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  1. Roadmap post is gone?

    Hi guys, The new roadmap system didn't work out so we've restored the forum post: -Paul
  2. Roadmap

    In-App Payments: PayPal Payment Support (est. Q1 2018) OS Patch Management (est. Q1 2018) 3rd Party Patch Management (est. Q1-Q2 2018) Multi-factor Authentication (est. Q2 2018) Pulseway Backup (est. Q2-Q3 2018) Cloud-based Agent Policies (est. Q3 2018) PSA Mobile App Support (est. Q4 2018) Last update: 16 Jan 2018
  3. Spotty Windows Update notifications

    But do these machines report that windows updates are available in the mobile / web app? -Paul
  4. Webroot Help Please .....

    Hi Digital, You need to login to your webroot console (https://my.webrootanywhere.com) and copy a site key to install the Webroot endpoint agent in the WebApp. -Paul
  5. Error on Debian 9.1 Stretch

    Hi guys, We are still investigating the "Illegal instruction" issue. We appreciate your patience on this matter. -Paul
  6. Add Alias to device name

    No, you can't edit a computer's name from the WebApp yet but it will be possible in the future. Right now you can install on your PC an app called Pulseway Dashboard and from it you can remotely edit the computer name of online Windows monitored systems. -Paul
  7. Add Alias to device name

    Hi Ross, You can edit the display name of a monitored system in Pulseway without changing the computer name by opening the Pulseway Manager app and edit the Computer Name setting. -Paul
  8. Display Image

    Hi there, This isn't possible at this time but it's a great idea. We'll definitely consider this for a future release. As for hyperlink items this is already on our todo list . -Paul
  9. No gui when starting an app from cmd

    To further detail Chris's reply, all processes that are launched from the terminal or powershell console will execute in the same user session as the Pulseway service, called "session 0". This user session is isolated from the others for security reasons meaning that even if an application has a GUI, you will not be able to see it in your session's desktop. You could try to invoke the GUI process using PSExec specifying the required arguments to interact with the desktop (PSExec runs apps by default in the console session so you will be able to see the GUI). It's also worth noting that you want to skip the EULA by specifying the command line argument as Pulseway will not be able to click on the "Accept" button in the GUI form that pops up. -Paul
  10. Kaspersky License

    Hi David, Check out this KB article on where you can find the username and password: https://intercom.help/pulseway/antivirus-and-endpoint-protection/troubleshooting/where-can-i-find-the-username-and-password-for-antivirus. -Paul
  11. warrantymaster.com

    Hi, Warrantymaster only supports the Team plan at this time however I think that they will be supporting the Pro plan too. -Paul
  12. Roadmap post is gone?

    It's not ready yet. We're still working on it . -Paul
  13. Changes to DNS

    Hi Andy, Pulseway doesn't do any DNS monitoring at this time. I'd recommend you to take a look at MX Toolbox's offering (not affiliated with Pulseway). -Paul
  14. Hi Clive, We estimate that this will go out on Q1 2018. -Paul
  15. message counter not working

    We've pushed the update to all our servers resolving this issue. Thanks again for your report. -Paul
  16. message counter not working

    Hey @leendertvdk, Thank you for your report. This is indeed a bug which I have now corrected and it will be included in the next release. I'll let you know when this is released. -Paul
  17. Cannot perform database operation

    Hi @leendertvdk and @Martin_T, That's correct, we return 503 when you have reached the rate limits for the RESTful API or when we restart the backend services and they are still initialising. -Paul
  18. Need scripts?

    Hi @Aspect, Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the community. I'd like to add the following website from Microsoft as well: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter. -Paul
  19. Service rules and automation

    You can right click on the list of monitored services and click on the "Select automatically started services". -Paul
  20. UPS Monitoring

    Hi @MattR, Check out this website: http://www.apc.com/ie/en/tools/download/index.cfm and search for the SFPMIB423 part number. You should be able to import the MIB files into an MIB Browser such as this: https://www.manageengine.com/products/mibbrowser-free-tool/download.html and from there you should be able to establish which OIDs you want to monitor in Pulseway and what are the possible values (so you can setup notifications). Here is an example on how to configure the SNMP server module in the Pulseway Windows agent: https://intercom.help/pulseway/agents/snmp/how-to-configure-the-raid-monitoring-via-snmp -Paul
  21. Make new Notifications rules

    Hi @vebaev, The "Server Admin" section is only available when you are on the Team plan (basically you have a dedicated Pulseway instance which you can control). Changing the agent configuration from the WebApp is something that we have planned for early Q1 2018. It's going to be awesome . -Paul
  22. Eset Remote Administrator Connection Difficulties

    Hi Jaapyse, We didn't raise the anchor and set sail in a completely different direction completely losing all hope in supporting ESET Remote Administrator 6 or the upcoming 7. It's just that the popularity of other features like Patch Management (OS / 3rd party), better remote desktop (possibly mobile or webapp support) and more features for the existing integrations are much more requested than the ESET Remote Administrator during our last 2 surveys. We do want to integrate with as many security products as we can as the endpoint security is a very important aspect for everyday monitoring and we are taking this integration very seriously. -Paul
  23. Add monitored service to remote machines

    Hi @Aspect, You need to check the count in HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ServicesExcludedFromNotifications\Count, iterate through the HKLM:\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\ServicesExcludedFromNotifications\ServiceX where X is the 0 based index. If among the list of excluded services you find your service then you don't need to do anything but if it's not among the entries then you need to add another entry that will be like this: Name: ServiceX where X is Count - 1 Value: The service name you wish to exclude from the notification And finally you need to increment the Count value by 1. Please let me know how this goes. -Paul
  24. I'm afraid that advanced reporting is the only way so far. Sorry about this. -Paul
  25. Hi there, Welcome to the Pulseway community. The Linux agent doesn't support collecting historical information required for the advanced reporting module at this time. This will be added on a later release. -Paul