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  1. Hi, Our dashboard is coming up with the quoted error below. This happens every morning when we come in. I have to quit the application and start it again to sort the issue. Thanks, Tim
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a script / report which shows who and when is been logged on and how long the user has been idle on daily basis. the default script in pulseway shows only the status of that moment.
  3. Hi, I am trying to automate the run of disk clean-up tool (cleanmgr) on my managed computers. I have created a script that prepares the "sageset" on computers and that seems to be working OK. The problem I am running into is that when I remotely launch the script/1-liner that executes the cleanmgr to effectively run the created sageset, it just hangs while using a certain percentage of CPU. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? prepare.sageset.ps1: this prepares the "sageset" in registry. I'm using sageset 0x0100. run.cleanup.ps1: this starts the "sagerun". It works just fine when executed manually from powershell but I'm running into the above-descripted problem when run via pulseway. Hope you can give me some directions. Thanks. prepare.sageset.ps1 run.cleanup.ps1
  4. I upgraded most of the computers in my office to windows 10 however the service doesn't want to start after a reboot. I can't say that its every pc that was upgraded but its only happened to pc's that were upgraded. Thanks.
  5. Hi, It's my first time posting here, so hopefully I got the format correctly. When you have all your monitored system grouped, and you are able to do a mass windows update, It would be good to be able to run a terminal command on all the monitored systems at once. This would be extremely handy when doing mass rollouts or simply needing to run commands on all systems quickly. Thank you, Tim
  6. Hi, I have upgraded one of the PC from windows 7 to windows 10 but it still shows as Windows 7 Home Premium on the IOS App. How can I change this so it is correct ? Any help is appreciated
  7. Hi MMSOFT. Is there an easy way for using SetValueForKey and GetValueForKey without encrypting the data. Sometimes we want the plugin-data to be configured or manipulated directly via registry. If not, can anyone help providing a C# function that always will return the same registry key name as GetValueForKey/SetValueForKey uses? Best Regards, Martin.
  8. I have a Jenkins job that runs clamav on some windows machines that i have. I would like to figure out a way that i can get notifications if a job doesnt run... is this something pulseway can do?
  9. Hi within pulseway manager if I click on validate account it shows an error - there was no listening endpoint at... this was working fine until recently , any idea what may be causing this?
  10. I want to send a batch file command through jenkins that will alter the config files for all the windows machines (i do this easily on my Linux machines). Reading through the documents here i see instructions for importing config files but that is it. Am i supposed to create my own config file and import it into my pulseway file? If so how do i go about this, I am having trouble understanding where to go from here. Thanks, Aaron
  11. When I install this way: "\\GP1-LAB-FSVR01\Software\Pulseway Agent\Windows\Pulseway_x64.msi" /qn username=my user name password=my password group=Default server=my enterprise server a folder is created and I can access it, but there is no desktop icon and it does not appear in the programs and features section (when i look to uninstall). I am attempting to do a mass deploy of Pulseway across multiple windows machines using Jenkins via batch or powershell. I need to be able to configure a notifications file but i dont see anything to configure. I would appreciate any help with these questions. Thank you, Aaron Trujill Total.care
  12. We received (see below) the following from one of our agents (followed up by a similar 1 new application has been uninstalled with the same lack of details). Our client claims they ran an regular monthly update for a database application on that server, but this is the first time I've seen this kind of alert from Pulseway. I've looked at the event logs for the time period when the alerts came out & I'm not seeing anything particular. The only thing recently (5/18) installed the Shopping App by Ask (which I'm not particularly excited about). Anyone else ever run into this kind of thing? -- Hi Engineering, 1 new application has been installed on computer '****MachineNameRedacted****' in group '****GroupNameRedacted****' Application Name: Version: Unknown Publisher: Unknown Regards, Pulseway Server
  13. Tom

    Wake on WAN

    I have two PCs on my local network, 1x Windows 10 home - wakes via 4G cellular network and local LAN 1x Windows 10 Pro - only wakes on local LAN I've tried forwarding port 9, checked that the NIC settings are correct (magic packet etc...), made sure the drivers were up to date, disabled fast boot (though it is enabled on the one that works) and checked the Pulseway settings (same for both PCs). I can't work out why one wakes and the other doesn't. The both have the same type of NIC. Any help?
