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  1. Martin_T

    PSA: Template Responses

    Think I've got to the bottom of this, I had two workflows which were triggered at the same time for the same update, for whatever reason one of them never arrived. I've tested this now I've changed what triggers the workflows and this seems to have resolved it.
  2. Martin_T

    PSA: Template Responses

    Hi Guys, I've had a couple of instances where I've replied to a ticket using a template response and the end user has recieved an update to say that a note has been added but the note doesn't show. This appears to only happen when we use any templated responses. Cheers, Martin
  3. Martin_T

    PSA: Ignore Bounce Messages

    Ahh, didn't even know that was a thing, awesome! Thank you for that Chris!
  4. Hi Guys, Just a quick suggestion. It might be nice to get the email parser to ignore bounce messages or Automatic Replies or Out of Office Replies. I've had several occasions whereby I've had to remove the contact just so I can close the ticket, lest I want to play tennis with their mailserver :) Cheers, Martin
  5. Martin_T

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Awesome, cheers Paul. Martin
  6. Martin_T

    Ticket Batch Actions

    Sadly, the only way I've found to do this is manually going into each ticket and editing them directly. Cheers, Martin
  7. Martin_T

    PSA: Adding screenshots to ticket note only works sometimes.

    Yeah, I've still not got the system notification of the update.
  8. Martin_T

    PSA: Bulk Ticket Operations

    Touch wood all been good since then!
  9. Martin_T

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Have you had any thoughts as to what might be causing this? I'll give you the steps I took to replicate the issue: Created ticket by emailing our helpdesk address with my colleague CC'd into the initial email. Automated ticket creation email gets sent to both myself and my CC'd colleague Colleague replies directly to ticket creation email New ticket is generated in PSA Colleague recieves new automated ticket creation email This is a problem when clients email in with an issue with people CC'd into it, any replies they make get turned into new tickets and don't get added to the current support case. This is especially tricky when we're collaborating with vendors. Many thanks, Martin
  10. Martin_T

    PSA: Bulk Edit Hardware Assets

    Yeah, that's not a bad way to do it at all. The email parser does such a good job at assigning stuff correctly, I can't see it being a major problem to match up similar data from the RMM/
  11. Martin_T

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    We did run a test after changing the formatting a little and got the following:
  12. Martin_T

    PSA: Bulk Edit Hardware Assets

    We'd really just like to associate all our hardware assets with the appropriate client so it doesn't keep showing up as our company name
  13. Martin_T

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    Hi Paul, I had a look in the templates and they all appear to have [%Ticket Number%] in the subject line anyway. Cheers, Martin
  14. Martin_T

    Tickets - Cc'd replies create new tickets

    We've never had a ticket number show in the Title field, but yes, the engineer with whom I tested it simply replied directly to the email generated with "test".
  15. One thing that I would really like to see is the ability to bulk edit Hardware Assets, it might be okay to edit a couple dozen manually but when you have hundreds, or thousands of them sat in your system, I doubt very much that anyone will have the patience to edit each of them individually. Cheers, Martin