You could force it to run against the logged in user (if any) through psexec but you'd need to distribute it somehow. -Paul
  11. Hi @nateb, We collect sample every minute but report only min, max and avg values for the day. -Paul
  12. The recommended way is to get a new Pulseway server installation with the new domain and move endpoints using a script as documented here: -Paul
  13. I have recently built a similar script but mine doesn't ignore NPCAP, feel free to issue a pull request to change it: https://github.com/paulcsiki/pulseway-scripts/blob/main/enroll-network-interfaces/enroll-network-interfaces.ps1 -Paul
  14. Hi Mickey, To eliminate everything try with an administrator vSphere account and make sure that the port 443 is accessible. You should be able to connect the VMware server module to an ESXi server or a vCenter server. -Paul
  15. Hi there, At this moment it's not possible to override the default notification priority from the user support request. -Paul
  16. Paul


    Hi @AMC, Based on the documentation, the DomainCredential parameter says: We run PowerShell in a non-interactive mode, this prevents inputs from being triggered. You can provide a PSCredential object instead of the username and that should do the trick. $password = "ThisIsAPlaintextPassword" | ConvertTo-SecureString -asPlainText -Force $username = "contoso\Administrator" [PSCredential] $credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($username, $password) Rename-Computer -NewName "NewComputerName" -DomainCredential $credential -Restart -Paul
  17. Well yes, you can just export the configuration settings of an agent, just look for the "Export Settings" textual link at the bottom of the Pulseway Manager app. -Paul
  18. Oh, I see what is the problem now. It is skipped because it contains the same identifier as the previous host. Try changing the identifier field slightly and see that it will import now. Use only hexadecimal characters (0-9a-f). Let me know how it goes. -Paul
  19. I was able to successfully import the Host 11 configuration on my PC: -Paul
  20. Hi there, Can you PM me the original XML and then the changed one? It should work. -Paul
  21. The form should be resizable. Do you use a screen DPI other than 100%? -Paul
  22. From the WebApp under Server Admin -> Endpoint Policies, create or edit a policy and make sure that the User Support Request feature is enabled under the System category. Then under Server Admin -> Configuration assign the endpoint policy to the organization, site or agent group. From that point a tray icon will show up on the agents and they will be able to request support from there.
  23. This is possible through the User Support Request feature which will trigger a notification in Pulseway and if you have the Pulseway PSA, Zendesk, Autotask or ConnectWise integration then a ticket gets created as well. -Paul
  24. Thanks for the continued support Nick! You rock ! -Paul
  25. Hi there, We have released an agent update (v8.9.1) which addresses this issue. The update will reach all systems within 48 hours. -Paul
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