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    Custom Titles

    I've removed the link for your security. Basically iCloud and most other file sharing websites try to hide direct links to the files in order to prevent the spread of malware and to prevent abuse of their service. That being said, you do want to be able to download files without any user interaction on the site so you should host these files on a publicly accessible web server that you control, AWS S3 or a similar file hosting service which allows you to directly access the file and not a landing page which then links to the actual file. -Paul
  2. Paul

    Custom Titles

    Hi there, I've checked your custom software titles and it seems that UC-ONE was successfully provisioned and Test has failed to provision because the iCloud link you've provided is not a direct link to the file so our provisioning system is receiving HTML text instead of the MSI file. -Paul
  3. Hi there, You may also need to setup port forwarding for wake on lan to work: https://www.howtogeek.com/192642/how-to-remotely-turn-on-your-pc-over-the-internet/. -Paul
  4. Hi Adrian, Make sure you tick the use dedicated server box and enter your Team instance name as well. If you don't do this then the client apps will default to the Pro plan. -Paul
  5. Paul

    Custom Titles

    Hi there, For the Pulseway 3rd party patching system to work you need to provide it with an MSI file, not an executable bootstrapper. MSIs enforce a certain standard that allows us to identify if the application is already installed and perform the installation or removal without any user interaction. -Paul
  6. Hi there, Chances are that the agent was installed under a different user. You can reinstall it by deleting the service registration by running as an administrator: sc delete "PC Monitor" You don't really need to reinstall it, just open the Pulseway Manager app from C:\Program Files\Pulseway\PCMonitorManager.exe -Paul
  7. Paul

    Older Versions

    Hi there, No, Pulseway's oldest supported Windows operating system is Windows XP and the server equivalent Windows Server 2003. -Paul
  8. When you run scripts through Pulseway they run as the local SYSTEM user which is the computer name with a dollar sign at the end. You could use a WMI query to get the username instead like this: But make sure that you account for the case when there's no user logged into the system. -Paul
  9. Hi there, Yes, if you must use an executable installer then the automation scripts are there for you. Just upload the file on one of your web servers so your systems can reach it (dropbox works too but make sure you copy the direct link to the file) and then write a script that does the following: a) Check to see if the software is installed b) If the software is not installed, download and silently install it (make sure there's no user interaction required) c) Reboot if necessary -Paul
  10. Hi @spinto, We use load balancers for high availability. Make sure you add all IP addresses that are resolved by the DNS lookup to your whitelist. -Paul
  11. Hi, There shouldn't be a problem if you select Caribbean from the list. -Paul
  12. Glad I could help. Enjoy using Pulseway ! -Paul
  13. For sure! I've activated the trial subscription . -Paul
  14. Paul

    Agent 7.0 crash

    Thanks for the report. We'll look into it. -Paul
  15. Before you do that, drop me a message so I can revert the "free" status on your account so you won't end up paying for the 2 systems. -Paul
  16. For sure. I've activated a two week trials subscription. Let me know what you think of our remote control feature . -Paul
  17. Hi there, The first two systems remain free, you only need to pay for the additional ones you wish to monitor. At this moment we only have volume discounts (through tiers and this is reflected on the pricing page on our website). -Paul
  18. I'd recommend disabling the IP change notification because you don't care to be notified whenever the IP address changes, you only want to know what was the last known IP address which is displayed in the Pulseway app when the system is offline. -Paul
  19. There's a minimum of 20 licenses for the Team plan (which supports the on-premise installation) and the cost is per license purchased (one workstation or server license per monitoring agent installation). -Paul
  20. That would be exactly the same as the SaaS offering. You can check our prices at this link: www.pulseway.com/pricing. -Paul
  21. Hey Voriana, I'd be glad to answer your questions. As documented in the security white-paper we use industry standard security mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to your systems and to prevent others from listening to the communication between our applications. That being said, we also offer an on-premise offering where you can host your Pulseway server on your own infrastructure so you have a fully closed network monitoring solution. -Paul
  22. That would be: s1.pulseway.com s2.pulseway.com s3.pulseway.com -Paul
  23. Hi Dan, This is not yet available as a native feature on Pulseway however I personally remembered the following powershell line whenever I needed to tell two processes apart using Pulseway: gwmi win32_process -Filter "name='svchost.exe'" | select processid, name, commandline | fl -Paul
  24. Well $env:USERNAME relies on the current user and Pulseway runs in the context of the SYSTEM account. Try using this instead: $user= get-wmiobject -class win32_computersystem | select-object username wmic UserAccount where name=$user set Passwordexpires=true $username = $user.username if ($username -like '*\*') { $idx = $username.LastIndexOf('\') $username = $username.Substring($idx + 1) } net user $username /logonpasswordchg:yes It just removes the domain name or computer name from the username you get from WMI. -Paul
  25. Hi Stephen, At a quick glance I do notice a space missing before the -class in the first line. Maybe this is the error you're seeing? -Paul
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