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  1. @Paul That didn't do anything. Edit: It works after getting pushed the update... Thanks!
  2. @Paull this doesn't work. My device is indeed listed.
  3. @PulsedAway Their response has been that it is a bug... WITH the OS itself. Not the case. If that were the case my push notifications would be broken on all of my apps (and that is nowhere near true) Pulseway is the only app with this issue on my phone.
  4. @kelton5020 Indeed. I posted on another thread because I never got a reply from a pulseway employee. Apparently they acknowlege the issue, but they aren't getting a reply from their app devs. Obviously a big disconnect between support and their outsourced app developers!
  5. @Paul Any heads up on this issue? It's been over a month.
  6. @Chris This isn't the case. That post is from 2017. Current version of Android is 9.0 and in 2017 it was 8.1.
  7. @Paul I would appreciate to know what they have to say if it will be addressed.
  8. Not the case for me. My device is listed on it.
  9. Well that's good news that I'm not alone. Any idea when this can be fixed or a workaround can be produced? I don't want to get in trouble for missing alerts on our systems unfortunately...
  10. Do you have any existing customers with a Pixel 2 XL with STOCK ROM's having these issues? Again, pulseway is the only app I am having issues with.
  11. I was never asked to enable the push notifications by the app. I have cleared the app cache many times, reinstalled, rebooted checked permissions already.
  12. Paul, I tried this with no success. Also tried other recommendations on that thread.
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