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  1. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    No problemo, should be with you shortly.
  2. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    I've tested this as well, getting the same results. It will delete individual ones no problem but batch deletion doesn't.
  3. That's grand, thanks Chris. It would be awesome if we could have more granular options for this but this will save a shedload of time!
  4. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Chris, Tested again and still not removing the tickets from RMM, i've gone through all the accounts and the option above is still enabled for all accounts. Many thanks, Martin
  5. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Guys, Since the latest update this has stopped working again. Many thanks, Martin
  6. Hi guys, One thing which I think would be super useful is the automatic selection of hard drives within the machine so rather than having to select a drive then set thresholds, we can skip the additional step of having to select the drives. Don't want to monitor a drive? Don't select a threshold. Cheers,
  7. Automation script visibility

    Saying that though, shared tasks and scripts would be ridiculously handy. We had a problem with a task the other day which was unique to one of our guys' logins and we couldn't do anything about it until we had access to that account.
  8. IT Glue Integration?

    Ahh I see, I'll give that one a go, thank you I read this literally as a "recommendation" and not a requirement. I would probably get them to change the wording of this one. Cheers! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've got our root user to log in and we've got the same results. Cheers
  9. IT Glue Integration?

    https://kb.itglue.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003416592-Integrating-with-Pulseway-PSA and here's the one for PSA! ^__^ Literally just got the email from Pulseway with the announcement, can't wait to get stuck in. I do have one question though, it's asking for API credentials but I'm not sure exactly how to go about setting this up on our account, does anyone know whereabouts this is?
  10. Possible Bug - Annual Renewals

    Hi Marius, Ideal! Thank you very much for the clarification Martin
  11. IT Glue Integration?

    Aww yeah! That's going to be sweet! Thanks for looking into that for us
  12. IT Glue Integration?

    Sweet! I do hope so, that would just make the whole package so complete and tidy!
  13. IT Glue Integration?

    This integration is boss, we love it! Is there any chance of the PSA being integrated as well?
  14. Cannot perform database operation

    Hi @leendertvdk Usually a 503 is a HTTP code for Service Unavailable. Reference: https://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html It could be something blocking the requests through temporarily like DoS Protection if it's making too many requests.
  15. Possible Bug - Annual Renewals

    Hi Guys, Is there any thoughts on this at all, the issue arose again today with an annual renewal that we couldn't process until we extended the end date to past 1/1/18 Many thanks, Martin