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  1. @Paul please move to the appropriate forum if applicable in order to get my question answered please.
  2. Hello, We've had users waiting on entering KES admin credentials. Can you please push for ability to configure the entire application via Pulseway? Do your other A/V offerings offer this?
  3. Hello, I'd like the ability to change monitors for the screen view option on pulseway. This will help me gauge if a user is actually working at their computer. Thanks!
  4. @Paul Are there any issues of doing this? Uninstall KES 10 SP1 M3 / REBOOT INSTALL KES 10 SP2 MR3 INSTALL WIN 10 1903?
  5. Here is the response I got from a Pulseway team member: Hi [Redacted], There are some known issues. Note- We are ready with the update and have released to 15 early access customers. 8 out of 15 early access customers have reported that some systems have upgraded correctly and some have encountered problems. Here's the list of known issues with the KES 10 SP2 MR3 update: a) Fresh installation might fail if the system had KES 10 SP1 MR3 installed, upgraded to 1903, Windows automatically uninstalled KES 10 SP1 MR3. Workaround: Run the KAV removal tool and install all a
  6. Paul confirmed that it is rolling out next week to me in a PM. Hope it's true!
  7. I have yet to see this work in our environment! Please help! I cannot deploy a PC without AV on it!
  8. @Paul That didn't do anything. Edit: It works after getting pushed the update... Thanks!
  9. @Paull this doesn't work. My device is indeed listed.
  10. @PulsedAway Their response has been that it is a bug... WITH the OS itself. Not the case. If that were the case my push notifications would be broken on all of my apps (and that is nowhere near true) Pulseway is the only app with this issue on my phone.
  11. @kelton5020 Indeed. I posted on another thread because I never got a reply from a pulseway employee. Apparently they acknowlege the issue, but they aren't getting a reply from their app devs. Obviously a big disconnect between support and their outsourced app developers!
  12. @Paul Any heads up on this issue? It's been over a month.
  13. @Chris This isn't the case. That post is from 2017. Current version of Android is 9.0 and in 2017 it was 8.1.
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