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  1. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    We got an update this morning and it appears to have sorted it. Thanks guys! 16/03/2018 08:23Source Module: System Subject: System Upgrade. System Upgraded to 4.0.10
  2. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Sadly, waiting about doesn't seem to have any bearing on it, however, whilst we're on the subject of the multiple page acknowledgement system though, I really don't think that as I.T. Professionals we need to have multiple confirmation steps and buttons to delete tickets...
  3. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi guys, This one is still playing up. Has there been any news on a fix? Cheers, Martin
  4. Contact Us Page

    Hi Chris, Just sent you a PM with the email addresses I've attempted to use. Many thanks, Martin
  5. Hi guys, is there a way to make it so that if someone replies to a ticket that they are CC'd into it doesn't generate a whole new ticket? Cheers, Martin
  6. Contact Us Page

    Hi Chris, I think it just hates the .support TLD Many thanks, Martin
  7. Contact Us Page

    Hi guys, I just tried to submit a support request on the pulseway.com website but I couldn't get it to send because it didn't like my @***********.support address. Many thanks, Martin
  8. Hardware Assets

    Hi Guys, Can we remove all our hardware assets? I tried to import ammended ones over the top so I didn't have to edit 200+ items individually but it just added them to the list rather than overwriting them. Cheers, Martin
  9. Multi-year contract billing

    I too had this issue, turns out, I was just using the wrong Billing Period type. (https://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1992-possible-bug-annual-renewals/) It should be Billing Period = Contract Length. Big thanks to @Marius for this one.
  10. Import from CSV

    Hi Colm, If you head to your CRM > Contacts you should see an Import button (see attachment) Then you can use the template CSV provided to add your contacts in and get them imported quick and easy. Cheers, Martin ContactsList.csv
  11. Best practice for encrypted drive

    Depends on what software they're using for Encryption, I believe that ESET is working on/has sorted out a way to allow a reboot for updates without having to reinput encryption passwords.
  12. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    No problemo, should be with you shortly.
  13. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    I've tested this as well, getting the same results. It will delete individual ones no problem but batch deletion doesn't.
  14. That's grand, thanks Chris. It would be awesome if we could have more granular options for this but this will save a shedload of time!
  15. Deleting Tickets From RMM

    Hi Chris, Tested again and still not removing the tickets from RMM, i've gone through all the accounts and the option above is still enabled for all accounts. Many thanks, Martin