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  1. There is an alternative, which would be to use something like Postfix and 365 Mail Connectors for SMTP relay, I've just put this to M$ Partner Support to see if it's a viable solution and will get back to you. Cheers, Martin Official response from Microsoft
  2. Using the ‘Secure Defaults’ as outlined in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/partner-security-requirements “Implementing Azure AD security defaults”, will block ALL legacy logon, including IMAP, SMTP and POP. However, there is a solution, I've been speaking with Microsoft about their knee-jerk reaction and they've said the following: So, 2FA can be enabled and users can use App Passwords to get around the 2FA issue, only if ‘Security Defaults’ is disabled in the Azure Portal. Cheers, Martin
  3. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    I tried to create the group via the ./pulseway-registration and manually on the WebApp after it had registered but still no joy.
  4. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    Ideal, thank you. We really need to get a proper install guide on here for this. Also, not sure if the registration process lists empty groups. I can't seem to find the one I'm looking for in the list. [MyServer sbin]# ./pulseway-registration Would you like to register or unregister the system? [1] Register System [2] Validate Registration [3] Unregister System [4] Exit Enter selection: 1 Please enter a username: username Please enter the password: Use custom server? [y|n] y Please enter the custom server address: myserver.pulseway.com Please enter the 2FA code: XXXXXX Would you like to enter a new group name or select one from the existing groups? [1] Enter new Group name [2] Select from existing Groups Enter selection: 1 Please enter the group name: Organization Name - Site Name - Group Name Check if the config.xml exist ... Update the configuration file... Config file updated successfully! [MyServer sbin]# ./pulseway-registration Would you like to register or unregister the system? [1] Register System [2] Validate Registration [3] Unregister System [4] Exit Enter selection: 2 This system is registered. [MyServer sbin]# It's showing up was Registered but can't see it anywhere in the WebApp
  5. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    I've looked in /etc/pulseway/ and /var/pulseway/ and can't see a pulseway-registration executable find: ‘pulseway-registration’: No such file or directory Cheers, Martin
  6. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    Okay, thank you. Where do we get the token to assign it to a group? I've found the new Config.xml but cannot find whichever token we're supposed to use
  7. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    I saw the forum post Which suggests that we can authenticate with a token instead of a the username and password, however, I've logged on and can't find any downloads for the 6.0 version under the Agents Group. Am I missing something?
  8. This would be a super handy system to have rather than having to delete the notifications to get further updates, i.e. successful backup notifications.
  9. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    That's awesome, thank you for the info
  10. We generally only run it on the custom scopes we've set up for client servers. The trick to these being that any scheduled downtime under "Maintenance Mode" doesn't seem to effect the scoring at all but we generally get fairly reasonable representations of uptime and unscheduled downtime.
  11. We send an Uptime Report to all of our clients currently, but we're also considering using the Backup and OS Patch Management reports as well. Chances are most clients will ignore these anyway
  12. What if you use the Conditions > Activity Details > Like > "WhateverStringYouWantForApproval" Then get the client to use that string in a ticket reply to approve it, then set the parameters you want to change upon getting this reply, would that work?
  13. Martin_T

    Linux Client

    Hi guys, Has the Linux Client been updated yet for the new version of Pulseway? If not do we have an ETA on it? Cheers, Martin
  14. Ahh I see, I've just signed up for a free account to see what the differences are, it seems like that functionality is not available with the free licence, I don't seem to be able to find any way to do this.
  15. As far as I'm aware there is no way to do this with just the RMM. If you use the Pulseway PSA, you can set workflows to trigger on certain conditions like priority or where they've come from etc.
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