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  1. I have just noticed that I get a success event and email sent when the backup only partially works. I am using Windows server backup and backup 2 vitual servers from the host. If the backup manages to backup just one of the VMs but the other fails I am still sent success info. I do get failed if the entire backup fails but getting a success when it has not properly backed up is a bit of a problem tbh. Any fixes or workarounds?
  2. If I make a change to a policy those changes are not getting applied to the end servers. I have double checked that the correct policy is applied to the correct server under the configuration tab. Any ideas
  3. Hi, Years ago when I first setup Pulseway there was an issue highlighted on the forums with servers and hard disk monitoring. It was advised at the time that you should disable this feature otherwise the HDD will get hammered with requests. I cant remember the actual reason in the forum post, but wondered if there we still known issues with having this enabled on production servers?
  4. Hi, On the Android phone app I noticed a red exclamation balloons on all my servers. If I open the app and look at the notifications it lists each server as going offline at the same time, but back on the main page none of the servers are grayed out and I can view live settings such as CPU temperatures just fine. I did not receive any emails alerts or an alert in the top bar on the Android phone. All the servers seem to be fine as I can remotely access them. Should I ignore the messages and delete them? Any idea whats going on?
  5. I notice that the Android app displays Windows backup success or failure but i wondered if Pulseway can push or email the backup success or failure notifications. Thanks
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