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  1. Digital

    Webroot Help Please .....

    I am trying to a WR to one of my client pc's. I have purchased the licence from within the pulseway web app. Where do I find the licence key / number ? I all ready have one client installed so their is no option to select trial again...... Also their is no "Trial Site" in the WR console to correspond to my in app WR purchase?
  2. Digital

    "Invalid ping server"

    Hi I am currently trying to enable "Remote Desktop"on a client remotely using Pulseway Dashboard. When I click "Enable Remote Desktop" I get an error message "invalid ping server" any ideas ? Regards, D
  3. Digital

    Add End Point

    Sorry Paul My question was not clear, What I meant was [ Minimum 25 Systems and then charged per "Antivirus" I add to each system ] ... ? Regards,
  4. Digital

    Add End Point

    Ok am I correct in thinking Min 25 Systems and then charged per endpoint I add?
  5. Digital

    Add End Point

    Hi All On the MSP plan do I have to add the PW end point to all of the 25 nodes or can I add the end point one by one as I choose? Regards, D.
  6. Digital

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    Ok thanks Paul
  7. Digital

    Remote Desktop On Mac

    Hi Guys Is it possible to do RD sessions on Mac? What I mean is from my windows system. I don't see an RD tab on the mac client. Thanks in Advance....
  8. Digital

    ERA Server module in Pulseway App

    Thanks Paul look forward to it...
  9. Digital

    ERA Server module in Pulseway App

    Yes of coarse Paul my apologies it was a lazy question !! Time of the year I guess. Are their plans for version 6 support? I see PW is adding antivirus in the new year is it to early to ask what type? business AV maybe :-) ....? Happy Christmas to you and yours and All the Best for the PW team in 2017 Dj.
  10. Digital

    ERA Server module in Pulseway App

    Hi all I have installed an endpoint with era server on a system that I monitor with PW. How do I configure so that the web and iphone app recognises the era server for smart scans etc. Thanks and Happy Christmas All........
  11. Digital

    New Device Added to my Account ???

    Hi all I got a message from pulseway support that my mobile phone was added to my pulseway account. I did not add it. This happened while I was working on malware removal on-site at a customers premises on today. I have changed my pulseway password with no propagation. Could this be related to the malware on my customers pc? Thanks,
  12. Digital

    Client showing Off Line when not?

    Its back online this morning after reboot over night. I will need to check the system logs on the pc to see what the system was doing at the time of un-authorized reboot. Thanks,
  13. Digital

    Client showing Off Line when not?

    Hi guys I have a client PC on W7 Pro. Customer reported that the PC rebooted on its own. After this incident I can not see the pc on pulseway. I have updates locked down so I can remotely choose which ones to install. Haven't been on site yet to examine the logs, doing it tomorrow anyone seen this problem before? Is it a possible rogue update maybe? Regards,
  14. Digital

    Remote connection problem?

    Hi guys I am, well trying to admin a problem on a client. Everything is ok on the app (iphone) but when I try to remote in to the client pc I get the following download errors? Is this going to be a long night? or have I missed something? Thanks in advance....D
  15. Digital

    Windows 7 Pro Updates

    Ok Marius thank you.