  14. I've read this blog here about 'setting up multiple user accounts'. I've not tested this out as yet - but what happens to the installed monitored agent if you delete a the user from the being a user of pulseway (i.e. the employee / contractor is terminated)... Does the agent still remain actively monitored? - or does it get lost? - or does the system not allow the deletion of the user until all agents responsible are moved to a new user? - Is there a clean handover? - or do we have to login to each monitored agent device and change credentials before the deletion of the user? Also - when you adopt a to allow multiple users across multiple agents... when it comes to on-boarding a new user, does it not get a little confusing which agent has been installed by multiple users?... I'm thinking there is some best practice answers to my questions... Thanks - Grunta
  15. Hi, Long time user just for my home systems and just built a new gaming rig and installed Pulseway and as per the title am unable to set a notification for any hardware monitoring on the CPU, which is an I7 6700k ? I've installed Pulseway and rebooted but no joy? Running on Windows 8.1 Pro adn when viewing the new device in Pulseway monitoring it show the CPU usage (%) and the BIOS version etc. but unable to add the notifications? I know both the Motherboard (MSI Z170 M7) and CPU (Intel i7 6700k Skylake) are very new, so is it just an update of Pulseway needed or am I missing something ?
  16. Dear Team, Pulseway is popular for monitoring current status of servers/services,- now our management asks for a report listing not only xx% uptime for each server,- but also includes date/time and duration for each downtime per server,- how/When can Pulseway deliver such a report ? Regards, Martin
  17. Hi All, I am new to Pulseway and liking everything I have seen so far. Now with Pulseway Manager I can track servers with ease. But I was wondering by adding a VMware module are you able to track events the same way? I cant seem to figure out anyway to set up notifications for Alarms. Is there anyway this is an option? Thanks,
  18. When attempting to use the Remote Desktop Client to connect to a Windows 2003 Server I receive the message: "The screen cannot be captured at the moment. This could be due to fast user switching or a minimized/disconnected remote desktop session". I've seen this error documented on other forums for TeamViewer and the vendor says the latest version resolves it. There is also a workaround documented here: http://ram.kossboss.com/teamviewer-error-screen-captured-moment-due-fast-user-switching/ , but I can't implement it because I can't find the service by the TeamViewer name or access a stand alone installer of the RDC. I'm hoping Pulseway techs monitor this forum since I'm a new user and haven't seen another option to engage support. Thanks!
  19. Hi Folks I am going to demo RD to a customer. What settings do I use so that I (Admin) can access the customers W7 Pro PC but the customer can not access my Admin PC? Regards, D.
  20. Processes on SBS 2011 reporting wrong memory usage for Microsoft Exchange Store. Actual value in Task Manager - 380,412K, Value in Pulseway Processes - 9770MB. Agent Version 4.8.5
  21. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I have set this up so that I can ping the Access Points in the building to confirm that they are on. But I'm getting the following error back from system. Error below Pinging ' (AP1)' ended with an error on computer 'PKY' in group 'Default' for the last 5 minute(s).Error: ErrorRegards,Pulseway
  22. I have 1 server that has been failing to backup now for 2.5 weeks, we have the Windows Server Backup module enabled and we generate a weekly backup report from the mobile app. Backup Report shows that backup has completed however the time shown is the same time the backup starts. Windows backup and Event logs show failures. Attached is the documentations. Windows Server Backup Report.pdf
  23. Since version 4.8.5 WSUS to function (?) In Pulseway Manger I find the WSUS function. If I want to check this, is the message: WSUS needs to download additional components. Would you like to download them now? YES or NO I Select Yes from the following error message appears: Module WSUS cannot be downloaded right now. The error was: Cannot find the latest version for WSUS server module.
  24. Hi. It it possible to download some of your extra components durring unattended setup, or afterwards by command line etc.? Specificly we are talking about: System --> Remote Desktop --> Enable Remote Desktop --> Yes to download Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Yes to download Br, Martin.
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