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  1. Hi Andrew, You can already monitor Carbonite job results using the event log filter feature. Here's the list of event ids that Carbonite writes: https://support.carbonite.com/articles/Server-Windows-List-of-Windows-Events-Created-by-Carbonite-Server-Backup. -Paul
  2. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hey guys, Following up on this, we're cycled all our remote desktop servers and tested all now, can you try again now? -Paul
  3. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hi Robert, I've just tried to start a RD session and it worked for me. I am curious to find out if it's just on that machine or it's happening on other systems too. -Paul
  4. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hey everyone, We've had to pull up some backups to get everything back online as GigeNET did not respond to us at all. Reports and custom logo were also stored on the shared storage and we're waiting for the SAN to be brought back online but in the meantime all instances are now operational. -Paul
  5. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hi there, While most of our servers are back online the one SAN is still not online which keeps one of the SQL clusters from starting. We're on the phone with GigeNET right now. -Paul
  6. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Everything seems to be coming back online now. Thank you for your patience. -Paul
  7. Paul

    Pulseway DOWN?

    Hi Boris, We're investigating a network issue with the Chicago datacenter. I'll post an update as soon as I have it. -Paul
  8. Paul

    Older Version

    Hi there, We're investigating the compatibility issues with Windows 10 and older operating systems. -Paul
  9. Glad to hear it worked. Enjoy using Pulseway! -Paul
  10. Hey Martin, Thank you for the suggestions, they are really good and we're implementing them. You should see them in the next release. In regards to the report, can you send me a PM with some screenshots of the report and task configurations and the report you've generated? -Paul
  11. Hi there, The 403 access is denied error indicates a security feature of our website has kicked in. Can you try to register an account from your phone's network or another network to see if that works? -Paul
  12. Apologies for that. We're retracting the Login feature until we get a better understanding of what's causing the issue. Pulseway 6.2.1 Windows agent update will be released tomorrow and it will automatically uninstall the login providers from all computers. -Paul
  13. Hi Abdul, Do you have folder redirection turned on? Did you try changing the installation folder to C:\Program Files\Pulseway Dashboard? -Paul
  14. Hi there, What would you search for in this case? Email address? -Paul
  15. Hi there, For the Pro plan we use a transactional email service which sends emails from the following IPv4 address: The sender email address is support@pulseway.com. The Team plan is using your own SMTP server and in your case the IP address that will connect to your server is: -Paul
  16. Hi Norman, Since the 6.0 update, systems are no longer authenticating with a username and password so it's safe to change your password and it won't affect your systems. Make sure that your agents are running the agent version 6.0 or higher by running the Executive report which shows the agent version. -Paul
  17. Hi Brian, Try running the pulseway-registration tool to re-register your system. Let me know how that goes. -Paul
  18. Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce that you can now generate a report that includes the outputs of the scripts from an automation task. -Paul
  19. 3rd party patching is queued for Q2 2019 (wohoo ): -Paul
  20. Hey Martin, I can see the more requests showing up about implementing custom levels for sending various other commands like access to screenview or file browser only for certain teams so we'll consider extending the team access to certain features. -Paul
  21. Hi there, Run as an admin: net stop "PC Monitor" taskkill /f /im PCMonitorSrv.exe del "c:\Program Files\Pulseway\watchdog.bat" 2> NUL sc delete "PC Monitor" taskkill /f /im PCMonitorManager.exe taskkill /f /im pcmontask.exe taskkill /f /im PulsewayAddonManager.exe You should be able to reinstall the Pulseway agent now. -Paul
  22. Hi John, Thanks for letting us know. Can you run this powershell commands and see if you can login after the system restarts? Remove-Item -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{32674157-1879-4496-A847-695CAEF9B621}' Restart-Computer -Paul
  23. This is a good idea, we've already went that route when we've added support for notification exclusions under the Account section. We'll consider it for the future. Your clients should not be part of the Administrators built-in team. If they are placed under a user-defined team then they will not have access to the Server Admin section and will not see other clients. -Paul
  24. Hi Brian, For the RMM agent you need to open the following IP addresses: Note: These IP addresses are subject to changes. -Paul
  25. Paul

    Watchdog.bat Task

    You can only disable it, if you delete it Pulseway will automatically create it. We will consider adding a setting to control whether or not to create that task. -Paul
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